Cloud Computing will Change Outsourcing Services

Get an entire office in the Cloud now!

Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and others) have taken outsourcing to a whole new level, simplifying both the application processes as well as the costs involved. When there is a choice of automation of a process (as offered by the cloud) as opposed to a mere transfer of the process (as involved in offshore outsourcing), the average customer would naturally opt for the former.

If you are a start-up or even an SME, chances are that balancing expenditure and profits at the end of every month is usually a depressing chore. Try as you may, the tightly budgeted estimates somehow always manage to break their banks and overflow into the increasing overheads section. Can Cloud rescue such start-ups? Even more than what offshore outsourcing can achieve?'s business model, ever since it was launched, has been cloud-based in every sense of the word even though the term may have gained currency only recently. What are cloud services actually? They are services that allow you pay-as-you-consume freedom and scalability, without burdening you with unwanted software and hardware. This is exactly what we do. With us, you not only get to personally hire a dedicated employee in any domain or field or even an entire virtual team, you also get the entire offshore package - all in the cloud.

Think about it. gives you:

Infrastructure – Your dedicated employee works out of a professional office, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, spacious workstations, cafeteria, restrooms, and central air-conditioning. This is scalable.

Software – All the dedicated employees or virtual teams – particularly the ones working in IT and ITES domains, are given the latest software with which to work. It is a part of the service. This is also scalable.

Hardware – PCs, laptops, TFT monitors, head phones, web cams, fax, copier and scanner, telephone line with a local number of your preference from your country. If your team size increases, you simply inform the HR department and they immediately set into motion the process of hiring more employees for you. Or, likewise, if the reverse is true and you wish to downsize, then again all it takes is an intimation email to the HR and you get what you want. Again, this is scalable.

An entire office staff – The office is your office in India with our HR, accounts and IT departments working as your representatives, handling your remote employee(s) for you and ensuring that your project/ task in no way suffers any delays or setbacks. Scalable too!

Cloud is the future of work and has integrated almost all the Cloud services under one compact umbrella.