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Artificial Intelligence is Helping 10X Business Growth. Don’t Get Left Behind.

Get ahead in the game with cutting-edge artificial intelligence development services from the leading AI consulting company in India. At VE, you don’t just hire AI developers, you gain assets that are far ahead of the curve, thus providing you with unbelievable breakthroughs.

By 2025, the AI industry is expected to bring in US$190 billion with businesses benefiting from a geometrical growth in features, functions, and performance. In this day and age, where time is of the essence, AI outsourcing is the need of the hour. Picking the right AI offshore company is the key, and that’s why you are here.

Our artificial intelligence engineers in India not only carry years of experience but also an out-of-the-box approach that’s seldom seen elsewhere. From augmented reality and machine learning to block chain and IoT, they know it all and have done it all.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today and hire your dedicated AI specialist within 8 hours. Take your business on the highway to the future with VE’s AI offshore services.

Hire Artificial Intelligence Experts to implement smart technology to improve your business processes, acquire competitive intelligence, enhance productivity and save millions of dollars for your business. Hire AI specialists who have been:

  • Triple-vetted for work experience, background checks and expertise
  • Recommended by 3072+ clients for their innovative solutions
  • Head-hunted exclusively for clients at zero additional costs

360° Artificial Intelligence Development Services

For Digital Transformation with Data-driven Algorithms

API Development

The artificial intelligence specialist at VE develops and integrates cutting-edge custom APIs to help you leverage the evolving trends in your niche. These custom API help you scale up your business with optimized processes and modernized legacy systems.

Next-Gen Machine Learning

Hire AI experts from India who are adept at developing integrated machine learning solutions that help your business grow by analyzing patterns from unstructured data, thus giving a detailed understanding with intelligent data predictions for increased revenues.


Address your customers’ queries and provide intelligent, interactive, and a fully-automated customer support experience with custom chatbot designs. Hire offshore artificial intelligence programmers for a robust chatbot ecosystem for mobile devices and messaging platforms.

Natural Language Processing

Get accurate customer behavior insights from unstructured data with natural language processing (NLP) tools and algorithms designed by our highly talented AI specialists in India. Our NLP services support data acquisition to analytics, entity and fact extraction to question answering systems.

Data Analytics

Hire artificial intelligence programmers to gain new insights into your business model with cutting-edge data analytics. Make sense of data chaos and have it transformed into coherent business data for effective and critical business decision making.

Image Analysis

Using advanced algorithms and an out-of-the-box approach, our artificial intelligence experts help you gather competitive intelligence to better understand your target audience. Image and video analysis also helps you improve product improvement.

Why Hire Artificial Intelligence Programmers from India

Enjoy the luxury of choices with Virtual Employee

The one thing that project management companies never guarantee; but VE does is – commitment to your cause! Hire artificial intelligence programmers in India and enjoy the benefit of handpicking dedicated resources of your choice.

Massive Cost Savings

Hire an offshore AI developer with Virtual Employee and save up to $ 40,000 or more. Zero recruitment, additional and overhead costs as well

Abundant Talent Pool

Hiring Artificial Intelligence developers with VE makes perfect sense as they are chosen from India’s massive talent pool

24×7 Availability

Our 24*7 work models provide you access to niche AI developers, around the clock, putting your needs above everything else

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Artificial Intelligence Development Services to VE

We are the leading remote staffing firm in India for a reason (or six!)

Try First, Pay Later

Our dedicated AI developers in India are some of the best in the industry. Take a trial run, get used to their stunning performance, and then pay for the services. Get work done first, and pay only if satisfied

Full-time Resources, Only

When you hire offshore AI developers from VE, you do not hire a freelancer, but a dedicated resource, much like a local in-house employee. Answerable only to you, working only for you & accountable only to you!

Hire One, Get a Team

Hiring an AI expert from VE gives you access to an entire team of highly skilled artificial intelligence engineers, who are always there to assist you.

AI Superheroes, Every day

Hire artificial intelligence developers from VE and get remote employees who are adept in a slew of sub-technologies that drive the overall ecosystem. From Python to C++, these tech wizards know it all.

No Overhead Costs, Ever

Pay only for the dedicated AI developer and nothing else. We take care of everything else. From office space and infrastructure to payroll and management, we’ve got your back. You can easily focus on your resource without worrying about extra payments.

Handpick AI Developers, Always

Choose from a massive talent pool of artificial intelligence programmers at Virtual Employee. Hire junior, senior or managerial-level experts of your choice. Get the resources of your choice for all your custom AI project requirements

Hire Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Comprehensive AI Development Process

  • Analysis

    Your dedicated AI specialist will develop a thorough understanding of your custom requirements, business goals and then proceed.

  • Planning

    Your AI expert will analyze and evaluate the technical requirements before coming up with a project plan.

  • Prototyping

    The AI expert creates a prototype with design assets and mock ups as per the project plan approved by you.

  • Development

    Once the prototype has been approved, your AI developer creates the final product.

  • Launch

    Rigorous testing is done after your go-ahead to ensure an optimized and bug-free product before its final launch.

Hire AI Specialists within 8 hours

Get an expert assessed and triple-vetted Artificial Intelligence expert on-board today

Choose from Our Custom Hiring Models

Dedicated Hiring

You hire an artificial intelligence programmer who works exclusively for you, is answerable only to you, and for all intents and purposes, is your employee, just like an in-house local resource would be.

Team Hiring

Leverage the talent and experience of an entire team of offshore AI developers with the team hiring model. The best part, you pay only for one resource but get the benefits of a team. Highly recommended!

Fulltime, Short-term Or Ad-hoc

Why get stuck with a mundane hiring when the ‘Choice’ is always yours? Hire AI developers from India based on your requirement. Full-time, short-term, or ad-hoc, we’ve got you covered. Quality guaranteed, 100%

Hiring AI Specialists was Never This Easy

Hire Your AI Specialist Today
  • Talk to Us

    Share your requirements with details of the AI development project that you wish to outsource for

  • Choose The Best Resource

    Handpick AI experts from the carefully shortlisted resumes that we send across to you

  • Assess & Approve

    Take personal interviews via phone or video calls and conduct technical tests to assess the best of the best.

  • Hire & Launch

    If you are satisfied with the AI experts, hire straightaway and they start within 8 hours

From a Few to a Fandom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Your Questions

Are part-time AI developers available on a monthly model?

Absolutely. VE offers you the flexibility of choosing resources as per your requirement. Hire artificial intelligence specialists from India on part-time monthly model, as and when you need to. Connect with your client account manager (CAM) for more details.

Can I monitor the assessment test of AI developers?

Definitely! All our AI programming specialists are put through a stringent in-house assessment test to ensure that only the best of the best make the cut. If you wish to, then you can certainly monitor these tests in real-time and can even administer a custom test to the recruits.

Is it possible to have a free trial with AI developers?

At VE, your satisfaction is our biggest concern. To that end, we provide all our clients with a trial run of the resource they wish to hire. Have them work for you, gauge their performance and once satisfied, then hire them.

What’s your payment model?

We prefer to keep our client’s worry-free, always! That’s why we work on a pre-paid model, wherein you hire artificial intelligence development services, pay for the time your need them, and that’s it. No extra charges, no post-pay billing hassles.

What about my intellectual property rights?

Whatever project your dedicated AI specialist works on or whatever he/she innovates is entire your intellectual property. You have complete control and ownership of every bit of code, every end-product, and every creation that comes out of your hired AI development team.

What happens if my remote AI specialist is on leave?

If you’ve opted for a team hiring mode, then there’s nothing to worry about. One takes a leave, the other takes over. However, if you’ve hired a single resource then a substitute isn’t possible as every employee has a right to take paid leave every month.

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