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Statement Preparation

Be audit-ready with financial statements free from any discrepancy. Your certified financial controller in India will team up with auditors to prepare concrete reports complete with every reconciled financial record of loans, credit cards, line-of-credit, etc.

General Ledger Icon

Ledger Maintenance

VE’s professional financial controllers will help you accurately curate and maintain your earnings and spending mentioned in the record. The financial records will be up to date comprising all the recent transactions for maintaining the ledger for your business.

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Financial Control Planning

Your dedicated financial controller from India will review your financial process thoroughly and execute KPI reporting. The financial control planning and associated activities will help you stay focused on managing and developing the business.

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Cash Flow Analysis Solutions

The virtual financial controllers at VE examine the cash inflows and outflows of your business to determine the working capital. Based on the results, your financial control expert will design effective strategies to help you stay “out of the red”.

Variance Analysis Icon

Variance Analysis Solutions

Your outsourced financial controller will perform a quantitative analysis of the variance between actual and planned behavior for maintaining superior control over the business. This will help your company investigate the areas with poor performance.

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Financial Ratio Analysis

VE’s financial control services will help you properly understand your financial statements by analyzing the financial performance ratios. Ratio analysis is important for examining resource utilization and measuring the business’ performance over a specified time.

Account Management Icon

Management Accounts

Our financial controllers can produce monthly management accounts and reports with strict adherence to your company’s timetable and policies. These accounts and reports are shared with the Finance Director and then presented before the executive committee.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

VE’s financial controller services help deliver inventive, strategic and future-driven budgeting and forecast support. Our financial controller analysts can evaluate your financial performance to ensure improved wealth management in the future.

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Managing Fixed Asset

Hire remote financial controllers from India who can effectively track and secure the assets of your company. The fixed assets would be managed through tags bearing a serial number and the bar codes on the assets will be maintained through trackers.

bank Icon

Bank Reconciliation

Your outsourced financial controllers at VE can perform internal controls such as bank reconciliations to authenticate the integrity of data between the bank records and your business’ internal financial records to detect errors, fraud and missing items.

Credit Cards Icon

Credit Card Reconciliation

VE’s virtual financial controllers in India will help you conduct credit card reconciliation to make sure that the transactions in your company’s credit card statement perfectly match its general ledger for efficient and accurate financial reporting.

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Audit Preparation Services

Hire financial controllers from India to keep your company’s records organized and easily accessible for examination and collaborate with external auditors who can prepare internal company audits to achieve financial reporting compliance.

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Get your own 'remote workplace in India’, do away with pesky issues such as HR, Admin, Payroll, etc., and only pay your remote financial controller’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

Your Strategic Plan to Dump Cash Flow Issues

Our 4-Step Financial Control Process

Preparation IconPreparation

VE’s certified financial controllers engage with the client to secure the financial statements and data to work out an effective financial model.

Planning IconPlanning & Forecasting
Financial Control IconFinancial Control
Reporting IconReporting
Financial Controller Process Steps
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Let Our Specialists Answer Your

Financial Control Questions

What are the primary functions of a financial controller?
Formerly, the controller was just responsible for balancing the ledgers but the role has evolved in recent times. The primary functions of a financial controller include:
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Maintaining the general ledger, payroll and taxes
  • Financial forecasting
  • Setting financial benchmarks
  • Handling and building budgets
  • Ensuring tax compliance
  • Supporting the CFO
  • Supervising the accounting staff
  • Coordinating and reconciling audits
When should I hire a financial controller?
What are the key qualities of a financial controller?
Do you provide financial control services for my industry?
Is outsourcing financial control services to VE safe?

Go Beyond Number Crunching – Hire Financial Controllers from India

Optimized financial and accounting processes, streamlined financial function, transparency and control of business finances are some perks of outsourcing financial controller services. Reap such benefits by partnering with the right financial control services provider like Virtual Employee. VE’s remote financial controller from India can help you scale your business with detailed reporting on your finance functions and encourage data-led decision-making for business growth. VE’s finance team is both scalable and flexible so you can get the financial management assistance you need, for the time you want it and at a price you can afford.

Get your access to professional financial controllers to side-step the hassles of costly recruitment with VE’s outsourced financial controller services. Financial control can’t be exercised without a disciplined approach or plan. Our virtual controller services will help ensure the apt financial discipline in your business through proficient utilization of resources and properly supervising the outflow and inflow of resources within the organization.

When Should You Prefer Outsourcing Financial Control Services?

When a small business starts growing, the company’s owner will begin spending a lot of time managing the accounting books instead of conducting business. Generally, there is an accountant or bookkeeper on a contract or already on board, but that resource ultimately becomes inept to handle the business owner and outside stakeholders’ financial data requirements.

The common situations when companies should consider hiring a financial controller are:

Revenue: Generally, businesses with revenue exceeding $5 million are ready for — and need the assistance of — a certified financial controller.

Growth: As a company exceeds its bookkeeper’s capabilities or available time, it should bring a financial controller on board. The financial controllers can provide the required assistance to a growing company and help them decrease the time required to close the books, implement complex accounting transactions and impose business policies and internal controls. You shouldn’t underrate bookkeepers, but financial controllers have the educational background, experience, and training necessary to manage tasks and duties such as liaising with tax professionals and external auditors and protecting against fraud.

GAAP Compliance: Irrespective of the revenue size, a majority of financial controllers are recruited when a business wants to produce financial statements compliant with GAAP to match the banker or investor’s requirements or, as a provision for start-ups, venture capitalists.

How is a Financial Controller Different from a CFO?

The size of a company controls the roles of a CFO and a financial controller. In smaller businesses with both a financial controller and CEO, these leaders are jointly responsible for all the aspects of the financial processes of the company.

CFOs and financial controllers in the same organization start having a separation of tasks when the company’s revenue falls between $35 million to $50 million, or when a business begins expecting compound financial market transactions. In these situations, the CFO shall usually assume the external-facing role, engaging with financial markets, acquisitions and mergers, whereas financial controllers are responsible for handling internal processes of producing accurate and well-timed financial statements.

One more difference between a financial controller and a CFO is that a financial controller concentrates on internal controls, ledgers, expense and systems management, while the CFO’s functions span all financial activity, like treasury, budget forecasting, and collaborating with the board of directors and investors.

What is the Importance of Hiring a Certified Financial Controller?

The role of a financial controller is quite technical; specialists require being both experienced in matters related to accounting and compliance and relevant leaders who make the whole organization willingly follow the laid procedure and policies. This blend of soft and hard skills makes a financial controller so significant for any business.

A great deal of pride of ownership in the precision and timeliness of the business’s books, coupled with 4-star ethics, are essential qualities of an accomplished financial controller. Simply put, it’s vital for experienced financial controllers that their final financial data is accurate — and they’ll not stop before to making it right — as it should be accredited by senior executives. Also, the resultant financial data will be utilized to make critical business decisions.

Why Outsource Financial Control Services to India?

Boasting the second-largest workforce of accounting and finance professionals in the world, India has been the most popular destination to outsource financial controller services. Highly-skilled and certified financial controllers, the latest accounting software, higher data security, and lower labour costs are the factors that best describe India’s potential in the outsourcing landscape.

Here are the Prime Reasons to Hire a Virtual Financial Controller from India:

  • High-level reporting and analysis
  • Regular budget consolidation
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Tax and BAS statement preparation
  • Apt risk minimization plans
  • Debt management and collection

Taking your business from a start-up to maturity inevitably has its growing pains. Outsourcing Financial Control Services to VE in India can help unite disparate processes, technology and people contributing to your success.

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