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Powerful Logo Design Services in IndiaA Brand Identity For An Everlasting Impact

A professional logo designer is the difference between putting your brand on the map and eternal obscurity. Building a brand reputation is the first step towards building a successful business. Your logo is the face of your brand and can be anything, from text to a symbol, or even an infusion of both. Creating a brand logo is no child’s play and is one of the most crucial elements of brand awareness. If that’s what you are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Outsource logo design work to India to benefit from an unmatched skillsets and creativity.

Creative logo designing is not just a profession but a nuanced art. Hiring a logo designer in India is a smart business move as they have years of experience and are also available at cheaper rates. They also offer a deep understanding of your brief and then deliver custom logo designs that surpass your expectations. Your brand vision is a crucial element of your brand logo, which establishes whether the logo will be simple or complex. Whatever the choice be, remember, your brand logo should always be meaningful and create a lasting first impression.

Visualization is an integral part of logo designing and this is where offshore logo designing services come into play. With an army of creative experienced logo design professionals, we offer some of the best logo designs that bring your brand vision to life.

Adept at conceptualization, visualization, and implementation of your brief, hiring logo designer from India makes for an astute move. A professional logo designer from Virtual Employee (VE) understands your vision and then creates a bond with your thought cycle to bring about some of the most attractive designs. Our logo design professionals have delivered hundreds of projects for elated clients, all across the globe.

Here are the 6 ways you benefit when you outsource logo design to India:

  • Take your brand reputation to the next level
  • Give your brand a big shout-out to the masses
  • Let your brand stand-out amongst the rest
  • Savings you’ll drool over
  • Your competitor won’t know what hit them
  • Get a brand identity that’s here to stay forever

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Hire Professional Logo Designers for Comprehensive Business Logo Design Services

Custom Logo Design

Share your vision and what your brand stands for. The remote logo design professionals are adept at transforming your vision into reality.

Business Cards & Logos

Get stunning and high impact business cards in CYMK color design that serve your business needs and represent it most professionally.

Brand Identity

Hire logo designers from India to create a unique brand identity. From business logo design services to business stationary, we do it all.

Vector Graphics

Business logo design professionals are experts at Adobe Illustrator. This brings to life highly creative and stunning vector graphics in rich colors. Give your brand identity the colors and shades it truly deserves.

2D Animation

Outsource logo design work for amazing 2D designs for a great brand identity. Professional logo designers in India are experts in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Flash for exceptional designs.

Custom Banner Design

Using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, logo designers in India create eye-popping banner designs that you can use for flex printing and brand awareness activities.

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Our Work, Our Pride Logo Designs That We Are Proud Of!

Dental website design
Pizza website design
Salon website design

6 Incredible Reasons for Hiring Professional Logo Designers from VE

At VE, we live by a singular ethos of ‘Work is worship’. This gives us the advantage of offering the best business logo design services in the industry while gunning for the pole position at the same time.

Try First, Hire Later

Logo designers at VE are some of the best in the industry. We trust them explicitly and we encourage you to try their talent before you hire. We know you’ll love them!

Software Experts

The logo designers at VE are masters of major design software and stay one step ahead of the emerging trends. From Photoshop and Illustrator to CorelDraw and AutoCAD, they know it all.

Hire One, Gain a Team

Hiring a logo design professional from VE not only gets you just one designer but the creativity of an entire team. At VE, we offer ‘hire one, get the team’!

Say Goodbye to Overheads

Hiring a professional logo designer at VE is the most affordable investment you’ll ever make. Get a world-class designer or a team with zero overheads.

Experiences Tailored for You

VE logo designers range from entry-level to highly experienced ones. Based on your requirements, choose the experience level that suits you the best.

Resource & Authority is Yours

You have absolute managerial authority when you hire a logo designer from VE. You can offer daily feedback, monitor hourly reports, or appreciate & reward, entirely your call.

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This Is Why Brands Across The World Choose to Hire Logo Designers from India

Offshore logo designing services offer you a two-way advantage. Exciting cost savings and over-the-top performance. Hire logo designers from India and get awesome benefits that include:

Savings Like None Other

Hiring an offshore logo designer can save you up to a whopping $40,000. Moreover, you also get dedicated resources at a pricing model that’s far lower than a local one.

Talent Galore

Creativity and art runs in the veins of India. Why not dip into a huge talent pool that’s affordable, dependable, and highly productive. Spend less, gain more!

For You, Always!

GMT, UTC, or IST are just mere words for our offshore logo design professionals. We follow a 24×7 work culture that says, “Client First”.

Share Your RequirementGet Started within 8 Hours

Methodical Logo Designing Process To Create The Best Designs Possible!



Our professional logo designers go through an extensive analysis of your brand and brief to bring complete clarity to the project.



Your dedicated business logo designer creates a project plan to simplify the process and takes you through it, step-by-step.



Whatever changes you like, no matter how many times can be discussed with your remote professional logo designer for approval.



This is when the logo designers begin to breathe life into your ideas and concepts. Bringing your brand logo from the sketchpad to perfection.



Nothing that we do goes a step ahead without testing. We’ve established a stringent testing process to give you an error-free design.

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Happy Clients with Golden Words! Exceeding Expectations since 2007

Hiring Logo Designers Was Never This Easy!

Our innovative business model enables you to win over the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

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  • Talk to Us

    Tell us what you are looking for and what you want to achieve.

  • Handpick the Best

    Browse through a vast pool of very impressive CVs of professional logo designers to make up your mind.

  • Build Your Team

    Take your pick from the shortlisted CVs and create your mighty force of offshore business logo designers.

  • Get Started

    Hire the ones you like, get them onboarded in within 8 hours and get going!

Creative Logo Designing Services Across All Industries & Domains

Business logo designing gives your brand the face it deserves and the face that everyone knows and admires. At VE, our custom logo designers are masters at creating the perfect persona of your business, with expertise in various domains, including

Entertainment & Media

Transportation & Logistics

Travel & Tourism

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

eCommerce & Retail

Finance & Banking

Offshore Logo Designing Services FAQs All the Information You’ll Ever Need

Can I hire part-time logo designers on a monthly model?

Of course, you can. As we said, ‘Choice’ is always yours. Still, it’d be best to consult with your client account manager (CAM) for more details. The availability of the resource will depend on their monthly work calendar.

How transparent is the assessment test?

When you hire logo designers from VE, they go through an extensive assessment test to ensure that you get the best resource possible. As for transparency, you can always monitor the test in real-time. Your satisfaction is our responsibility.

What’s your payment model?

From a seed start-up to an enterprise entity, we cater to it all, without bias, 100% guaranteed. Our pricing model is entirely pre-paid and based on resource evaluation. Choose the resource you want, take a trial, and once you’re satisfied, only then do we charge!

Can I retain Intellectual Property (IP) rights on the designs?

Not at all! VE is merely a bridge between skilled logo designers and you. Every design piece churned out by professional logo designers from VE is entirely yours to claim. It’s your resource, your vision, and hence, your property.

What do you mean by Free Trial?

Before you hire VE’s verified professional logo designers, you can take a trial run of the resource. This means, you can evaluate their work and whether they suit your needs or not. All of this, free of cost!

What happens if my logo designer is on leave?

If you’ve opted for team-model hiring, then you’re covered through and through. One goes on leave; the entire team has your back. But in case of a standalone hiring, substitution isn’t possible.

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