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Unsure whether we are the right fit? Try us before you hire. Hire remote Golang developers and assess the calibre with a no-obligation free trial, upto 3-day.

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VE’s free bespoke recruitment support helps you do away with long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

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VE’s unique business model provides the much-needed project stability, the reason behind our global clients working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting.

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VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality by being an ISO-certified and CMMiL3 assessed company.

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When you hire a dedicated remote Golang developer, they start off by understanding your project requirement, target audience, and business goals, ensuring that they have thoroughly understood your expectations.

Before coming up with a project plan, your Golang developer thoroughly assesses your technical needs and makes sure they are fully understood.

A wireframe is created with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan.

Once the prototype is approved, the development process begins that gives shape to your product.

Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure an optimized and bug-free product before its launch.

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Simon McCaroll, Director of Printbots, UK

Developers at VE are very diligent and always delivering. Employing them is definitely cheaper than employing somebody in the UK.

Simon McCaroll,
Director, Printbots, UK
Ike - CEO, Launchpad Pro, US

The best developers that we have worked with are from VE. No matter what we put before them, they were able to accomplish the task.

President, and CEO, Launchpad Pro, US
Glenn Innis - VE's Client Testimonial

The technical and professional excellence of VE’s developers and their coding of complex business rules for us make them a vital part of the GII team.

Glenn Innis,
CEO, GII Finance Network Limited, UK

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FAQs on Golang Development

Answers to All Your Queries

The growing popularity of Golang programming has resulted in a scarcity of skilled Golang developers. Outsourcing your Golang development requirement to an offshoring firm like VE is a preferable solution. We have a steady and skilled Golang talent pool with an average experience of 7 years and 20+ apps.
Because of its intrinsic concurrency characteristics, Golang is ideally suited for distributed network services. Go has shown to be the best language for developing network services quickly, reengineering software infrastructure, and creating small but powerful tools.
Golang has a sizable community and is supported by Google. The Golang developer community is driving modifications in the specifications, and it is envisaged that Golang will soon play a more critical role in corporate software development. Because of its speed and simplicity, it already has a bright future in cloud applications.
Yes, you certainly can! Golang is the perfect blend of speed, simplicity, and security. For that very reason, many companies have already made this shift to achieve scalability. You can hire a Golang developer from us if you want to transition from other languages to Golang.

VE’s Golang Developers are the Best in Business – Hire Them Today to Get Your Job Done Right!

The world's fastest-growing market for app development is India. Golang allows you to manage challenging tasks at lightning-fast speed. Competent programmers make the most of this programming language that Google created to develop high-end, cross-platform, multithreaded apps. It is often difficult to find agile remote Golang developers who are proficient programmers and knowledgeable about current programming trends. Businesses find it challenging to retain the top Golang developers given the growing popularity and volume of projects being developed in Golang. About 20% of developers who were asked which programming language they would like to learn next would pick Golang....

Why you should prefer Golang?

Golang is used to create massive databases, distributed/grid computing, web-based music players, online games, and more. The qualities of Go that developers appreciate the most are its simplicity, concurrency, performance, and ease of use. They elaborate some of the reasons below:

  • Efficiency – Go is all about clarity and simplicity. It is known to be quicker than other widely used languages. Developers’ work is greatly accelerated and their productivity is increased by its straightforward syntax and speedy compilation.
  • Scalability – Golang was developed to enhance scalability in difficult tasks. Because of this, it is ideal for enterprise programs dealing with growing user bases, code maintenance, and concurrency problems.
  • Compatibility – Backward compatibility is available in Golang. Because sudden changes in new versions could harm their systems, this is excellent news for businesses implementing sophisticated software as part of long-term initiatives.
  • Cross-Platform – Cross-platform development has been revolutionized by Go. It takes less work for Go developers to construct apps for several platforms, which saves both time and money.

What makes Golang so effective?

  • Straightforward syntax – Simplified syntax makes programming simpler and easier to understand someone else’s code.
  • Feature-packed – GoDoc, Golint, Gosimple, and many other features to create documents, simplify difficult syntax, and find vulnerabilities.
  • Huge library – Go libraries are “wrappers” around C libraries. Works well with C and C++ libraries.
  • High performance – Better performance in developing code and running it. Golang may enhance performance by five to 10 times without very little to no optimization.
  • Speedy and bug-free – Quicker than Python and Java, benefits service reliability and performance. It’s made into a machine-level code and read by the processor directly.

Why Should You Outsource Golang Development from VE?

  • Start within just 8 hours – By the time your workday is over, you can hire a Golang developer through VE and start working on your ideas right away, just in 8 hours.
  • A no-obligation 1-week trial offer – Try out your developer and our services for free before making a decision.VE provides high-end Golang programming services that result in very powerful web projects with incredible functionality. Additionally, our senior tech lead provides a complimentary technical consultancy for your project. No credit card details are required. Cancel anytime.
  • Zero overhead – Hire the best Golang developer while saving thousands of dollars on things like office rent, electricity costs, software, hardware costs, and other costs. Hire remote Golang developers to handle your Golang development needs and use the extra money to expand your company. Let us handle the rest. Easily scale up and down with VE in accordance with your workload while avoiding the headaches of hiring with us.
  • Fill resource gaps for every skill level – Does your team of developers require the leadership of a senior Golang developer? Or are you hoping to bring on a junior Golang developer? We employ Golang developers with a wide range of expertise. Additionally, our developers always receive ongoing training. You won’t need to hire an expert if you use VE. Our young developers were the ideal fit.
  • Save time and money – You must be managing countless affairs while running your business. VE helps you to focus on the operational parts of your company while we assist you with your Golang requirements. We work with you to hire and train individuals while saving you months, if not years, of valuable time. By hiring from VE, you can begin within only 8 hours, putting you months ahead of schedule.

Agile Golang engineers who are proficient coders and knowledgeable about current programming trends are hard to find unless you hire Golang developers in India. Virtual Employee (VE), one of the largest Golang Development Company in India, provides highly qualified Golang developers with a minimum experience of 7 years, a rare find in Silicon Valley.

There are many other benefits to working with VE –


  • Top 2% Golang certified developers
  • 500+ client satisfaction stories
  • 20+ types of industries served
  • 2X faster project completion
  • 80% quicker onboarding process
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Hire Golang developers from Virtual Employee to enable an intuitive user experience. Minimize your hiring worries and create a team of remote Golang developers in your offshore office in India.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!