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Enhance Pace & Productivity with Next-gen Software Development

Developed as an extension of C with useful added features, C++ is a multi-paradigm object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is only gaining in popularity running in its fourth decade. What’s more, according to the TIOBE index, C++ has never dropped out of the top five programming languages since 2001, nipping at the heels of ever-popular C, Java, and Python. This is a testament of its mass-market relevance and solid performance over the years.

Extensively used for multi-device and multi-platform app development, C++ is your go-to choice whether you plan on building multimedia software, desktop apps, SDKs, or enterprise-level software.

However, amid the global tech talent crunch, the pool of C++ developers is also shrinking fast, which has pushed up the costs of hiring local talent ridiculously in the west. India has remained the only viable development destination in the world that has enabled global IT businesses to hire talented C++ developers through outsourcing partners like Virtual Employee, quickly and inexpensively.

Virtual Employee is a leading C++ development company in India that helps you to hire remote staff to take your C++ backend development to the next level. Working with VE, you don’t just cut down costs, but also accelerate your time to market with quality C++ development services.

At VE, we have skillful remote C++ software engineers who can build industry-leading solutions from scratch to match modern business needs. VE’s offshore C++ developers boast technical expertise in creating native & cross-platform applications, video-streaming solutions, embedded systems, immersive VR solutions, and much more.

6 Reasons Why Businesses Choose to Outsource C++ Development Services to Virtual Employee in India:
  • One of the biggest certified C++ developer pools in India
  • Knowledge of the latest C++ standards like C++20
  • A solid foundation of advanced object-oriented programming
  • In-depth knowledge of the standard library, STL containers, and algorithms
  • Well-versed in developing server-side, desktop, mobile & embedded applications
  • Deliver customized solutions using best development practices & coding standards

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360° C++ Development Services

Harness the Power of Object-Oriented Programming for Flexibility & Control

Backed by a massive developer community and all the features of C, C++ is the go-to language for performance, portability, and scalability. VE’s C++ software development services unlock diverse growth opportunities to complement your business strategy.

Custom C++ App Development

Our team of C++ software development experts leverages the best programming practices and C++ standards to transform your complex idea into a functional, highly-customized solution based on the specific business or industry requirements.

C++ Mobile Development

VE’s C++ development team is adept at building immersive, feature-rich mobile apps for small to large scale businesses catering to different industry verticals. Keeping user experience as the top priority, we help you bring your project to market on time.

C++ Technology Consulting

As a leading C++ software development company in India, we assist you with our highly-rated C++ consulting services from the very beginning of our collaboration. We offer a free consultation as well as project analysis and estimate in no time.

Native C++ Application Development

Hire dedicated C++ developers who can help you with your native app development needs. We can create software applications of any complexity that run on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

C++ Cross-Platform Development

Our C++ experts can build visually appealing, highly interactive cross-platform applications for you that deliver an amazing user experience. Such cross-platform solutions will help you win the market with their scalability, usability & efficiency.

C++ App Enhancement & Optimization

VE’s C++ programmers for hire can help you support & optimize server- and client-side systems to improve the speed of your program as well as boost your business app’s functionality, security, and user experience to enhance its overall performance.

C++ App Upgrading/Porting

If you are planning to upgrade & modernize your existing application, then C++ programmers in India have got the right skills. Upgrade your platform by translating your source code and/or making structural improvements.

C++ App QA and Testing

Alongside C++ development team, VE has expert quality assurance & testing teams that perform functional, unit, performance, and integration testing to deliver robust, bug-free applications that work as intended.

C++ Support & Maintenance

Our C++ support & maintenance team helps you streamline processes and maintain new and existing C++ applications as well as provide top-notch support services to meet modern business requirements.

Latest Tools & Technologies used by VE’s C++ Developers

Our C++ Tech Stack Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve

Hire C++ programmers from Virtual Employee who are well-versed in using advanced technologies and best-in-class tools to deliver robust yet scalable C++ programming solutions.

Platforms/Operating System

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Solaris, Unix

Web Services/Protocols

SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, Google Protobuf, WSDL


HTTP, FTP, e-mail, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, NAT traversal, MESH, Wireless


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, NoSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, FireBird, Apache HBase

Development Tools

MS VC++, GCC, Make, Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Eclipse, CodeLite, NetBeans, Qt Creator


Win API, MFC, Qt, STLport, ATL, WTL, STL, Boost, POSIX, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenCL, Cocoa, wxWidgets, OpenSSL

Did You Know?

Tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, NASA, Evernote, and many more use C++ in developing their software applications.

Why Choose VE as Your C++ Development Partner

VE is the One-stop Solution for All Your Outsourcing Needs

Free Trial

Not sure if we are the right C++ development company you need? Try us before you hire us. Assess the caliber of your offshore C++ developer with a no-obligation up to 3 days free trial. Proceed with hiring only if you are satisfied.

Free Recruitment

Save thousands of dollars in expensive local recruitment fees and long waiting periods for just a single hire. VE’s ace recruitment team can hire highly skilled C++ development professionals for you in no time, absolutely free of cost.

International Industry Experience

VE’s remote C++ developers have the experience of working exclusively with international clients, especially in the US & UK. From self-learning to extensive training, these bright minds keep themselves updated with the latest tools & technologies.

Project Stability

VE’s unique business model provides what few service providers can – project stability. Our global clients in application development have worked with the same developer for many years, giving their projects much-needed stability.

Zero Overheads

At VE, you get to enjoy financial freedom from pesky issues like employee benefits, taxes, government liabilities, etc. Pay only the salary of your virtual employee and get your own ‘offshore office in India’ at no additional cost.

Data Confidentiality

As an ISO certified and a CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security & confidentiality at all times. Our 50+ Cisco, Linux, and Microsoft certified engineers carry out round-the-clock monitoring of sensitive data.

Why Outsourcing C++ Development to India is a Good Idea

Unlocks a Wealth of Gains for Your Business

Top Talent + Lower Costs

At VE, you can hire skilled remote C++ developers from India, which represents one of the largest and most cost-effective outsourcing destinations globally.

Proficient C++ Developers

VE offers C++ development specialists who stay abreast with the latest technical trends to create solutions that meet requirements of modern tech industry.

Time Zone Advantage

When you hire an offshore C++ developer at VE, we work as per your preferred schedule and prioritize 24/7 customer support with on-time delivery of all your projects.

Hire a C++ Developer

Hire Skilled C++ Software Developers in No Time

Jump Ahead of the Queue by Not Standing in it!

Connect with Us

Brief us about your C++ development requirements to help us find a C++ development specialist for your project.

Handpick Your Expert

Review CVs of pre-screened candidates to choose a remote C++ software engineer that best fits your needs.

Build Your Team

Interview and take tests of multiple C++ developers if you want to hire a developer of your choice.

Get Going

If you’re happy with the results, you can hire your offshore C++ developer right away to kick start your project.

Boost Your Business Growth with Certified C++ Developers

VE is Home to Top-notch Professionals with Industry-Recognized Certifications

CPA (C++ Certified Associate Programmer)

CPP (C++ Certified Professional Programmer)

Star C++ Certification

Basic C++ Certification from edX

PCE C++ Certification

Choose from VE’s 3 Custom Hiring Models

No Matter What You Choose, We Always Work to Exceed Project Expectations

Dedicated Full-Time

Hire a dedicated C++ developer who will work exclusively for you either full-time (8 hours) or part-time (4 hours). The hired resource directly reports to you so that you retain absolute control over the project and process. Intensive, long-term projects are best-suited for this model.

Dedicated Part-Time

Pay for just one full-time resource, but have multiple C++ programmers with different skillsets and coding expertise working for you, who are supervised by a senior project/team lead. This model simplifies your billing while retaining the flexibility & scalability of hiring multiple resources.

Hourly Service

Under this arrangement, you can simply hire a remote C++ developer for a fixed number of hours to work for you as per project needs. The purchased hours must be used within one month from the date of purchase. This model is perfect for less intensive and short-term projects.

Hire a C++ Developer

Industry-Specific Expertise in C++ Software Development

VE’s Prowess in Different Industry Verticals & Domains

Success Stories at VE

Know Why Our Clients Rate Us ‘Best’

C++ Development Services FAQs

All Your Questions & Queries Answered!

What type of projects do VE’s C++ programmers excel in?

C++ is the preferred language for VE developers looking to build desktop-based applications, GUI applications, banking and trading apps, graphic components in 3D games, media access software, web browsers, compilers, database software, 2D & 3D animations, operating systems, and much more. Talk to us to know how can we help you meet your business goals!

What shift hours will my chosen C++ expert work?

Your chosen virtual employee will work “in your time zone” and can adjust his/her shift hours to suit your business requirements. With flexible timings, you can ask your C++ developer to work i) your shift hours, ii) overlapping shift hours, or iii) Indian shift hours. We work to successfully turn the time zone gap into an advantage for our clients.

Is outsourcing C++ development services to VE safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. VE is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and has an extra-vigilant IT team that follows stringent data security measures to ensure protection of your critical data. VE’s IT staff comprises of 50+ Cisco, Linux and Microsoft certified engineers.

Why should I choose C++ over other programming languages?

Supported by multiple devices and platforms that make C++ highly compatible with any user device as well as a great tool for developing cross-platform applications. With its staggering speed & numerous built-in functions, C++ will continue to be one of the best-performing languages in the software development market.

What is the market like for C++ developers?

Since C++ is a widely-used programming language used across several industries for a multitude of purposes, C++ developers in India have been in high demand since it was created.

Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting my project?

Yes, we are fully committed to keeping your confidential business information & sensitive data safe. We’ll gladly sign the NDA with you once you hire one of our remote C++ software engineers.

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