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That’s the power of the Xamarin technology.

A variety of mobile platforms dominate the mobile phone industry today. Xamarin is rapidly gaining attention because this is a toolset that supports cross-platforms with minimal duplication of work.

Mobile App developers use Xamarin to write a mobile application in C# and run it on just about any mobile platform, even non-Microsoft platforms. Used with a C# shared codebase, Xamarin enables developers to use tools to write native iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

Game, set and match – Xamarin!

The beauty of Xamarin is that while it is fully within the .NET framework, it has the amazing ability to produce true Android and iOS apps simultaneously. Apps that meet the distribution requirements of both, Google Play and the iOS App Store. Additionally, Xamarin enables deeper integration with Visual Studio and produces fully compliant .NET Portable Class Libraries.

5 great reasons to use Xamarin

  • Code application logic needs to be done just once and then shared across both iOS and Android. Done individually in the native environments of the two platforms, the logic has to be implemented once in Java for Android and then again a second time in Objective-C for iOS.
  • Less code translates into less time taken to develop the app and so quick time to market.
  • Fewer bugs and errors since there is less code to write.
  • Skills concentration. Mobile app experts in the native development environments of iOS and Android have to divide their time between the two environments, a restricting factor as far as acquiring expertise is concerned.
  • By using Xamarin to create your iOS/Android apps, your apps are ready to support Windows Phone without spending time or resources in developing for Windows Phone.

Who can use Xamarin?

Those who are looking for cross-platform development, especially in mobile phones, Android, iOS or Windows App, can easily use the Xamarin technology.

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Hire Xamarin Experts

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Xamarin office Platform

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