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Hire Paralegal Experts from India

Because well prepared is half done

To make a winning case you need good preparation. Paralegal Specialists at Virtual Employee perform a range of virtual paralegal work to ensure you make the winning case at every trial without fail.

Our expert paralegals in India bring top-notch transcription, stenography and other essential skills required by attorneys. They are adept at researching public records, preparing cases, confirming sources, and analyzing research data so that every case your present is just perfect.

From meeting deadlines to skillfully handling troubled clients and sensitive subject matter, your offshore paralegal experts in India do it all. Moreover, their strong spoken and written communication skills and detail-oriented work ethic ensure you never miss reading all the lines and everything in between.

Our remote paralegals help you prepare for hearings, draft documents, scour resources ranging from emails, accounting databases and a plethora of websites related to the case in question. Your outsourced paralegal specialist in India will gather case facts, research laws and regulations related to the case, write reports, and schedule meetings and interviews with witnesses, lawyers, and others to make help you make a watertight argument in every case.

Virtual Employee’s paralegal outsourcing services in India give you access to more than a decade and half of combined experience in paralegal work, and our paralegal’s their familiarity with the United States’ federal laws as well as state laws set them apart from resources at other paralegal companies. Moreover, the cost of your remote paralegal hire from VE is significantly lower than what you would pay for locally. Therefore, hiring a paralegal from VE is a prudent decision for your practice.

Your paralegal experts in India offer specialized virtual paralegal services in:

  • Criminal law
  • Real Estate law
  • Immigration law
  • Corporate law
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Securities law
  • Foreclosure law
  • Litigations

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360° Paralegal Services

Leave no loopholes in your cases go unchecked

Researching Cases

Every case requires in-depth research to make it watertight and stand against scrutiny in the court of law. Your remote paralegal specialist in India with years of legal experience do all the research required for each case.

Writing Reports

Your remote paralegal experts makes reports based on research and assigned cases so that you make decisions based on sound data that has been vetted for any loopholes or oversights.

Transcription Services

Legal documents come in various forms, ranging from text to photographs and audios and videos. Virtual Employee’s paralegal specialists provide flawless paralegal outsourcing services.


You can trust your virtual paralegal to prepare all the necessary documentation before every case. From research reports to voice transcripts, our online paralegal specialists produce cohesive documentation.

Draft Pleadings

Our paralegal experts prepare statements of facts in writing which are ready to be drawn up and filed in the court of law before the proceedings begin, get experts who have worked with international clients for numerous such requirements.

Trial Preparation

From simple cases to very complex ones that require extensive work, you can trust your remote paralegal specialist to help you prepare your case diligently, expertise s the key for all triple-vetted VE’s legal experts.

Proofreading and Cite Checking

No document is ever complete unless it is proofread and cite-checked for any errors or possible oversights. With your remote paralegal resource from India, you can be sure of error-free documents.

Docket Monitoring

Need a summary of the proceedings in the court? Your paralegal specialists in India will do it for you. With proper docket monitoring in place, you will never miss out any important information.

Client Communication

Your paralegal expert also helps you in communicating with clients, whether it is arranging interviews with them or with witnesses or other lawyers, you can trust your remote resource to be on top of all important communication.

Outsourcing Paralegal Work Save Your Valuable Time

Handpick resource. Get work done. Save money

Largest Talent Pool

India produces 10 million graduates every year, and a majority of them fluent in English. It’s a huge talent pool to pick from.

24*7 Availability

India is lauded for its work culture. Your paralegal experts will burn the midnight oil for you, if needed.

Cost Savings

With each paralegal specialist hired from us, you stand to save USD 40,000. That’s huge. It all adds up.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Paralegal Experts

Full-time experts at your beck and call

Free Trial

With each outsourced paralegal resource you stand to save up to $40,000.

Full-time Employees

Your paralegal specialist in India works only for you like a full-time employee from our India office.

Experienced Workers

As a rule, Virtual Employee only hires paralegal workers with minimum 3 years of work experience.

Value for Money

You pay for just one resource but harness the expertise of our entire paralegal workforce, which spans over 16 years of combined experience.

Zero Overheads

You won’t pay for your paralegal expert’s commute, hardware, software, internet, printer, stationery, desk, coffee. That’s all on us!

100% Control

You exercise full control over your paralegal expert. Hourly monitoring, daily feedback or switching from one task to another are all your calls.

Hiring Models That Give You Full Control

Choose from monthly, part-time, hourly and fixed cost plans

Dedicated Model

Handpick the paralegal experts that you want. They work exclusively for you. And take up the work you want them to. Adding new experts is just an email away.

Team Model

You can also hire a team of paralegals with varying levels of skills and work experience. The best part? You pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on your requirement, you can hire your paralegal experts in India on an 8-hour per day, 4-hour per day or ad-hoc basis.

Getting Started was Never This Easy

Transparency and complete control during hiring process sets us apart

  • Talk to Us

    Tell us what you want from your virtual paralegal specialist.

  • Handpick your expert

    We bring you the CVs that best suit your requirements and any number of them you want.

  • Build your team

    Shortlist experts from the CVs, interview and test them if you wish and pick whichever specialist you want.

  • Get going

    After the selection, you can start working with your chosen resource within 8 hours. Yes, that quick.

Hire a Paralegal Specialist within 8 Hours

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Paralegal Hiring FAQs

All your questions answered

How good are your paralegal experts?

Not the type to toot our own horn, but they are very good. And you don’t even need to take our word for it, just take the free trial—which is post-pay anyway—and see for yourself what they can do for your business. We only hire experienced paralegals, so you don’t even need to train them.

How long is your free trial?

We offer a no strings attached free trial for a week. You don’t pay a cent for a week’s worth of work. And you are free to walk away with no strings attached if you don’t like what you see during the course of the trial. Your payment begins only when you sign a contract for a long-term relationship.

What’s you payment model?

Like we said, free trials are post pay i.e. you pay only after the trial period is over and you are satisfied with the work your paralegal expert did for you. Once you get your offshore resource on-board, you pre-pay for your chosen expert(s).

Can I test the paralegal experts before hiring?

Absolutely. We hire paralegals with a minimum 3 years of work experience, but if you feel that you need to test them for their skills, expertise and language, that’s entirely up to you. We can arrange video calls or test with your chosen expert before you make your hiring decision.

How easy it is to scale up or down?

Scaling is very easy. You are already working with your offshore paralegal expert in India just shoot us an email or tell your client account manager (CAM) about your fresh requirement, we arrange more experts for your interview and you take them onboard. Scaling down is also an email away.

I have very sensitive data, can I trust its safety?

We have a stringent data security system in place, in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

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