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A Freelancer can never compete with a Dedicated Employee

Who should you go for when outsourcing your Mobile Apps Development project? If you surf the net for help on whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated virtual employee

Freelancers – Gateway to an abundant global talent pool

Should I Hire Overseas Freelancers? When it comes to outsourcing, one of the main dilemmas that many companies go through revolves around this question: should I hire freelancers overseas? The

Comparing the Virtual Employee and the Freelancer

Understand the Role of Freelancer and Virtual Employee When comparing an offshore freelancer to a Virtual Employee, vis-a-vis hiring and working, where do the respective strengths of each lie? The

Working Difference of Freelancer and Remote Employee

What is the difference between working with an offshore freelancer and a Virtual Employee? An offshore freelancer and a Virtual Employee both work remotely with their respective clients, with the

Why SMEs Target the Freelancer and not the Dedicated Employee

Why do SMEs hire freelancers in India but not full time employees? The hiring of freelancers from Third World countries has become a very popular trend. The internet and PC

Long Term Projects and Freelancers

Why is hiring an offshore freelancer for long term projects inefficient? Offshore freelancing is a process whereby a client hires a freelancer to work remotely from a different location than

Dedicated Employees or Offshore Freelancers?

SMEs should hire Dedicated employees instead of offshore freelancers while outsourcing The dynamics of outsourcing differ considerably when it comes to MNCs (multinational corporations) and SMEs (small to medium enterprises).

Exploring the Major Drawbacks of Offshore Freelancing

The Problems of Offshore Freelancing Offshore freelancing to Third World countries is now a very common practice and sites such as elance.com, odesk.com, and guru.com would advocate this. Though freelancing

Freelancers vs Clients: Freelancers are also at the receiving end

The other side of the story: Problems offshore freelancers experience with clients Offshore freelancing is often a hit and miss affair. If successful, clients can reap highly cost effective and

History of Freelancing

A History of Offshore Freelancing and How the Virtual Employee was born from the success and failure of the offshore freelancer The beginning of this millennium was witness to cheap,