Why Legal Process Outsourcing to India Works?

Low operating costs coupled with skilled legal experts helps save time and money

Is your caseload eating away your precious hours? Are you looking for effective budget legal process outsourcing services for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let VE’s legal process outsourcing (LPO) services take off your burden with professional and dependable LPO services in India.

We provide specialized legal support services that cater to a variety of sub-domains that include Legal Research, Document Review, Paralegal Services, Contract Management, and Litigation Support, among other services. VE employs a stringent recruitment process that brings only the best of the best law professionals from all corners of India.

Our legal process outsourcing team is comprised of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines including communication experts and management experts. With such a vast experience, these LPO professionals are the best resources that you can work with. They are driven, knowledgeable and consistently strive to go beyond your expectations.

VE brings over a decade of LPO services experience and is one of the most trusted legal process outsourcing companies in India. Get expert legal advice, document review and motion drafting, offload your caseload on a team of highly skilled law professionals from the foremost legal process outsourcing service provider.

Domains that our legal outsourcing services in India cater to:
  • Business Law
  • Labor Law
  • Litigation
  • Contract Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Banking & Finance

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360° Legal Process Outsourcing Services

For maximum productivity at unbeatable prices

Legal Assistants

Buried under deadlines? Worry not. Hire a dedicated legal assistant from India who works exclusively for you. From healthcare and real estate to litigation and immigration law, your legal assistant is available 24×7.

Paralegal Specialists

Reduce your workload with paralegal specialists from India. Get professionally drafted memos, depositions, interrogatives, motions, and much more in quick turnaround time.

Legal Support Services

Hire legal support services from VE and get access to professional law teams that are comprised of legal assistants, transcriptionists, and legal secretaries, and much more.

Patent Attorneys

Filing for a patent or someone infringed on yours? We’ve got you covered. VE’s legal process outsourcing service providers bring to you a roster of the best patent attorneys in India to choose from.

Legal Research

Our LPO services in India offer the best legal researchers in the business. From case law research to international law research, these professionals are experts at both offline legal research as well as legal research software, such as WestLaw & LexisNexis.

Legal Analysis

Get accurate reports and identify complicated legal context efficiently with our legal analysis services. Our analysts are experts at regional, national, and international law analysis, identifying critical points to help you make the right decisions.

IP Contract Drafting

Safeguard your inventions and intellectual property rights with our legal process outsourcing services. Get iron-clad IP contracts from legal professionals that ensures protection of your IP rights.

Litigation Support

VE’s LPO services assist you in complaint drafts, motions, answers, e-discoveries, and interrogatories, among other litigation steps. Get your documents quickly, efficiently, and error-free.

Legal Transcription

Get easy-to-read and fast-to-scan documents of your legal audio & video recordings with our legal transcription services. Our legal transcribers apply unmatched attention-to-detail to give you error-free and precise transcriptions.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Work to India

Top flight counsel. Bottom line results.

Massive Cost Savings

Hire legal process outsourcing service from VE and save up to $40,000 on your overhead expenses. Pay only for the services required and nothing else.

Crème de la Crème

Each legal professional is handpicked from the best Indian law schools after an exhaustive search and is triple-vetted to ensure only the best join VE.

24*7 Work Culture

Legal process outsourcing service providers in India work 24×7. We understand your urgency, hence, we are always on.

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Process Services

Committed to helping our clients succeed any time, every time

Free Trial

Get your free trial of our legal process outsourcing services and hire us when you are satisfied.

Dedicated Resources

Our LPO professionals work exclusively for you, much like your in-house resource does. Answerable and accountable, only to you.

No Hidden Costs

Apart from the direct massive cost savings, VE also helps you save 100% on hiring and overhead costs while you get an additional free trial.

Zero Overheads

Pay only for the LPO resource you hire and save tons on overhead expenses. We take care of office space, salaries, etc.

Handpick Legal Experts

Take your pick from entry-level legal professionals to the seasoned ones. Hire the ones you seem fit for your case.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your offshore legal experts the way you want. Keep a close tab on their work and connect with them directly whenever you want.

Hire Legal Process Experts within 8 Hours

Speed is an ally to every successful legal strategy

Choose from Our 3 Hiring Models

Switch effortlessly between the work models whenever you want

Dedicated Model

Hire a legal process outsourcing professional from India who works exclusively for you. Much like your in-house resource but without the baggage of added overheads.

Team Model

Need a team of legal professionals for your case or business. We’ve got your back. VE’s team model ensures that you get an army of experienced professionals at your disposal.

Ad-Hoc Model

At VE you are not bound by any complex long-term contract. You are free to choose your legal experts on a full-time role or a part-time role. You can also hire them on an ad-hoc basis.

Hiring LPO Experts Was Never This Easy

Handpick the legal experts of your choice, get a 1-week free trial with them and continue with the same resource, if you are satisfied.

  • Brief Us

    Tell us what you expect after outsourcing legal process services to India. Let us know the skills you are looking for in your experts.

  • Handpick the Best

    We share resumes of legal experts for you to choose from. Only the crème la de crème are up for grabs.

  • Build Your Team

    Hire legal experts only if you are satisfied that they can meet your expectations. Feel free to assess beforehand.

  • Get Going

    The entire hiring process takes 8 hours or less. Your local legal firms may not even get started by then.

3072 Global Clients Called in the Professionals

So should you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to all your legal process outsourcing queries

I have very sensitive legal data, can I trust its safety?

All our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm. We will also sign your NDAs, if you want.

Can I interview resources before hiring?

Absolutely. Although all our resources are triple-vetted, in the interest of full transparency, we give you full control to interview or test them before you make a decision.

Do you offer customized legal research solutions?

Yes. You have the choice of three separate hiring models; the number of resources you want to hire is your prerogative; and your resource works according to your schedule.

Does VE hire third-party legal services for my requirements?

At VE, all the legal research & writing services provided to you are entirely in-house and the resources are on our payroll. We do not hire freelancers or third-party services.

Is it possible to have a free trial before hiring?

Virtual Employee offers a 1-week free trial with your chosen legal expert. VE also offers you the freedom to cancel any time during the course of the free trial without any liability. If you are satisfied with the legal processing service, you can continue beyond the trial with your chosen remote legal expert.

For how long can I hire your offshore legal process experts?

There’s no limit to the duration that you can hire offshore legal process experts from VE. Depending on your requirements, you can hire a dedicated resource or a team for days, weeks, months, and even years.

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