Our LPO Services Include Customized Technology, Process Consulting
and Legal Research

Legal firms in the West can gain a lot by the new trend of Legal Process Outsourcing to India. This is because the well diversified outsourcing industry here can give LPO services to both large and small legal
players. Legal companies in the West have the choice to hire either the services of big project outsourcing companies or to go for the innovative concept of hiring remote dedicated legal professionals. The latter is an outsourcing practice
that is equally beneficial for big as well as small legal firms by virtue of being highly flexible and cost effective.

India is the only country where you can get customized outsourcing solutions. You can either choose a legal process outsourcing company in India or can go for the services of a remote staffing company. You also have the choice of hiring a legal outsourcing firm to take care of your work.

Why Remote Legal Professionals?

The remote staffing model yields tangible benefits of outsourcing to both small and big legal firms. This is because in this hiring practice you are directly involved in the selection of the candidates. The vendor provides you with a list of candidates
after carefully studying your requirements. In turn, you shortlist the best resources and interview them through video conference. You are under no obligation to hire unless you are fully satisfied with the skills and experience of the candidate.
This process gives you your own team of legal professionals that works exclusively for you from the office of the service provider.

Remote legal resources can take care of your niche processes that include:

  • Legal transcription
  • Indexing
  • Document Drafting
  • Legal Research
  • Paralegal Services
  • Litigation Support
  • IP Contract Drafting
  • Legal Writing
  • Patent Review
  • Deposition Summary Writing
  • Contract Drafting
  • and much more

Why India?

India has what it takes to support high-end business processes including Legal Process Outsourcing, be it infrastructure, industry support or education. In this resource-rich destination there is no dearth of highly qualified legal talent. More
than 900 law colleges spread across the length and breadth of the county produce about 70,000 law graduates every year. No wonder, there are about 1.2 million registered attorneys in India. The best part about outsourcing legal processes to India is that the law and jurisprudence here is very similar to that of the US and UK.

The law firms of the US were the first to gauge the potential of India in providing LPO services to international clients. These firms are the major contributors in the growth of legal process outsourcing in India which has been growing consistently at a rate of 8.2% per annum. The already vibrant outsourcing industry in India is capitalizing on this by supporting every legal process outsourcing company.

If you want to add efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your legal processes, hiring remote legal professionals from India is your best bet.


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