Privacy Statement -

Privacy Statement

A detailed overview of the privacy policy of the company

The following statement delineates the confidentiality regulations and privacy practices for theVirtualEmployeecom website. This privacy statement is applicable to all linked pages and related documents of the website. This privacy policy is amendable. The company holds the right to add clause(s) or to delete clause(s). It may also revise the existing clauses. Changes after amendment(s), if any, would be duly incorporated in this privacy document.

  • 1 VirtualEmployee’s Privacy Policy values the personal information of its users, and cares about the privacy and confidentiality of user information. The company makes sure that all forms of user information amassed, when users are using its website, are regulated as per norms.

  • 2 Purview of the Policy

    The privacy policy is meant for those internet users who use the website and services, and while doing so dispense with their personal and organizational information. This privacy policy is irrelevant for those users, who do not share a business relationship or a service relationship with the compnay, or do not use the website or its associated services. The website website may be linked to other sites, including social networking sites, which have their own privacy rules. The company will not be liable for any breach or defiance of the privacy practices or confidentiality policies of the linked sites.

  • 3 How personal information is collected” collects personal information of its users. When a user visits the “Getting started” section of the website and register himself/herself, the site asks for his/her name, e-mail id, company name, company website, contact no, country and state of residence, the specific service that he/she is interested in, time zone, job specification or details of the work he/she is looking to outsource, and the skill set that the employee should have. The site also seeks for user’s name, e-mail id, and his/her comments while he/she fills out the feedback form. These apart, the website may, from its own server, obtain and document user information such as the IP address, cookies, and the page the user requested.

  • 4 Usage and Sharing of Information ensures that all forms of personal information collected from users are protected and shared in accordance with the laid out provisions of the privacy statement. All forms of user information that are collected by the wesite are not shared with any third party website, service partners, or the employees. The company may share user information:

    • If the user is willing to share his/her information for business, promotional, or other purposes.
    • While the company finds an employee for an employer.
    • While the company finds the requested service for the user.
    • With service partners, with prior approval from the user.
    • While the company responds to any summons from courts, regulatory authorities, or government agencies.
    • If the user, while using the website or the services provided by the company, infringes on user terms and agreements.

    Users may also ask the company to delete or dispose of their personal information from the database and records. To delete or dispose of posted information, users need to send a request e-mail to sales[at]

  • 5 Cookies

    Cookies may be sent to users’ computers while users navigate through the website. These cookies are meant to retrieve information when users revisit the website. These cookies will not harm the user’s system, or thwart his/her privacy arrangements.

  • 6 Queries and comments

    In case of any general information on privacy-related issues, queries, complaints, info[at] or supposed infringements of privacy, users can e-mail at or sales[at] or can call at 1-(760) 284 4609 (USA), (+44) 020 8099 3086 (U.K.), or (+91) 120 468 0000 (India). Users can also contact through fax no: 1-(760) 284 6966 (USA). Users can provide their feedback, suggestions, and comments by filling out the feedback form available at


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