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Hire WordPress Developers with Business Acumen

to Help Solve Your Target Audience’s Problems

Creating a secure, SEO-ready, and responsive web design is one thing and offering the audience what they are looking for, is another. Hire WordPress Development experts who can comprehend your business objectives well.

At Virtual Employee, while we do focus on HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, GitHub, Bitbucket and other technical skills, we also look for business skills, thereby ensuring that you get value for money.

With 33% of all websites using this CMS, it becomes even more important for you to leverage it well, and that is exactly what a dedicated WordPress developer can help you with. With us, you get to hire an expert who:

  • Keeps tabs on the trends

  • Is a proven growth hacker

  • Can check product-market fit

  • Can communicate well

  • Follows an agile approach

  • Adheres to strict deadlines

Hire a certified WordPress developer and take your business to the next level.

Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular CMS

Want to build a website quickly with minimum coding? A website that can be customized as you want, whether it is the theme, plugins, or the media?
Look no further than WordPress, the most popular CMS of all that powers over half of the world’s websites.

Here are 8 more reasons why it must be your first choice:

Coding-free setup

Your WordPress developers don’t need to deal with coding or master HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. technologies to build your website. You can now focus on growing your business, not bother about website design.

Highly flexible

WordPress coders can choose from 20,000+ plugins to adapt your website as per what’s trending on online media. WordPress CMS, unlike other specialized tools, can install an array of plug-ins in minutes.


WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly as its simple codes make it ideal for Google indexing. Websites with simple codes load faster (on mobiles as well) and fast loading websites mean a better user experience.

Quick and efficient

With WordPress, you can build your website just in a day’s time using only pictures and content. No software can offer so much all at once as WordPress or is as efficient and prompt in responding.

Ideal for content marketing

A WordPress theme website scores over traditional ones as with it, you can update your site’s content and design in seconds, making it a go-to site for campaigns such as holiday promotions, etc.

Social media integration

WordPress allows seamless integration of social networks. You don’t need to login to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts separately and announce there that you have fresh content.

Why hire WordPress programmers from India

Massive cost savings

Cost-effectiveness is primarily the reason why hiring WordPress developers in India puts you in a win-win situation. You get the same top-notch quality, but pay much less.

Vast talent pool

India is the world’s No.1 outsourcing hub, being home to a vast technical talent pool. You can hire WordPress web developers depending on your specific need.

Time zone advantage

Outsourcing firms in India like VE work 24X7 to ensure timely delivery of work. Hence, it is convenient across time zones to offshore WordPress developers.

360 degrees WordPress Development Services

Hire WordPress developers from India to get your project done with 100% accuracy and within the estimated timeline

Theme Development

Our dedicated WordPress developers can come up with top-of-the-line creative themes for your website exactly as you want that help you connect better with your target audience.

Support & Maintenance

Hire our WordPress experts who will take care of all your support and maintenance concerns from updating the content on your website, optimizing it, or keeping a backup of website data ready.

Plugin Development

Hire WordPress plugin developers from VE who are capable of building cost-effective and customized plug-ins that run smoothly across devices for any type of functionality.

Migration & Upgradation

Eager to migrate from your current CMS to WordPress? Or keen to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress? Hire WordPress Developers online for a seamless migration and upgradation.

Website Development

Regardless of whether yours is a small start-up or an established large-scale business, our offshore WordPress developers are skilled in developing websites just as you need them.

Testing Solutions

Using WordPress CSS expertise, our expert WordPress developers test your web app and provide FREE quality analysis support to ensure that all glitches are fixed before you get the final product.

WordPress Development Process


    Your dedicated WordPress Developer understands your project requirement, target audience, business goals and your expectations.


    They analyze and evaluate the project and its technical requirements to put a project plan in place.


    Wireframe is created with design assets and mock ups as per the project plan.


    After the prototype is approved, development is carried out to give shape to your product.


    Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure an optimized and bug-free product prior to launch.

Benefits of Hiring WordPress Developers From VE

Outsourcing WordPress Development to India comes loaded with advantages

Free Trial

Get a free trial before you pay so that you may access our quality.

Dedicated Employees

VE’s dedicated WordPress developers are full-time employees on VE’s payroll. You can monitor their work hourly – not possible with freelancers.

Value for Money

Pay for only 1 dedicated WordPress developer, but leverage the expertise of our entire team of 350+ WordPress developers.

Full Stack Development

Our programmers are well-versed in backend as well as front-end development.

Zero Overheads

Office rent, Software & Hardware cost, Infrastructure cost are borne by VE alone, not you.

Diverse Experience

Junior, Mid and Manager level WordPress developers to choose from.

Choose From Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Dedicated model

The client is assigned one resource exclusively. They can directly speak to the resource, monitor their work and give feedback, which is incorporated accordingly.

Team model

Now, you can hire a team of individuals with mixed skill sets, but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, part-time or ad hoc

Depending on the amount of work, the client may go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc employee.

Hiring WordPress developers Was Never This Easy!

  • Brief Us

    Share your work/ project requirement in detail

  • Hand-pick the best resources

    We offer you screened CVs of our shortlisted WordPress experts.

  • Choose your team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

  • Get Going

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

VE’s WordPress Developers never fail to impress

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have a trial or test with your WordPress developer?

Yes. Our WordPress developer will work for you for a 4-hour FREE trial. However, in case you want a longer trial period, it will be a paid one.

How much does building a WordPress application cost?

The cost of a WordPress application depends on its features and complexity and the experience of your WordPress developer. Hire WordPress designers from VE for top-notch services.

What examples do you have? May I speak to your clients?

We have 500+ video testimonials from our global clients – the largest repository in our industry. Browse through them at leisure. If you wish, we can even arrange a call between you and some of our past clients (if the strong NDA permits).

How can I protect my WordPress site from hackers?

Around 30% of all websites are powered on WordPress. This makes it prone to hacking. By adding layers of security around your WordPress site, you can protect it from hackers and spammers.

What is your pricing structure?

We offer pre-paid WordPress development services. Once you have found the right resource and want to hire them, we will need you to pay for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.

If my employee takes leaves, can I get a replacement?

No, you can’t. However, if you have opted for the Team model, the other members of the team can continue the work of the resource who is on leave or unavailable.

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