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  • Hire your very own dedicated Android application developers with VirtualEmployee.com to get customized applications.
  • Our Android application developers use the latest mobile technologies. They use JAVA and Android framework to create customized applications for your mobile phones.
  • These dedicated professionals can deliver application solutions such as Web applications for Android, bar code scanning solutions, Android games and multimedia applications development, applications with GPS navigation, travel guides, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi etc.
  • By hiring a dedicated Android application developer with VirtualEmployee.com, you get access to the abundant Indian talent. We provide you with carefully scanned profiles which you can further screen at your end before interviewing the candidates personally.
  • You can hire a dedicated Android application developer from US $1395 – $2495 per month, depending on the expertise and years of experience.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can either go for a single dedicated Android application developer or a team of these resources.
Technologies you can hire
  • Android DeveloperLanguages: Java, Android SDK
    IDE – Google Studio
  • iOS DeveloperLanguages: Objective-C, iOS SDK
    IDE- Xcode
  • Windows DeveloperLanguages:.net, c#
    IDE- Windows Mobile 7 & 8
  • Symbian DeveloperLanguages: J2ME
  • Mobile Games DeveloperLanguages: Unity 3D, Core Animation, iOS/Android SDK
    IDE- Google studio/Xcode/Eclipse
  • Blackberry Developer – J2ME
  • Databases – MySQL, CoreData

and many more…

Mobile Application Developer

Get customized Mobile Apps Development solutions by hiring your own dedicated apps developers from us

How Does It Work?

  • Send us your Android requirement NOW!

  • We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

  • Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

  • If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

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Android Application Development Q & A

Android is a Linux based operating system specially designed for smartphones and other advanced touchscreen devices. This operating system can support a variety of applications that can transform modern day-to-day life. The applications made on this platform include bar code scanning solutions, Android games and multimedia applications, applications with GPS navigation, travel guides, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi etc. The modern home appliances like microwave and washing machines also use Android based applications.

  1. We source the most talented Android application developers for you
  2. You handpick the most suitable candidates and interview them personally
  3. You are free to choose the number of dedicated resources you want to hire
  4. Once hired, your dedicated Android application developer works for you from our office
  5. Unlike freelancers, a dedicated resource works exclusively for you
  6. We provide your resources with software, hardware and the latest communication technology

At VirtualEmployee.com, we provide your dedicated Android Application developers with the latest technology, so that they are able to deliver tailor-made applications for you. To manage screen size and screen resolution, they use the latest technology called “relative layout.” This system organizes controls relative to one another, or to the parent control itself. By using relative layout, a developer can easily place child controls such as ImageView, TextView, and Button controls above, below, to the left or right, of each other. Thus the screen size and screen resolution can be managed effectively.

Your dedicated Android Application developers used Model View Control (MVC), which is the most sophisticated design pattern in recent times. In addition to this, they also use the Eclipse I.D.E. (Integrated Development Environment) to give you the most dynamic and customized Android apps.

  1. We provide your dedicated Android application developers with latest remote collaboration tools
  2. These tools include videoconferencing, Skype and PC sharing
  3. Stay in constant touch with your dedicated resources through Skype
  4. Share important updates and information through videoconferencing
  5. This way, you get customized Android applications


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