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Know more about the cost of hiring a remote worker

  • 1 Why don’t we have any fixed price?

    Unlike other service providers, VirtualEmployee.com does not have a fixed price for the services it offers. There are two reasons why we cannot quote one particular fixed price. Firstly, with us you can outsource any office work in any field or profession, from software programming, graphics design, accounts and law to data entry, virtual assistance and Internet research. This means that, inevitably, there are variations in cost when hiring employees from different professional backgrounds. Just like an accountant will command a higher salary than a telemarketer in the USA or Europe, the same is equally true in India.

    Secondly, even within any particular profession there will be a natural variation in employee salaries due to factors such as years of experience and technical expertise. A programmer with 5 years of relevant experience will undoubtedly have a higher salary than a graduate who has just entered the job scene.

  • 2 Our prices may not be fixed but they are significantly lower!

    The key aspect to note about our prices is that they are significantly lower than the cost to hire a similarly qualified employee in the USA or Europe. How do we achieve this? Again in two ways.

    Firstly, the prices we quote are inclusive of the employee’s salary and all other provided services such as hardware, infrastructure, office space, technical support, management and HR.

    Secondly, to truly appreciate the cost saving one can gain, one must compare the cost of hiring a virtual employee with a like-for-like position in the USA or Europe. For instance, where the cost of hiring a lawyer with VirtualEmployee.com could be US$1995 per month, one cannot compare this price against the average national US salary, or for that matter against the cost of hiring a telemarketer in the US. One must compare this figure of US$1995 against the cost that would be incurred to hire a like-for-like lawyer in the USA.

  • 3 Hire Indian employees at Indian salaries

    In summary, with with us you hire talented Indian professionals at Indian salaries. Our service gives you the opportunity to drastically reduce your operational costs, hire the additional staff you require and increase your overall efficiency.

    Lastly, please note that the prices quoted on the website are approximates and VirtualEmployee.com does not guarantee or commit that an employee in a given price range will fall within the estimated price ranges. Nevertheless, before you decide to hire an employee, we inform you of the exact cost of any given individual candidate. Subsequently, you can decide before hiring whether or not the cost is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Cost


We are a pre-paid service, which means you need to pay before you start the service. Once you have found the resource you are looking for, and would like to hire them we would require payment for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.


It is only after you have interviewed and selected a candidate you want to hire that we require a receipt of the first month’s invoice before the employee starts working for you (the client).

The fee for the 15 days notice period (to terminate our services) is paid in advance (together with the first months’s invoice) before the employee starts working for the client.

The payment is required in advance because we enter into a legally binding employment contract with the employee you hire. As per the employment laws in India, VirtualEmployee.com is legally liable to provide the employee you hire with a paid notice period while terminating the services.

For any position you are looking to fill, Virtual Employee provides you with resumes of several candidates as well as their individual price. The quoted price attached to any resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service; including office space, recruitment, HR, management, customer support, hardware, infrastructure, and a dedicated employee, etc.

There are no hidden charges. However, there are three exceptions to the rule above:

  • If you require your employee to make hundreds of calls per day
  • If your employee requires software that we do not provide and is costly to purchase
  • If your employee requires hardware that we do not provide, e.g., an iPhone programmer requiring an iPhone.

In such cases, the client will be charged a setup fee.

We take the first payment before the employee starts work. Thereafter, you are invoiced on a monthly basis. We require payment for the employee to be made before the start of the next month of work. For instance, if an employee starts his first day of work on the 1st of January, then for the next month’s payment, we require receipt of payment before the 1st of February.

Our preferred mode of payment is Wire Transfer.

The ballpark figure for the cost of hiring a dedicated virtual employee in any domain or field on a monthly basis would be between $1095-1995/month. But it depends on the job requirements, as well as qualifications and experience of the candidate.

The fee for the 15-day notice period has to be paid in advance along with the first month’s invoice. This is your ‘one-time’ cost.

Yes, ours is a pre-paid monthly service. The price of an employee depends on the nature of your work, plus the years of experience and qualifications that you are looking for in a candidate.


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