We Do Your Mobile App Development 25% – 35% Faster Than Our Competitors

What if someone launches your app idea before you?

Well, guess what, we aren’t going to let that happen.


Streamline Your App Development – Get One Team That Can Handle It All

You pay for the equivalent of one employee – but you get the developer, designer and tester, all working for you at different stages of the app creation ‘production in one compact team as part of our Team Model. This reduces down your launch time by as much as 25-35%!!

In most other mobile app development companies, resources like developer, UI/ UX designer, back end developer, and tester, each give their own timeline for an app’s creation, all of which collectively leads to an increased duration and extended deadline.

VE’s Team of Mobile App Programmers has expertise in:

  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • M-commerce Mobile Applications
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Mobile App UI/ UX
  • Social Media Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Apps Testing / Portability
  • Mobile Games Development
  • Widget Mobile Development
  • Post Launch Support & Maintenance
  • IoT (Internet of Things) App Development
  • Business Apps
  • Reengineering of existing application
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Education Apps
  • Makeover Services

Why Hire VE’s Mobile App Developers?

  • App makeover in just 10 days
  • 250+ years’ of combined experience – you get a mature and efficient team to handle your project
  • The team uses Agile technology and customizes it for the development of mobile apps for clients
  • Dedicated Mobile App Designers within the team, and who work exclusively on your mobile app designing projects
  • English-proficient developers – ease of communication
  • No long-term contract
  • Transparency throughout the app development process

Offshore Mobile App Development with our innovative and skilled Mobile App Developers for Cross-Platform Capability

Thanks to our team’s multi-platform capability, the team has successfully developed apps for:

  • iOS, Android, and Windows platforms (smartphones and tablets)
  • Wearable devices like Apple watches, Android watches
  • Mac, Chrome Book and Internet of Things
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Android TV

Our Building Blocks…..

Programming Languages
  • Obtjective C
  • Swift
  • C, C++
Testing Tools
  • Bugzilla
  • JIRA
  • XCTest (Automated testing)
  • Cocoa(For Touch Devices)
    Cocoa Touch (For Mac)
  • Smart SVN
  • Github
  • Xcode

Android Technologies
Programming Languages
  • Java SE
  • C++ through JNI
Versioning Tools
  • SVN
  • Git
Testing Framework
  • JUnit
Database Management System
  • SQLite
Development Tools
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio

Before bringing this project to VirtualEmployee.com, several software experts said our timeline is not realistic, and that it will take maybe 2 years to fully execute such an aggressive and massive project. My virtual team has executed one of the biggest projects in an incredibly short amount of time with amazing quality.

Dr. Eb Eshun, President and CEO of MobiFalcon Incorporated, USA

100% Risk Free

Hiring Virtual Employees Reduced Our Risk

Malcolm Paice, COO Keystone Group, UK

  • Free Trial Available
  • Robust Data and IP Security
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • NDA & Ownership of Works
  • 100+ Client Testimonials – Most in the Offshoring Industry

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