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Content is the backbone of digital marketing. Without it, search engines would have nothing to crawl, ads would have nothing to direct clicks to, and customers would have nothing to engage with; when searching for answers to their problems. However, simply writing the content is not enough. The content needs to reach the right audience to show its million-dollar magic, and that’s where content marketers come in.
Hire content marketing experts from VE to attract and engage your audience. This will help you boost sales and increase your ROI. At VE, you get highly skilled and experienced content marketers who cater to your needs and craft compelling and customized strategies to maximize the benefit.

We, at Virtual Employee, one of the best content marketing companies in India, keep in concern the target audience, age, gender, location, and purpose before sharing the content.
Hire content marketing experts from VE to ensure you have content curators and strategists on board to build your brand’s digital footprint. Be it blogs, whitepapers, website content, social media posts, or just an email, we consider all the steps of high engagement to drive higher ROI for your brand.
6 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing Services to Virtual Employee in India:

  • 350 million English speaking graduates in India.
  • Assess your chosen resources for a week for free.
  • Hire one content marketer or a team of experts.
  • Share your requirements and start within 8 hours.
  • Outsourcing to India does not require any stringent labor laws.
  • Your content marketer works from ‘your’ offshore remote office.
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Choose from our Comprehensive Range ofContent Marketing Services

Content Strategy
Content Strategy

All our content marketing experts in India are well-versed in creating a custom content strategy for your business, audience, and goals. Our certified content marketers will do a competitive analysis to see how your current content stacks up against your top competitors.

Content Planning
Content Planning

Our experts create a content calendar for your company’s must-share content. This calendar includes your blog posts, social media posts and campaign schedules. This helps to pre-plan all the content activities for events, project launch and offers.

Marketing Outreach
Marketing Outreach

Your content can be highly effective if it reaches the right audience via effective distribution channels. Our content marketers specialize in digital PR, content curation, sponsored blog posting and social media amplification to maximize the content reach.

Infographic Content
Infographic Content

Infographics are one of the most effective content types. Infographics are highly engaging and educating. Be it for blogs or website content, our content marketing experts are highly qualified to write clear, concise and crisp copies for infographics.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

Landing page acts as your lead capture page and it has to be very concise and engaging as you are investing a lot in it. Our content marketing experts are well-versed in creating unique and targeted landing pages that not only stand out but also drive high conversions.


eBooks are the best when you need to increase your client subscription database. Our certified content marketing experts have created 1000+ eBooks for 360+ clients. Get your eBook created today to increase sign-ups on your website and for your products.

Content Optimization
Content Optimization

Your content marketing services in India also include SEO, which optimizes your content for users and search engines. This helps to create a continual wheel of sales-driving content that will improve your brand visibility & overall efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

Our content marketing experts perform activities that involve developing, executing and delivering the content to create, nurture and grow your company’s customer base. Our experts not only optimize content for social channels but also figure out the best strategies to distribute and promote that content.

Content Reporting
Content Reporting

Our content marketing experts will provide you content that drives results, and we do that by tracking and measuring its performance over time. You’ll get monthly reports to know how your campaigns are affecting your bottom line and branding efforts.

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Find Out WhyIndia Dominates the Content Marketing Sphere

India is ranked as the number 1 outsourcing destination by a majority of US and European entrepreneurs. Choose your content marketer from a country that the world trusts. Experience smooth and fast hiring and hire top-notch talent at a fraction of cost.

Largest Talent Pool
Largest Talent Pool

India adds 3.1 million new graduates to its workforce every year. Choose your content marketer from the world’s largest talent pool.

Dedicated 24×7 Staff
Dedicated 24×7 Staff

VE doesn’t hire any freelancers. All our content marketing experts are full-time resources and they work according to your time and convenience.

Cost Saving Icon
Massive Cost Savings

Hire certified content marketing experts from Virtual Employee at a price model that’s far lower than your local one.

6 Incredible Benefits ofHiring Content Marketers with VE

Free Trial

Enjoy up to 3-day free trial to see how our content marketing experts in India help you drive maximum brand engagement.

Dedicated Staff
Dedicated Staff

Experience exclusivity with VE’s dedicated professionals. Get complete ownership of work and resource that you won’t get with freelancers.

Certified Marketers
Certified Marketers

Your content marketing experts hold advanced certifications in HubSpot Content Marketing, Facebook Blueprint Marketing and more.

Value for Money
Value for Money

With Virtual Employee, you get an option to pay for just one remote content marketing expert and leverage the expertise of an entire team with a mixed bag of skills.

Zero Overheads
Zero Overheads

Pay only for your hired resource’s work and nothing else. From office space and infrastructure to payroll management, VE takes care of everything.

Diverse Experience
Diverse Experience

VE gives you the luxury of choosing from a large talent pool of content marketing experts. Hire junior, senior or managerial-level experts of your choice.

Right from the Writer’s DeskVE’s Creative Writing Portfolio

Landing Page
Content Outreach
Content Outreach

The 5-Step Custom ProcessVE’s Content Marketers Follow

  • Planning

    Determining your target audience to plan a content strategy.

  • Creation

    Your content marketing projects and ideas are brought to life at this stage.

  • Distribution

    Mapping out the best time and platforms to share and publish your content.

  • Promotion

    Sharing your content with the right audience via right channels.

  • Tracking

    Tracking your day-to-day performance and improvement areas.


Hire a Content Marketer

Hiring Content MarketerIs Now Easier Than Ever

Virtual Employee is your one-stop destination to find, hire, onboard and engage top talent. Leave all the hassles of traditional hiring behind and get started within 8 hours. Hire today, start today.

Hire a Content Marketer
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    Tell us your requirement

    Looking for an expert in copywriting or blogging? Share your requirements.

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    Handpick your expert

    We share CVs of shortlisted and pre-screened resources with you.

  • Build Your Team

    Build your team

    You can interview the selected candidates. Assess them for the quality and only then hire for your project.

  • Get Going

    Get going

    Your handpicked content marketing expert in India can start working within 8 hours.

The Highest StandardsThe Happiest Customers

Your Content Marketing Expert isProficient in These Tools and Technologies

  • BuzzSumo


    Perfect for revealing the topics we should write about

  • SEMrush


    To get a complete insight of keywords and search

  • HubSpot


    To create content that generates sales and drive leads

  • Kred


    To measure your online influence and amplify your message on social media

  • ClickFunnels


    To easily make sales funnel for your company

  • Tweriod


    To figure out the best time of day to send tweets

  • Uberflip


    To improve the “content experience” of your site

  • Ahrefs


    To learn why your competitors are ranking so high

  • Contentools


    For creating, publishing, and analyzing content for marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing FAQs

Virtual Employee offers up to 3-day free trial with your content marketer. The trial helps you get sufficient time to test your hire and make an informed decision.

At VE, we have a team to test all the content strategies. Our team focusses on delivering a data-driven strategy that works best for your brand and business.

We have a large in-house team of 350+ content marketers, who come equipped with all the latest tools and have rich experience in all kinds of creative and technical content projects.

Yes, definitely. Content marketing is one of the most powerful methods to build brand presence. Additionally, you can increase your user base and website traffic with content marketing.

If we find that your click-through-rates and rankings are dropping because of outdated content, then yes. Also, it’s your decision. We work the way you want.

We work in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

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