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Visiting card designers in India are hugely in demand as they are the ones who create that highly personal and powerful marketing tool for you – the business card. When you hand over your business card, you are essentially placing all the relevant contact information and your brand messaging in your potential client’s hands, within seconds. And, so, your business card has to make a fantastic first impression, stand out from the others and must be kept and acted upon.

Finding a business card designer for hire locally can prove to be costly as well as time consuming since the required skills may not always be available. However, when you outsource business card design services to India, you instantly get access to a wider talent pool of experienced, affordable and readily available business card designers online who can quickly start working on your designing projects.

Indian business card design outsourcing companies like VirtualEmployee.com have been helping clients the world over to create beautifully designed and eye-catching business cards in all popular domains and industries.

Here are 6 ways in which you can grow your business when you hire dedicated, versatile visiting card designers in India:

  • One of the best personal brand ambassadors
  • It’s a powerful marketing strategy
  • Helps establish meaningful connections with your customers
  • Encourages greater recall and brand recognition
  • Positively impacts conversions
  • It’s portable, so your contact details are easily accessible

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Get the Complete Range of Visiting Card Designing Services

Classic Business Cards

These are the standard business cards that bear the typical contact details of your name, business, address and website address. They can be simple or elaborate.

Gadget Business Cards

For people in niche occupations that require different tools and technologies, Gadget business cards can be an innovative personal statement.

Premium Business Cards

Take your business card to a whole new level by getting ultra luxurious and premium business cards designed that have special effects like embossing, etc.

Wild Format Business Cards

Today’s business cards don’t always follow the set patterns. If you want something that is quirky and different, create your business card in a wild format, such as a foldable card, etc.

Social Business Cards

For many new-gen business owners, emails and calls are passé. They want cards that have all their social media details, such as their Twitter handles, Facebook pages, etc.

Typographic Business Cards

Give a trendy, modern look and feel to your business cards by doing away with boring and traditional and using typography. Typographic business cards tend to leap out from the rest.

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Our Business Card Designing Work PortfolioCreativity Coupled With Sharp Marketing

Business Card design
Business Card design
Business Card design

6 Amazing Benefits ofHiring VE’s Creative Business Card Designers

Since it was established in 2007, VirtualEmployee.com has become the go-to agency for global businesses wishing to outsource business card designing services. And with very good reasons. The dedicated visiting card designers you hire from VE come with years of international experience, impressive certifications and oodles of creativity.

Dedicated Resources

You get to hire dedicated online business card designers who work exclusively for you on your projects, giving you total control.

Customized Designs

Benefit from customized designs, tailor-made to fit your unique requirements, and speedy, accurate and timely deliveries.

Free Trial

Try us before you hire to satisfy yourself of your offshore visiting card designer’s caliber and skills. Hire only if satisfied.

Value for Money

Pay for only 1 dedicated business card designer, but leverage the expertise of our entire team.

Zero Overheads

Office rent, setup costs, software and hardware costs, infrastructure costs are all borne by VE alone, not you.

Diverse Experience

Now you can have a variety of Junior, Mid and Manager level business card designers, all with different domain expertise, to choose from.

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Outsource Business Card Design to India Where Creativity Meets Affordability

Opting for business card design online in India? Smart decision! India continues to be the number one outsourcing destination in the world, not just for IT and ITES services but also for the creatives, particularly business card design services. While outsourcing corporate or visiting card design work to India, not only do you get to leverage the skills and expertise of some the most talented and creative business card designers but also end up enjoying a host of other advantages.

When you hire business card designers from India, you get these 3 key benefits:

Massive Cost Savings

Save 70% more than your local hiring cost as well as overheads while still enjoying premium level service with top-rated virtual business card designers.

More Creativity

Home to the largest talent pool in the world, India has you spoilt for choice as you handpick the very best business card designers in the country to work for you.

Time Zone Advantage

Business card designing agencies in India like VE work 24X7 to give you round-the-clock service. Hence, it is convenient across time zones to offshore visiting card designing services.

Share Your RequirementGet Started within 8 Hours

Your Dedicated Visiting Card Designer is Proficient in these Tools and Technologies

Adobe Flash

Adobe Lightroom


Embroidery Studio


Autodesk Maya

The Proven 5-Step Process VE’s Business Card Designers Follow

VE’s online business card designers follow a proven designing process to give you superior, high-quality business cards of all types.



After receiving the creative brief, your offshore business card designer will research and brainstorm ideas.



Next, your visiting card designer in India will build on your ideas and start creating templates and come up with different designs.



The various business card designs will then be shared with you for your feedback and further iterations.



Your feedback will then be incorporated. Since you work with a dedicated business card designer, you can have unlimited revisions.



Lastly, the completed designs, with all your feedback and revisions, will be sent to you for final approval.

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Trusted Around the World 3072 Happy Clients in 33 Countries

Hiring Online Business Card Designers Was Never This Easy!

Our innovative business model enables you to overcome the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

Hire a Business Card Designer
  • Brief Us

    What kind of a Business Card Designing task are you looking for?

  • Hand-pick the best resources

    We offer you screened CVs of our shortlisted Business Card Designing experts.

  • Choose your team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

  • Get going

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

Our Business Card Design Services Across Major Industries and Domains

Increase your chances of influencing your domain with outsourced business card design services.

Printing & Publishing

Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Advertising


Real Estate

Fashion & Beauty


Travel & Hospitality

Brand Building

Got Questions For Us? Check Out the Answers Here

Why hire Business Card Designers from Virtual Employee?

We have a large in-house team of designers. Virtual Employee’s offshore Business Card Designers in India come armed with impressive certifications and credentials and have rich experience in all kinds of card designs.

Is hiring online Business Card Designers from India safe?

Yes. Indian Business Card design outsourcing companies are safer than even those in Europe. India’s stringent Cyber Laws and pro-outsourcing government policies make India a very stable destination for outsourcing.

Will my hired Business Card Designer work in my business hours?

Yes, we cover all time zones. Your dedicated Business Card Designers in India can work: a) your shift hours, b) overlapping shift hours, c) Indian shift hours. It all depends on what suits you best.

How do I communicate with my hired Business Card designer?

VE can provide your hired Business Card designer a telephone with a local number from your country. You can communicate via phone, email, video conferencing or through Skype.

Can I hire more than one Business Card Designer in India?

Yes, of course. You can hire as many creative Business Card designers as you wish. Easy, painless and quick scalability is one of the best parts of our service.

Is it possible to have a test or trial with an employee?

Yes, you may have a 1-Week Free Trial with your shortlisted Business Card designer in India. If you want to exceed this time limit, then that will be a paid one.

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