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Outsource Vue development to get the most out of the powerful JavaScript front-end technology. VE is a leading provider of Vue.JS development services in India. VE’s Vue development experts will help you get the most out of this powerful JavaScript front-end technology. Our skilled developers have used Vue.JS to provide exceptional value on a variety of projects, creating unique user interfaces that result in amazing and engaging user experiences.

6 Reasons to Outsource Vue.JS Development Services to India
  • UI/UX Secured Web Applications

  • SEO friendly applications

  • Massive Cost Savings

  • Quick Onboarding Process

  • High Scalability & Flexibility

  • Time Zone Advantage

Vue.JS Development Services

Build Real-Time Apps With Vue.JS Apps

Based on its features, the Vue.JS framework has been the most popular JavaScript front-end framework among developers for the past three years. Due to its low learning curve and streamlined architecture, Vue.JS quickly overtook React as the most popular JavaScript framework among developers. Vue.JS is simply another tool in a software toolset designed to make the Internet more user-friendly.

Virtual Employee has a proven track record of producing high-performance Vue.JS applications. Hire Vue.JS developers to create engaging customer experiences and obtain a strategic advantage over your competitors. Our experienced team at VE can quickly and affordably develop real-time apps using the Vue.JS framework. As one of the leading Vue.JS development services providers, we’ve been successful in providing viable solutions to a number of complex situations for industries across disciplines. This open-source platform is adaptive and versatile, and it’s simple to integrate, so we can design stunning apps with user-friendly interfaces and secure protection for our clients.

Vue.JS Development Services

Customized Solutions Tailored to your Business Needs

Custom App Development

You can count on Vue.JS application development services at VE to deliver an app within the specified time frame without sacrificing quality.

Single Page App Development

As a front-end developer experienced in Vue.JS, developers at VE are capable of developing top-notch single-page web applications using Vue.JS.

Native Mobile App Development

VE’s stellar team of Vue Native developers have a wealth of experience building interactive and cross-platform mobile apps using the Vue Native interface.

Real-time App Development

When you hire Vue.JS developers from VE, you get high-performance real-time applications to fascinate your users with an entrancing experience.

Portal Development Solutions

VE’s developers have the requisite abilities and expertise to assist you in providing portal development services to create modern customized web apps.

Support & Maintenance

Clients turn to us not only for Vue.JS development outsourcing, but also to maintain and update their apps.

Data Analysis Tools

Our efficient data-analysis tools make our applications highly performant and lag-free, allowing our clients to manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Vue.JS Migration Services

Our developers will assist you in migrating from existing frameworks to full-stack Vue.JS development while reducing business risks.

SSR with Vue & Nuxt.js

Developers at VE deploy Nuxt.js to render SPAs on the server instead of the browser, allowing you to take advantage of SSR-enhanced apps.

Benefits of Hiring Vue.JS Developer from VE

Explore the Array of VE Advantages

  • Free Trial

    Only hire a Vue.JS developer after evaluating their capabilities. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with a free trial.

  • Data Security

    Data security is one of VE’s major attributes as a CMMi L3 evaluated organization. We can put in place whatever security procedures you desire, including the same IT protocols you’re using locally.

  • Zero Overheads

    If you hire a Vue.JS developer, you won’t have to pay office rent or incur software and hardware costs.

  • Value for Money

    Pay for only one dedicated remote Vue.J developer, but benefit from the combined experience of our entire Vue.JS development team.

  • Dedicated Employees

    Outsourcing Vue.JS development is akin to employing someone in-house. In any case, you get to experience exclusivity.

  • T-Shaped Skills

    Our developers’ greatest strength is seeing specialists from other disciplines and putting what they’ve learnt to effective use.

Streamlined Vue.Js Development Process

In Just 5 Easy Steps!

  • Analysis


    Understanding your company, goals, and needs, as well as scouting out the competitors, is the first step in the development cycle.

  • Planning


    Based on the analysis, a basic design is created of what the solution will look like and what it will achieve, as well as our approach to the aim.

  • Development


    We deploy product iterations at this stage, which allows us to swiftly solve issues and improve the product, taking the client’s opinion into account.

  • Testing


    Post development, we run a set of comprehensive tests to look for and rectify any bugs or errors.

  • Launch


    We make the product live after the testing is approved to our satisfaction, and you can start reaping the benefits.


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Hire Vue.JS Developers

  • Dedicated Model

    Experience exclusivity by hiring a dedicated remote Vue.JS developer. Enjoy a one-on-one connection and ongoing monitoring.

  • Team Model

    If you need a team with a diverse set of abilities, our team model is ideal. In addition, you will be assigned a dedicated team lead.

  • Hourly Model

    You may choose the hourly hiring model based on your workload. Purchase bulk hours and enjoy our pay-as-you-consume model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have All of your Questions Answered Before Hiring VE’s Skilled Vue.JS Developers

Which JavaScript Framework is Better: Vue or React?

It’s hard to select a clear alternative because both React and Vue have their own benefits and drawbacks. According to developers, Vue.JS is easier to understand than ReactJS.

What is the goal of Vue.JS in general?

Vue is a JavaScript framework that is mostly used to design specific single-page apps and web user interfaces.

What kind of applications can be built using Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is a framework that may be used to create a wide range of online applications. Some of them are listed below:

  • Single page web apps
  • Simple web apps
  • Real-time apps
  • Large-scale apps
  • Team collaboration apps
  • Streaming apps

Which leading companies use Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is indeed used by some of the world’s most well-known companies, like Apple, Google, Adobe, Upwork, BMW, Behance, Nintendo, Trivago, among others.

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