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98% of PCB Design Prototypes Made By the VE Team Have Succeeded in Field Trials

Sounds too good to be true! It’s certainly a rare feat for any PCB outsourcing company in India. According to a study by Mentor Graphics, layer counts on printed circuit boards have stayed almost the same, but the area has reduced by 33% and the density has risen by 25%. Your projects can succeed only when the design and development processes are extremely streamlined. This is where partnering with Virtual Employee, one of the most reputed PCB companies in India, can make all the difference. When you hire an experienced and highly skilled Printed Circuit Board Designer from VE, you get access to 2800+ verified and tested PCB components and footprints, which save a lot of time in prototype development by minimizing human error.

We also follow the best industry standards. For instance, component libraries are centrally built and managed and work-in-progress files are stored securely. Apart from this, you get EMC/EMI-compliant PCBs. This gives VE’s PCB Engineers an amazing 98% success rate in field trials.

VE’s PCB Design Services

Circuit Designing

If you are looking for high-speed, multi-layered Circuit & PCB designs, low-level analog designs, high-frequency RF/Microwave PCB designs & automating dense PCB designs — you can trust VE’s dedicated Circuit & PCB design experts. They work with world-class companies on complex projects and exceed expectations every time. They can replicate that success with your project as well.

PCB Layout

The PCB layout process is very complex and demands a lot of expertise. The PCB design engineers at VE possess the skills and experience to transform your idea into real products within a fixed deadline and budget.

Whether you need PCB layout, PCB routing, high-speed routing, fabrication and assembly drawings, VE’s PCB design engineers can take care of it.

PCB Verification & Testing

Faulty circuit boards can make you lose money and time because of failures and recalls. You can avoid this through proper testing before field trials. Your PCB design team at VE can verify and test the most complex PCBs. Whether it’s continuity testing, flexural endurance testing, or microprocessor/micro controller testing and debugging, your dedicated PCB verification and testing engineers can do it all for you.

Benefit From These 8 Capabilities of VE’s PCB Design Engineers

At VE, you get a wide range of PCB Circuit & Design outsourcing services, which include the following:


    Create design specification document (Hardware and Firmware), testing & verification stage documentation

    High-speed signal design and memory layout (DDR2/DDR3)

    Design and development of high-speed routing, ARM SOCs, audio circuits, switch mode power supplies, RF and processors

    Get a comprehensive range of PCB prototyping system services

    Design CAD circuits from hand-written circuits, upgrade existing circuit design

    Component selection, schematic design, layout and board fabrication

    High-density designs involving FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), microprocessors & micro-controllers

    Testing & debugging of microprocessors and micro controllers

15 Key Roles – What VE’s PCB Design team can do for you

Linking 3D models to the components

High-speed digital & analog routing

Implementing the circuit on NI-ELVIS

Using simulators like Multisim, Tina or LTSpiceIV

Creating net classes & converting the schematics into board

Generating complete 3D model of the board or project

Creating component libraries & footprint libraries for each project

Component placement, manual routing of the board for 2/4/6/10/12 layer PCBs

3D component development for the components/PCB in blender

Contacting analog devices, TI, LT, NI or respective IC/component sources for issues

Designing the complete schematics using Altium, Diptrace, Eagle & Orcad

Creating a bill of materials for the board & contacting the manufacturer for their availability or substitutes

Creating Gerber data & sending it to the manufacturer for board development

Handing over tested hardware to software development team or testing board with software codes

Hardware testing, post-production check & report creation

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Proficiency in the Use of the Latest PCB Design Tools

Your dedicated Printed Circuit Board Designer can work on any tool as per your requirement.

Here are some popular tools that they are smart with:

Core Fields

Tools Used

Circuit Simulation Multisim 11.0, Tina-TI, LTspice IV, Orcad 16.5
Circuit Design Altium 13.3.4, Diptrace Schematics 2.4, Eagle 5.6, Multisim 11.0, Orcad Capture 16.5
PCB Design Altium 13.3.4, Diptrace PCB 2.4, Eagle 5.6, Ultiboard 11.0, Orcad PCB 16.5
3D Design Blender, Altium 13.3.4, Orcad 16.5

Major Projects Handled by VE’s PCB Design Engineers

3 Powerful Reasons Why You Need VE’s PCB Design Engineers

  • They create 96+ PCBs every year to ensure your ideas are converted into reality quickly
  • 98% success rate of prototypes against the industry average of 50%
  • Can develop complex PCBs in 50% less time

5 Gains by Hiring from VE

No Recruitment Cost

Get the best resources without paying steep recruitment fees

Dedicated Designers

Get 100% dedicated resources in PCB services who work exclusively for you

ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified Company

Robust data security is guaranteed

No Overhead Expenses

Say goodbye to infrastructure, HR and other expenses

Highly Flexible Options

Easily scale up or down the size of your team

Hire a PCB Design Engineer with us & join 3000+ companies that have already saved 70%

Hire A PCB Design Engineer & Save 70%