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Get bespoke Embedded
Hardware, PCB and Circuit Design skills

Latest tools used: Multisim 11.0, Altium 13.3.4, Digital Oscilloscope

Instant access to bespoke Embedded Hardware, PCB and Circuit Design skills

Designing Embedded Hardware is a niche process that calls for highly skillful and experienced designers.

We have an in house team of Embedded Hardware, PCB and Circuit Designers ready to be hired as your dedicated employees.

The team brings to the table years of experience in circuit simulation technologies like: Multisim 11.0, Tina-TI, LTspice IV and Orcad 16.5. They are well versed with circuit design tools ranging from Altium 13.3.4 to Diptrace Schematics The team can work on a variety of microcontrollers, including XMOS, PSOC04, Marvell MCU, LPC17xx, LPC3131, PIC16 and Atmega/AVR

Our Embedded Hardware, PCB and Circuit Design team can:

  • Create Component Libraries and Footprint Libraries for each project separately
  • Use simulators like Multisim, Tina or LTSpiceIV wherever needed
  • Implement the circuit on NI-ELVIS wherever needed
  • Contact Analog Devices, TI, LT, NI or respective IC/component sources for issues
  • Design the complete schematics using Altium, Diptrace, Eagle and Orcad
  • Create bill of materials for the board and contact the manufacturer for their availability/substitutes
  • Create net classes and convert the schematics into board
  • Component placement, manual routing of the board for 2/4/6/10 layer PCBs
  • 3D components development for the components/PCB in Blender
  • Link all the 3D models to the components in Diptrace PCB
  • Generate complete 3D model for the Board or project
  • Create Gerber Data and send all data to manufacturer for board development
  • Hardware testing, post production check and report creation
  • Hand over the tested hardware to software development team or test the board with the software codes

VE’s Embedded Hardware designers are proficient in the latest designing tools including:

Core Fields and Tool used:

Core Fields

Tools Used

Circuit Simulation
Multisim 11.0, Tina-TI, LTspice IV, Orcad 16.5
Circuit Design
Altium 13.3.4, Diptrace Schematics, Eagle 5.6, Multisim 11.0, Orcad Capture 16.5
PCB Design
Altium 13.3.4, Diptrace PCB 2.4, Eagle 5.6, Ultiboard 11.0, Orcad PCB 16.5
3D Design
Blender, Altium 13.3.4, Orcad 16.5

XMOS, PSOC04, Marvell MCU, LPC17xx, LPC3131, PIC16, Atmega/AVR, 8051, Atmega/AVR, 8051
Hardware Testing
NI-ELVIS-II, Logic analyzers, Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Data logger

Expand your business with bespoke Embedded
Hardware, PCB and Circuit Design skills

With easy access to the right talent, you stand a great chance to achieve your business growth targets. These resources are able to accelerate your time to market by delivering quality design solutions well within the stipulated timeframe.

Some projects handled by VE's Embedded team: