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Successful Projects

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Satisfied Global Clients

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Get eCommerce solutions with high-quality UI design, optimum performance, and enhanced security mechanisms. Hire offshore Laravel developers in India from VE.

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Unsure whether we are the right fit? Try us before you hire. Assess the calibre of your dedicated Laravel developers in India with a no-obligation up to 3-day free trial.

Free Recruitment

VE’s free, bespoke recruitment support helps you do away with long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

Free Recruitment

Get your own ‘offshore office in India’, side-step pesky issues like employee benefits, etc. and pay only your remote Laravel developer’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

Drive Benchmark-Level Coding Standards

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VE's 5-Step Laravel Development Process


First things first; when you hire offshore Laravel developers, they analyze your requirements thoroughly to be able to provide a custom solution.

They then do an in-depth evaluation of the technical aspects, which helps your remote Laravel developers to put a project plan in place.

Once the plan is ready, they get down to creating a prototype, using design assets. The prototype is only worked on if you approve of it.

During the development phase, your dedicated Laravel developers try and incorporate your ideas and iterate, if required.

Does VE guarantee a bug-free solution? For sure! Every Laravel web development project includes rigorous testing and timely bug fixing.

Development Process
Unleash the True Power of the Laravel Ecosystem

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3500+ Companies Outsourced Their Headaches to VE

Simon McCaroll, Director of Printbots, UK

VE’s team model providing multiple skill sets was a big pull for us.

Simon McCaroll
Director, Printbots, UK
Larry Spencer - Vice-President, Sceris Inc, US

The dedicated resources at VE are true employees, but through a video screen.

Larry Spencer
VP, Sceris, US
Ike - CEO, Launchpad Pro, US

The best developers that we have worked with are from Virtual Employee.

Ikechukwu Amadi
CEO, Launchpad Pro, US

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Laravel Development Services FAQs

As we all know, Laravel is quite a flexible back-end framework. As a result, you get the flexibility to choose from a variety of databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL.
Yes, Laravel offers a host of development options, one of which is to drive mobile apps from the back-end. You can develop a scalable, secure and feature-rich mobile app by pairing Laravel with a compatible mobile app for the front-end.
Talking of PHP frameworks, the one which is most popular for building an app or website is Laravel. Being an MVC-based open-source PHP web framework, Laravel is scalable, easy to use and intuitive.
With VE expert upgrade and migration service, you can seamlessly switch your legacy PHP solution to an improved Laravel PHP-based solution.
On top of hiring dedicated Laravel developers, the Laravel app development cost relies on the strength of the development team you assign to the project, the desired features, the project’s complexity and the timeline of deliveries in creating an enterprise-grade Laravel web app.
Yes, we can develop scalable applications using the Laravel framework and our offshore Laravel developers in India can help you create one seamlessly.

Leverage Secured Customization - Hire VE’s Expert Laravel Developers

A modular packaging system with dependency management, a complete authentic system, and a command-line interface with pre-built commands (Artisan) – Laravel has everything that is needed to develop web apps in record time. So, if you are looking forward to reducing your time to market, hire Laravel programmers from Virtual Employee immediately....

Outsource Laravel Development to India

Not to mention, Laravel’s MVC architectural pattern makes the code more organized, far less fragile, and easier to debug, which is why you should invest in VE’s Laravel development services. With a dedicated, remote Laravel developer by your side, you can easily leverage this open-source PHP web framework.

Hire dedicated Laravel developers to get highly secure web apps, ones that you can safeguard against unintended and hidden SQL injections. Also, if your Laravel web developer knows their way around the framework’s Eloquent ORM, you will have apps with enhanced maintainability, portability, and productivity, without having to rely on query builders.

Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers in India

With Virtual Employee, you get to hire dedicated Laravel developer for all your business-specific requirements, including multi-lingual and responsive, modular apps. Rest assured, every PHP Laravel developer on VE’s payroll is well-versed with the latest features:

  • Laravel Sanctum
  • Custom Eloquent Casts
  • Blade Component Tags
  • Fluent String Operations
  • Route Model Binding Improvements
  • Shift Blueprint Code Generation

With a projected CAGR of 8.1% (2020-24), eCommerce is growing and how. It is the right time for you to hire a dedicated Laravel developer for an eCommerce site or app. An expert Laravel developer in India can build online portals as well as custom APIs, without any difficulty, catering to the individual requirements of small, medium, and large enterprises.

Wondering how you can get the most out of apps built on Python, Node.js, and other platforms? Worry not, a remote Laravel developer can help you integrate all such apps. Our Laravel application development experts have a proven track record of delivering effective module development solutions and doing more than just PSR-4 autoloading.

Outsource Laravel Development Services to VE

Our Laravel specialists deliver wide-ranging Laravel web development services with Laravel’s rich capabilities & other compatible technologies. The expert Laravel developers at VE are adept at crafting powerful JavaScript front-ends using Inertia, building PHP full-stack applications using Laravel Livewire, employing Laravel components to create robust back-ends, RESTful APIs, etc.

At Virtual Employee, you can hire full-stack Laravel developers to set up functional, server-less web solutions to ensure peerless exposure. Also, you get to explore the scope of the state-of-the-art Laravel 8.0 at VE, a top-rated Laravel development company in India.

Why VE’s Laravel Developers are an Ideal Choice

Object Relational Mapper (ORM) Eloquent assists in managing database accounts like objects for storing the data of an app. Eloquent functions flawlessly with MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and SQL Server. VE’s Laravel specialists in India can develop outstanding real-time chat apps using technologies like PHP, Node.js or serverless solutions such as Ably and Pusher. Also, WebSockets provide the much-required assistance in establishing real-time communication with the database.

Next, the queues assist with the background tasks and perform sluggish jobs such as creating reports and sending emails along with offering lightning-quick response times. It can handle the tasks using Amazon SQS, Redis or even Postgres and MySQL. Finally, authentication supports the development of scalable, secure and fast Laravel web apps. Authentication delivers a platform for session-based, secure authentication whilst Sanctum offers trouble-free authentication for APIs.

VE’s clients can opt to work with our certified Laravel developers in India who are extensively experienced and pre-vetted to handle Laravel simple as well as complex projects. The remote Laravel programmers at VE can work in your time zone to ensure better communication.  Your dedicated Laravel developers from India are adept at creating eCommerce stores, performing API integration and developing finance web applications.

Why Outsource Laravel App Development Services to VE?

Your expert Laravel developers are ready to work on a monthly, hourly or project basis based on the requirements. Moreover, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients so that no information about the project is ever disclosed. Also, Virtual Employee helps its clients to hire dedicated Laravel developers highly skilled in using HTML, Javascript, CSS, Vue.js, PHP in the backend and Docker in the front end. Seamlessly design and build custom web apps on this popular PHP framework with our Laravel experts.

While you hire PHP Laravel developers from India, you get a feature-rich web app with 50-70% cost savings when compared with local hiring. Without compromising our quality, we offer comparatively low hourly rates to improve our client’s ROI and follow international coding standards. A variety of big brands depend on the Laravel framework owing to benefits such as rapid app development that saves both cost and time.

Some of the top brands using the Laravel framework are as follows:

  • Invoice Ninja
  • Pfizer
  • BBC
  • Alison
  • BarChart
  • MyRank
  • Asgard CMS
  • 9GAG
  • October CMS
  • Razorpay
  • Bitpanda
  • Ratio
  • Crowdcube

Not to forget, is an extensive community portal to address issues and hold discussions to share knowledge about the popular PHP framework featuring updates, related news, podcasts, etc. Also, Laravel is one of the top choices for eCommerce and custom app development.

Lastly, Laravel can be effectively employed for the creation of enterprise-level apps by offering the scalability and stability that large projects need. With a strong ecosystem backed by a massive community of PHP developers, the Laravel framework provides robust solutions for every web project. Apart from being open-source, it provides ample room for customization and extensive functionalities. The inbuilt automated tests assist in keeping big codebases efficient and clean without the requirement of third-party tools for testing purposes.

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