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Many CEOs, entrepreneurs and SMB owners end up doing routine and tedious tasks that leave them mentally drained only because they haven’t considered hiring Virtual Assistants who can free up their precious time. Outsourcing key but monotonous jobs to a remote Virtual Assistant can take a huge load off your hands, leaving you free to focus on growing your business rather than working in it. Dedicated Virtual Assistants happily perform the repetitive tasks or the chores that are seen as ‘drudgery,’ because they have the aptitude, skills and patience for such work.

Doing Business is One Tough Challenge – Too Many Hats and Just One YOU

Hire a Remote Virtual Assistant to Help You Manage Work More Efficiently

You can save your time, money, and energy by sending all your mundane tasks to your dedicated Virtual Assistants. Your remote assistants will not only take care of your ongoing business operations but they will help you grow your business by allowing you enough time to spend on the development and marketing of your products.

From updating your database to booking your flight tickets, your VAs can cover every task.

Virtual Assistant profiles that you can hire with us:

Personal and Executive assistance

Online research

Customer support

Data management

Billing and Invoicing

Social tasks

Email management

Travel research

Administrative assistance

Bookkeeping and Accounting


That’s not all….

VirtualEmployee.com’s VA team has many employees with many different skillsets. This means that there is no task that the team can’t handle. In other companies, research is handled by a different team, customer service by yet another team, making remote staff management unwieldy and cumbersome. Be in control of your virtual VA team with us.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be the Big Differentiator between Profits and Loss

  • Certified, highly motivated and experienced team
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Data experts
  • VBA Certified (Visual Basic) for expertise in Excel, spreadsheet
  • British Council Certified for English proficiency
  • 65+ VAs to handle 100+ types of tasks
  • Rolling monthly contract

Not only was I incredibly impressed with his English skills, but I could immediately see from his answers he had a standing ability to solve problems. It would be perfectly believable that he was a native person from the United Kingdom.”

- Corey Smith, owner of CJS-CD Keys, UK

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