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India is the fastest-growing market for app development in the world. The abundance of skilled resources and superior work ethic makes India the top choice for outsourcing app development. Outsourcing Kotlin app development to India means less investment, reduced project complexity, exposure to the latest technology, top-grade services and consistent support.

Why Outsource Kotlin Development Services to Virtual Employee in India
  • Pre-vetted Kotlin App Developers
  • Elimination of Runtime Overhead
  • Faster App Development Process
  • Seamless Migration of Large Projects
  • 5+ Years of Average Experience
  • Prevent Common Programming Mistakes
Kotlin Development - Kotlin Development Services

Tap into Google’s Preferred Android Language

If you are looking to build creative Android apps, Kotlin should be your go-to programming language, being one of the finest Java alternatives. Endorsed by Google, Kotlin allows Android developers to ensure rapid development, limit errors and improve security with fewer lines of code. New to Kotlin? No worries! Welcome the “Kotlin-First” approach by outsourcing Kotlin development to VE in India and building a stronger community with Kotlin’s multi-platform compatibility. The Kotlin programmers at VE work as your extended development team to help build highly efficient and dependable Android apps.

VE’s remote Kotlin developers stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies to deliver top-notch app development at significantly lower prices. At VE, you can hire Kotlin developers that match your business-specific needs to effectively grow as an enterprise. The senior Kotlin developers at VE can help you reengineer and migrate your existing mobile apps to Kotlin for an upgraded and fresh UX. Not just app development, our Android Kotlin developers offer expert app maintenance and support if you find any bug or face a security issue post launch.

360° Kotlin App Development Services

Unlock a Multitude of Gains with Customized Solutions

Kotlin App Development

Want an Android app boasting a feature-rich frontend and powerful backend? VE’s Android Kotlin developers will flex their programming skills to build mobile apps that users would love to have on their smartphones.

App Optimization with Kotlin

VE’s expert Kotlin programmers will help improve your outdated app by running a thorough diagnosis of its architecture and code to grade its performance. The existing bugs or issues will be fixed to ensure flawless performance in real-time.

Upgrading Kotlin App

The Kotlin developers at VE will help you leverage the Kotlin advantage by providing timely upgrades of your existing apps to match the latest programming standards. The latest Kotlin upgrades keep your app secure and cutting-edge.

Migration to Kotlin

Want to switch from your current technology stack? Our senior Kotlin developers will help seamlessly migrate your Android app to Kotlin. At VE, we ensure agile, affordable, easy and least disruptive app migration to Kotlin.

Kotlin App Testing

Equipped with the latest Kotlin testing tools, VE’s remote Kotlin developers will test your app rigorously. Starting from the code review, our developers will run functionality tests, load tests and other assessments.

Support and Maintenance

Our Android Kotlin developers provide support and maintenance services for your apps. VE’s experienced maintenance team will provide glitch-free updates to ensure that your Kotlin app runs smoothly over time.

Tech Stack of Our Kotlin App Developers

Get Multi-Platform Apps Donning the Latest Features

6 Perks of Outsourcing Kotlin App Development to VE

Secure Robust Mobile Access to Enhance Business Growth

Our offshore Kotlin app development services provide you access to valuable resources that can lead and execute your project efficiently. VE’s Kotlin programmers understand your core business needs and offer tailor-made solutions through scalable, cost-effective and interactive mobile apps matching your specific demands.

  • Free Trial

    Unsure whether we are the right fit? Try us before you hire. Assess the calibre of your dedicated Kotlin programmer with a no-obligation 1-week free trial.

  • Extensive Western Firm Experience

    VE’s remote Kotlin developers in India have worked exclusively with global clients, mainly in the US and UK and are adept at the latest technologies.

  • Data Security

    VE’s assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality being an ISO certified and CMMiL3 assessed company.

Virtual Employee Larry Spencer Testimonial
  • Free Bespoke Recruitment

    Save thousands of dollars in expensive local recruitment fees and long waiting periods for just one hire with VE’s expert recruitment team.

  • Project Stability

    VE’s unique business model provides the much-needed project stability, the reason behind our global clients working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting.

  • Zero Overheads

    At VE, you can side-step the pesky issues like employee benefits and only pay your outsourced Kotlin developer’s salary to get your own ‘offshore office in India’.

VE’s 6-Step Kotlin Development Process

Get a Clear Picture of Our Service Quality, TAT & Support

  • Requirement Analysis

    VE’s Kotlin programmer will analyze your Android app requirements to offer full disclosure on development cost, feasibility and TAT.

  • Planning & Proposal

    VE’s Kotlin programmers will create a development strategy and deliver a prototype for the client’s scrutiny and approval.

  • Kotlin App Development

    Upon client approval, our senior Kotlin developers will start the app development process using the required Kotlin framework.

  • App Module Testing

    Using a proprietary testing suite, VE’s Android developer with Kotlin will perform tests for load and bugs post system integration.

  • App Deployment & Support

    VE’s Kotlin developers will then deploy the app in the user’s environment and offer constant support to keep your app updated and secure.

  • Report Writing & Submission

    VE’s expert Kotlin programmers provide timely reports that comprise information and insights into the Kotlin app development project.


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VE’s Easy Hiring Models

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We don’t just help you hire dedicated Kotlin developers to build professional mobile apps. VE takes care of everything required to launch your app development operations offshore.

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  • Dedicated Model

    Hire a Kotlin programmer who works exclusively for you. Get complete control over your app development project.

  • Team Model

    Now, you can hire a team of Android Kotlin developers and get one senior team lead completely free.

  • Hourly Model

    Depending upon the workload, you can go for our hourly hiring model. Purchase bulk hours and enjoy our pay-as-you-consume model.

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Kotlin Development FAQs

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Why is Kotlin preferred by most app developers?

Kotlin is a language that is concise whilst being expressive and comprises various safety functions for nullability. The Android apps developed with Kotlin are efficient and healthy by default. However, if you consider related languages, they lack this element.

How can your business benefit from Kotlin app development?

Choosing Kotlin for your Android app development will offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced development cost
  • Minimized time to market
  • Re-usability
  • Compatibility
  • User-Friendly

Should I hire a Java developer or a Kotlin developer?

Considering the benefits of Kotlin compared to Java, the list could be quite overwhelming. Kotlin programmers tend to spend lesser time on coding and write nearly 40% lesser code in comparison to Java projects. If your app development project needs Java developers, we can help you hire them instantly. Though, if you can’t decide between Java and Kotlin for your next Android project, we would suggest choosing Kotlin.

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