Why Hire Machine Learning Specialists in India

Get a Head Start On Your Journey

Whether you are facing some business challenges or are looking forward to making data-driven decisions, it makes sense for you to hire machine learning experts from India. On top of that, with the right algorithms, you can also amp up your business model, and stay ahead of the competition. Benefits galore. So are the reasons to take ML development seriously.

Leveraging their expertise, our machine learning specialists can create future-ready applications for you, thereby ensuring that you stay relevant, now, and forever. From pattern recognition and computation intelligence to mathematical optimization, our AI and machine learning specialists know their way around almost every technique that you are looking to take advantage of.

What sets us apart is that Virtual Employee is one of the few machine learning development outsourcing companies in India to offer custom machine learning solutions. So, whether you are contemplating machine learning app development for something as critical as anomaly detection or are looking to gain the upper hand with opinion reviews and product recommendations, rest assured, we have you covered.

With us, you get to handpick highly professional ML developers, who work as per your individual requirement. Depending on your domain and/or industry, they come up with the most suitable solution.

Outsource machine learning development services to Virtual Employee if you are looking to:
  • Improve sales forecasting, predict customer needs, interpret customer data, etc.

  • Personalize mail campaigns, run customized offers, analyze buying patterns, etc.

  • Track and assess applicants, detect attrition, attract relevant talent, etc.

  • Detect fraud, underwrite loan/insurance, manage portfolios, etc.

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360° Machine Learning Services

Designed to Help Your Business Reach New Heights

Natural Language Processing

Offshore machine learning is your gateway to gaining semantic information from your data in little to no time. From sentiment and text analysis to language detection and key phrase extraction, hire machine learning engineer for just about anything.

Data Mining

Are you flooded with heaps of raw data, with no means to analyze and make sense of it? A machine learning scientist can come to your rescue, uncovering meaningful patterns and correlations. Get ready to make data-driven and well-informed decisions for your business.

Data Analytics

From leveraging predictive analytics for better business outcomes to applying video and image analytics for identification and tagging purposes, an MI developer can help you gain actionable insights that you may otherwise miss out on. Data is the new oil, right?

Cognitive Automation

Whether you are struggling with complex trade-offs and/or losing sleep over day-to-day decision making, our machine learning specialists in India can take the burden off your shoulders. They have mastered the art of automation over the years. Why don’t you try for yourself?

Robotic Process Automation

Are routine, rules-based tasks such as gathering data or creating user accounts taking up too much of your time? Why don’t you consider offshore machine learning and get experts to develop bots that mimic human interaction? You can continue to focus on what is far more important – your business.

ML Consultation

Our machine learning consulting services can come in handy if you are yet to zero in on a suitable way to leverage ML. Our machine learning consultants can help you choose between machine learning app and software development, depending, of course, on your goals.

Video Analytics

Our machine learning software development team is well-versed in languages like Python, frameworks, and deep learning libraries such as Theano, TensorFlow and so on. Our developers have a proven track record of delivering the best video analytics service.

Neural Network Development

Execute your vision with trusted and battle-tested Neural Network developers perfectly suited to your business needs. Leverage the power of neural networks. Improve cybersecurity, forecast the future, elevate your marketing, automate routine tasks, etc.

Business Intelligence

Our remote machine learning engineers automate your business operations and help you in making the right decisions by anticipating future business risks. Our experts help transform the way business intelligence is shared among different departments.

Why Outsource Machine Learning Services to India

First World Hires. Third World Prices.

Massive Cost Savings

Machine learning outsourcing not only helps you save big, but also gets you value for money. You can save up to $40,000 or even more.

Largest Talent Pool

India is home to over 2000 engineering colleges that produce 0.5 million technophiles year after year, widening the pool of machine learning experts.

Time Zone Advantage

With Virtual Employee, your business never goes for a pause. Your machine learning experts work round the clock to ensure timely delivery of your work.

6 Reasons to Outsource ML Services to VE

Small Decisions. Big Differences.

Free Trial

When we say we have industry-best AI and machine learning experts, do not take our word for it. Assess and then hire.

Dedicated Resources

With us, you get to hire machine learning specialists in India who work exclusively for you. No more freelancer woes.

Value for Money

Pay for one remote machine learning engineer and leverage the expertise of our entire team. It is a win-win situation.

Cohesive Environment

Even if you hire a junior machine learning engineer, rest assured, they are duly supported by the seniors. No silos, whatsoever.

Zero Overheads

No more worrying about office rent, software and hardware cost, recruitment fee, etc. Leave all of it to us.

Diverse Pool

Not looking for development straightaway and would rather hire machine learning consultants first? Well, we have them all.

Machine Learning Development Process

  • Data Analysis

    Your ML developer understands your project requirements and your business goals before getting down to development.

  • Planning

    A thorough evaluation is conducted, and your technical requirements are duly understood before coming up with a project plan.

  • Data Preparation

    For your machine learning app development project, your developer cleans and transforms data so that it can be processed.

  • Model Building

    The machine learning developer then builds some models, tests their efficiency, and continues to iterate until the desired results are achieved.

  • Test & Deployment

    The models are rigorously tested at our end and then shared with you. We only deploy them when we are 100% sure and so are you.

Flexible Hiring Models to Choose From

Custom Requirements. Custom Solutions.

Dedicated Model

Hire dedicated remote ML developer to enjoy exclusivity. Benefit from one-to-one interaction and regular monitoring.

Team Model

Hire a team of ML experts with varied experiences and pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Do not need a machine learning expert to work 8 hours a day? Hire one for 4 hours or on ad-hoc basis.

Expertise in Diverse Industry Verticals

Get the Right Expert for Every Business


Retail & Ecommerce

Banking & Finance

Travel & Tourism

Media & Entertainment

Education & E-Learning

Hire Machine Learning Experts within 8 Hours

Save Your Biggest Asset – Time

Hiring Machine Learning Specialists Was Never This Easy

  • Brief Us

    Why do you wish to outsource machine learning?

  • Handpick Your Resources

    CVs of ML developers are readily available for your perusal.

  • Build Your Team

    Interview candidates directly and hire only if satisfied.

  • Get Going

    Happy with the results? Hire straightaway and begin work.

Client Success Stories

Find Out Why Global Clients Choose VE to Hire a Machine Learning Scientist

Machine Learning FAQs

Find Your Answers Here

What are the benefits of machine learning app development?

The short answer – growth. The long answer – from simplifying product marketing to making spam detection easier, a machine learning scientist can create just about any app that helps your business grow.

How can I choose the ML developer of my choice?

After careful consideration of your project requirement, VE will share the best recommended profiles with relevant skill set as per your project. You can interview, test and select a dedicated programmer to work for you.

What types of machine algorithms can my ML engineer work on?

Depending on your requirement, we can refer and/or headhunt someone who knows their way around supervised, non-supervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning algorithms. Take your pick.

How are machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) related?

Your machine learning expert in India can make a machine learn and adapt through experience. An artificial intelligence (AI) expert, on the other hand, can get a machine to execute tasks smartly. They are related yet different.

Is it possible to assess the skills of my machine learning developer?

Yes of course. You are entitled to a 4-hour free trial. We encourage you to dip your toe in the water before you sign on the dotted line. Alternatively, you can opt for a longer, paid trial if you so desire.

If my machine learning developer takes a leave, do I get a replacement?

Unfortunately, no. That is why we recommend our team model. It kills two birds with one stone – you get the expertise of several ML engineers for the price of one and need not worry about absenteeism.

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