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Remote Freelancer Vs. Virtual Employee

When it comes to value for money, a Virtual Employee easily outcompetes a Freelancer

Freelancer VE
Team Sits Together for Easy Collaboration
Ease of Communication
Robust Data/ IP Protection
Access to Regular IT Support
Works from a Supervised Office
Dedicated & Exclusive Resource
100% Money Back Guarantee

Are Freelancers Really a Cost-Effective Solution?

Thinking of hiring professional freelancers from India? While, on the surface, this may seem like a cost-effective proposition, in reality, things can be quite different if you choose the wrong partner.

For instance, if you are a start-up, you’d likely need to hire at least 2-3 freelancers in different domains. A freelancer for writing your web content, a second one for digital marketing, and a third for web development. Three freelancers, three invoices and all in three different locations.

But, VirtualEmployee.com is your one-stop destination for freelance professional services. We make remote working very easy and efficient. Hire a single resource or an entire offshore team of multiple resources and multiple skills. Your entire team sits in one office, under one roof and you have to deal with just one single invoice.

If you want to hire freelancers online in any domain, then hiring virtual employees from us is your best bet. We cater to 150+ domains and you can handpick the resource you want in your domain. Our clients have come with very niche requirements as well, and we have been able to match the right resource with their specific requirements.

Before you hire a ‘cheap’ remote freelancer online, ask yourself this:

  • Do they work from a professional office environment?

  • Are they supervised at all times?

  • Does your freelance service provider give you HR, floor managers?

  • Do you get real-time client support, 24×7?

  • Does the skilled freelancer that you hired have any IT support?

If the freelancing model is anything to go by, then the chances are you have answered No.

Infact, a Virtual Employee is the best – and the only – alternative to local hiring or outsourcing.

You work with your remote resource exactly as you would with your local in-house employee.

But a freelancer is an external resource and always will be. Does it make business logic to give high-value in-house work to an external resource over whom you have no control?

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Hire Remote Freelancers in Any Domain

Never face any skill shortages as you can now hire remote employees in 150+ domains

IT Outsourcing

We offer comprehensive IT solutions ranging from Java development to custom software

Mobile App Development

Launch enviable mobile apps and mobile software, thanks to VE’s Mobile App Developers, who are smart with all types of mobile technology

Digital Marketing

A one-stop solution for all your Digital Marketing needs – get SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, Email, etc. all within the same expert team

Content Writing

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers that can write engaging content for all your needs

Graphics and Web Designing

Our graphics designers are well versed with the latest trends of the marketplace

Engineering and Architecture

AutoCAD design, civil engineering, architecture, embedded hardware development, and more

Data Entry

Have Six Sigma Certified Data Entry experts make quick work of a mountain of data and make it more manageable for you

Multimedia and Animation

Hire seasoned multimedia and animation experts from us as dedicated resources to get innovative solutions

IT Technical Support

Get dedicated IT support from Microsoft and Cisco Certified IT support engineers to ensure that your online business grows and never faces a technical glitch

Virtual Assistant

Let VE’s highly efficient Virtual Assistants take care of your business, and save you time, money, energy

Finance and Accounts

From bookkeepers to fund managers, we have what it takes to tackle your money management hassles

Legal Processes

Make the most of our law graduates and paralegals that are constantly in sync with global legal systems

Medical Processes

Hand over tedious processes like revenue cycle management, billing, coding, insurance verification, etc, to us


Handpick customer care executives and technical care executives as per your needs from our pool of BPO professionals

HR & Recruitment

Our human resource outsourcing services can take care of hiring needs of fast-growing start-ups and small businesses

We Get You Fortune 500 Talent

Your outsourcing success depends hugely on whom you hire. Hire the best, be the best!

That guarantee isn’t present when you hire freelancers in India, who have little to offer by way of credibility, reliability or social proof.

Our recruiters don’t just hire anyone for you from anywhere India in any skill or domain. They also headhunt the top-rated professionals in all domains just for you. Basically, anything that can be done on a computer can be outsourced to us.

Thanks to our ace recruitment team, you now have the opportunity to work with resources that Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Adobe want.

Accessing the vast Indian talent pool now gets easier, faster and a hundred times more secure.

VE gave us great talent rapidly

Larry Spencer, Senior VP, Sceris, US

Easier, Faster Than Hiring Freelancers From India

Hire a Dedicated Employee
  • Brief Us

    What kind of tasks are you looking for?

  • Hand-pick the best resources

    We offer you CVs of our shortlisted candidates.

  • Choose your team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

  • Get Going

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

Get the 3 Must-Haves For Remote Working Success

Easy accessibility to your hired resource

With multiple communication channels available 24×7 (Skype, instant messenger, video calling, emails), communicating and collaborating with your dedicated employee is a breeze.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Eliminate all worries and risks by being protected by our 100% money back guarantee.

24×7 IT support

Our certified and highly experienced IT Support team works round the clock to give your hired resource 24×7 tech support as and when they need it, so that your work never stops.

Open Your Own Offshore Office in India

At zero investment cost

We have many clients who have made our offices their offshore extensions in India, at ZERO investment costs. All you have to pay for is the salary of your resource or resources.

That’s it.

All the rest of the logistics, the infrastructure, the maintenance, accounts, HR, admin support, etc, is all our headache.

Can something like this be even imagined when you hire a remote freelancer, who works solo and from home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a Virtual Freelance Assistant?

Yes, of course. You can hire a virtual assistant in any domain or profession with us, as long as that work can done remotely and over an internet connection. See our domains mentioned above.

Can my virtual employee work my time zone?

Yes, your virtual employee can work your time zone and your business hours. We cater to all time zones and ensure that you and your employee enjoy real-time collaboration.

What facilities does VE provide?

VirtualEmployee.com’s facilities include a well-maintained, supervised office, equipped with central air-conditioning, spacious workstations and round-the-clock security. All required hardware and software is provided to every employee (for any additional or niche software, the client has to pay the software charges).

From which domains can I hire virtual employees?

Unlike if you hire freelancers in India, with VirtualEmployee.com, you can hire virtual employees from any domain or profession such as IT and ITES, Engineering, Architecture, Finance and Accounts, Mobile Apps Development, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Legal Processes, Sales and Marketing, HR and Recruitment, Multimedia, Animation and many more

How does VE ensure that the employee turns up on time?

VE’s endeavor has always been to keep the client in control of their remote employee(s). To ensure this, VE has installed a Biometric Attendance Register which tracks every employee’s attendance, including every time they take a break.

What is the difference between hiring a freelancer and a virtual employee?

Freelancer from India works alone and unsupervised from home, a virtual employee works from a professional office, supervised by the HR and management. A remote freelancer is unaccountable whereas a virtual employee is always accountable.

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