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360o Flutter App Development Services

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Desktop App Development

Our Flutter development services enable you to build Flutter apps for desktops and expand your user base with less effort and lower cost. We create top-notch, responsive cross-platform apps such as macOS, Windows, Chrome, and Linux.

Flask ERP Development

App development using Flutter-Flow

If you want to build digital products faster and smarter, FlutterFlow is the right platform for you. Develop multilingual native iOS, Android, Web, and desktop applications incredibly fast by hiring offshore Flutter Developers from VE.

Migration/ Porting

Migration / Upgradation to Flutter

Our team of remote Flutter developers in India specializes in porting your existing application to several platforms and operating systems. In addition, we enhance your Flutter applications by incorporating modern business functionality.

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App Development Consultation

Get initial consulting services for choosing Flutter for your app. Our Flutter experts assist your business in choosing the right plans and strategies to guarantee unmatched results, boost productivity, and solve problems effectively.

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Kick-start your project straightaway with our popular No-Obligation, No-Payment up to 3-day Free Trial. Continue with the same resource if satisfied.

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VE’s free bespoke recruitment support helps you go from searching to hiring literally within days, if not hours. No more long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

Project Stability

VE’s unique business model assures the much-needed project stability, which is why it is not uncommon for our global clients to be working with the same developer for 5 uninterrupted years and counting.

Data Security

As an ISO 27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

A Streamlined Approach for Developing High-Quality Apps

Our 6-Step Flutter App Development Process

Analysis IconProject Analysis

Hire a dedicated Flutter app developer from India who understands your needs and goals to identify the scope of the project.

Your remote Flutter developer from India completes all technical documentation regarding sprints, releases, WBSs, project plans, and scrums in order to develop your app in the most effective manner.

Our offshore Flutter UI/UX designer from India finalizes the design and creates a functional prototype before sharing it with you for approval.

VE’s expert Flutter programmers set up the backend architecture and perform frontend integration to give the final shape to your final app.

Your team of Flutter app developers conducts rigorous testing to deliver an optimized, bug-free app that works without any downtime.

After the App has passed our quality assurance tests, we make it live, so you can begin enjoying its benefits.

Ve Step Flutter App Development Process
Effective Business Expansion Requires Strategic Hiring

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Eb Eshun CEO, MobiFalcon Inc., US

VE’s iPhone app development team executed the project super fast than predicted.

Eb Eshun
CEO, MobiFalcon Inc.,
Simon Bray MD, Wireless1 Marketing Group, USA

The developers felt like my own except they were in a different office.

Simon Bray
MD, Wireless1 Marketing Group, USA
CTO - Common Sense Monitoring Solutions Ltd., UK

What would have taken six months for us to develop he managed it in six weeks.

Andy Mills
CTO, Common Sense Monitoring Solutions Ltd., UK

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Interested in Finding Out More about Flutter?

FAQs on Our App Design and Development

Yes, certainly. Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) that enables easy access to all development tools for cross-platform applications, hence providing improved performance and user experience in comparison to existing cross-platform app development frameworks.
Yes. As a premier Flutter app development company in India, we have an in-house team of highly skilled Flutter mobile app developers who can convert your existing native app to Flutter in record time.
The cost of an app is highly influenced by the number of features and any special requirements. VE pays between $10 and $12 per hour for a dedicated Flutter developer. However, this could vary based on the scope and scale of your project. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the timeframe and costs associated with your project.
Your selected virtual employee will work "in your time zone" and will be able to change their shift hours to meet your company’s needs. You can request that your remote Flutter app developer works during 1. Your shift hours 2. Overlapping shift hours, or 3. Indian shift hours due to the availability of flexible scheduling. We successfully leverage the time zone difference for the benefit of our clients.

Hire Flutter Developers from India - Deploy Faster in Record Time

The growing number of smartphone users globally has compelled enterprises and start-ups across all industries to consider developing robust mobile applications in order to compete in the market's cutthroat competition. And the increasing number of cross-platform app benefits has left businesses with few technical reasons to select native app development....

While Flutter has quickly become a popular development framework, its success at your company ultimately rests on the developers you hire. Since this is a new SDK from Google, it can be difficult for companies, especially in the West, to find skilled (and cost-effective) Flutter developers.

The mobile app development market has seen tremendous growth and innovation over the past few years, giving you a plethora of options when deciding which technology to use to build your cross-platform app. However, in recent times, Google’s Flutter has stood out as one of the greatest solutions for both developers and businesses to launch an app in a matter of days.

Regardless of how basic or ambitious your app development concept is, you want the assurance that the technologies you employ will work and produce the desired results. Flutter has been rapidly adopted by businesses and developers worldwide, resulting in a user base of over 2 million users and powering over 50,000 apps on the Google Play Store. The variety of these applications extends to a wide range of sectors. There are Flutter-powered apps for e-Commerce, Event Management, Banking and Finance, Health and Fitness, Education, Dating, and Sports, among others. Therefore, regardless of your industry, you can use Flutter to bring your ideas to life.

Why Should You Outsource Flutter App Development to India?

India continues to be a leader in the production of highly talented engineers, making it a top destination for companies seeking to acquire IT specialists. India adds 1.5 million engineers to its workforce every year, making it an ideal market for finding the top flutter app developers for your business.

Virtual Employee in India has been working with Flutter since its initial release and employs some of the brightest Flutter app developers to help you bring ideas to life. Moreover, Virtual Employee also offers a stringent hiring process for Flutter app developers, which means only the best of the best are hired. VE’s remote flutter developers in India are proficient in Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Unity, React, AWS Amplify, AWS Lambda, Android SDK, C#, and other industry standards, making them excellent candidates to meet your company’s Flutter app development demands.

Why Should You Outsource Flutter Application Development to VE?

Virtual Employee is one of the best Flutter app development companies in India. Virtual Employee helps you create stunning apps with a wide range of useful features. Flutter’s innovative approach to “widgets” and “libraries” in the Dart programming language enables the rapid development of cross-platform programs with custom user interfaces. Using a number of Flutter app development packages and frameworks, including but not limited to FL Chart, Cached Network Image, URL Launcher, and Bottom Navigation Bar, VE guarantees your users a cutting-edge digital experience.

In contrast to native apps, rather than creating distinct codebases for Flutter apps are powered by a single codebase that is compatible with both Android and iOS. More than 50% of the source code can be reused and redistributed. In addition, the amount of time spent on testing and quality assurance procedures is drastically decreased, saving you more time and resources in the future. VE has a team of Flutter pioneers who can create high-performance web and mobile applications using the latest development tools such as Android Studio, Firebase, Hot Reload, and Codemagic, as well as packages including Animations, Google fonts, Google maps, Local notifications, Path provider, and RxDart for a native-like app experience.

Top Reasons of Outsourcing Flutter Application Development

  • Ideal for MVP – Flutter is an ideal platform for running a minimal viable product prototype (MVP). A simple app prototype can be developed in the lowest amount of time. Android development demands significantly more time.
  • Applicability of the Framework – Our flutter development company’s experience has demonstrated that Flutter can meet the needs of the majority of mobile development requests, while the functionality and sophistication of the technology permit its use in a variety of contexts.
  • Long-term outlook – As Flutter is an open-source project, developers can freely support it. It will not be shut down in the near future.
  • Savings on Application support – Application support is required soon following the release. Occasionally, technical support is necessary when updating the operating system, followed by the requirement to remedy bugs. However, developers must frequently work on further improvement of the functions. Supporting a single app with a generic code is less expensive and simpler than supporting two apps for distinct platforms.

You can outsource Flutter development to an offshore Flutter application development company in India and get a number of benefits. Some of the main reasons for you to choose us as your Flutter app outsourcing service provider are listed here:

  • Top 2% certified Flutter app developers
  • 700+ Client satisfaction stories
  • 20+ types of industries served
  • 2X faster project completion
  • 80% quicker onboarding process
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 Customer Support

If your company needs to develop apps for the Android and iOS platforms quickly and efficiently, Flutter development is your best bet. In the long run, it can help you turn a profit and fulfill all your cross-platform development requirements. Our Flutter programmers in India can complete your project quickly and affordably.

Hire Flutter developers from Virtual Employee, one of the top Flutter app development companies in India, to strengthen your existing team with the skills you need. Establish a committed Flutter app development team at your offshore office in India to avoid hiring issues.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!