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Why Outsource Tax Preparation Services to India

Minimize Operating Costs, Maximize Efficiency & Gain a Competitive Advantage

Outsourcing tax preparation to India has grown at a phenomenal rate as tax practitioners in the West have come to appreciate the many advantages of outsourcing tax return preparation services. One of the biggest advantages of offshore tax preparation services is that it addresses the often-severe problem of finding competent seasonal staff necessary for in-house tax preparation.

In addition, the differences between the U.S. and Indian time zones means that a return sent overseas for preparation in the afternoon can be completed within hours (daytime in India) and downloaded by the U.S. CPA the next morning. This way companies can ensure better customer satisfaction and client retention by outsourcing tax preparation to India since it offers such a quick turnaround time.

As remote tax preparation moves tax preparation to a mostly web-based system, it can also significantly reduce the volume of stored paper files.

Tax preparation outsourcing can enable CPAs to focus on higher-margin services such as tax consulting, to reduce labor costs and to increase the speed of tax-return processing. It frees tax professionals’ time from performing perfunctory duties such as form filing and data entry. The saved time can be used more productively in tax and estate planning.

Outsourcing tax return preparation to tax outsourcing companies in India, like VirtualEmployee.com ensures a seamless and secure delivery of tax preparation work while the company or accounting firm focuses on improving its relationship with its clients.

Hire a Tax Preparer from VirtualEmployee.com with expertise in Form 1040 – for individuals, Form 1065 – for Partnerships and Form 1120 – for Companies and Corporations. Our Tax Preparation experts can handle individual income taxes, ‘C’ corporation income taxes, ‘S’ corporation income taxes, partnership income taxes and fiduciary income taxes etc. The dedicated tax consultants hired with VirtualEmployee.com can provide customized tax preparation and tax processing services by using the best industry tax software like Drakes Lacerte, Turbo Tax and Ultra Tax etc,

As your tax preparation requirements keep on fluctuating, you can hire (starting from just $7 per hour), scale up or down the optimum number of remote tax preparers in India at any given time as well.

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360° Tax Preparation Services

Our Comprehensive Suite of Tax Preparation Services Offers You Complete Peace of Mind

United States:

  1. Individual: Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ
  2. Partnership: Form No. 1065 and K-1
  3. Corporation: Form 1120, Form 1120A and Form 1120S (for statutory corporations)


  1. Individual: Form T1 General
  2. Business: Form T2, T4, T4A, T5, T5018
  3. GST/HST Filings

United Kingdom:

  1. Individual: SA100
  2. Business: SA800
  3. Corporation: CT600
  4. Value Added Tax: VAT100


  1. GST calculations and returns
  2. Property Investor tax returns
  3. Student tax returns
  4. US Citizens tax returns

Federal Tax Preparation Services

This covers everything from:
  1. Individual Income Tax
  2. ‘C’ and ‘S’ Corporation Taxes
  3. Partnership
  4. Fiduciary
  5. Small Business Tax Return preparation

State Tax Return Services

  1. Get Individual Tax Returns for all states
  2. Corporation Income Tax Returns
  3. Partnership Income Tax Returns
  4. Tangible and Non-Tangible Tax Returns

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Tax Preparation Services to VE

Stop Struggling With Time Restrictions During the Busy Tax Season!

Virtual Employee’s remote tax preparation team brings a collective 50+ years of specialized experience to help you in all areas of tax preparation services. Using the latest research software along with computerized tax preparation, VE’s remote tax preparers ensure accurate and efficient preparation of returns for various types of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations.

Free Trial

Unsure if we are the right fit? Try us before you hire to assess our caliber and expertise

Dedicated Employees

With VE, say goodbye to freelancing woes as your remote tax preparer works exclusively and dedicatedly only for you

Multiple Skills

Hire junior, mid-level or senior Tax Preparation experts and also benefit from the diverse experience & skills of our finance team

Easy Communication

Get in touch with your remote employee easily through our multiple communication channels (Skype, email, telephone, etc)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your investment of cost with us comes with a solid 100% money back guarantee

Your Own Offshore Office

With VE, you don’t really outsource but get a world-class, fully supervised offshore extension of your own local office here in India

Tools and Software Used by VE’s Tax Preparation Experts

Hire tax preparation experts from VirtualEmployee to get the most accurate and reliable tax preparation services in India. We cater to all kinds of businesses, both small and large, offering bespoke tax preparation services to minimize your operation costs and maximize efficiency and profits. Our certified tax experts give you accurate tax returns in fast turnaround times, helping you meet your tax deadlines comfortably.

Intuit Lacerte

Intuit ProSeries

Ultra-Tax by Creative Solutions






Our 4-Step Tax Preparation Process Cycle

VE’s Tax Preparation Experts Follow a Comprehensive 4-Step Process For Maximum Refunds


Scanned Documents

Scanned documents are received and data entered by VE’s tax professionals into the relevant software.


Doing the Audit

After the data is entered, all the information is checked minutely to avoid incorrect computation of tax returns


Doing the Review

The audited tax returns are then sent the client for review and any final corrections and modifications.


Final Submission

After the review and changes, the final copy of the tax returns is sent to the client for filing with the relevant authority.

Choose From Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Switch Seamlessly Between These Three Options

Dedicated model

You are assigned one Accounts expert exclusively. Get complete control over your employee and project.

Team model

Now, you can hire a team of individuals with mixed skill sets, but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, part-time or ad hoc

Depending on the amount of work, you can go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc Tax Preparation work

Tax Preparation Experts Instantly Available to Hire

Watch This 2-Min Video to See Our Quick Recruitment Process

Hiring Was Never This Easy

Our innovative business model enables you to win over the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

  • Brief Us

    What kind of Tax Preparation tasks are you looking for?

  • Hand-pick the Best Resources

    We offer you screened CVs of our shortlisted Tax Preparation experts.

  • Choose Your Team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want to.

  • Get Going

    If you’re happy with the results, hire them straight away, and start instantly.

Client Appreciation For Our Number-Crunchers

Got a Question For Us? Find Your Answers Here

How do I benefit by outsourcing tax preparation to you?

The easiest way to file your returns, meet your tax deadline and enjoy maximum refund is by hiring experts to do the job. And VE’s tax consultants are known for their expert guidance.

How do I communicate with my employee?

Communication with your tax preparation expert is very easy. You can communicate via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype.

What shift hours can my virtual employee work?

Your virtual employee can work: a) your shift hours, b) overlapping shift hours, c) Indian shift hours. It all depends on what suits you best.

Is it possible to have a test or trial with an employee?

Yes, you may have a 1-Week Free Trial with an employee. If you want to exceed this time limit, then that will be a paid one.

Is outsourcing to India safe?

Absolutely safe. A recent study has ranked Indian outsourcing companies safer than even those in Europe. Indian Cyber Laws are extremely stringent and pro-outsourcing government policies make India a very safe and stable destination for outsourcing.

Are your tax preparation services customizable?

Yes. Because with VE, you hire a tax preparer who can follow all the rules and regulations you have in place for tax filing in your organization. Our tax experts have worked for clients in the US, UK, Canada and Australia among other countries.

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