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Our Legal Assistant Services and Solutions

VirtualEmployee.com — your partner in legal assistance

We have a strong in-house legal team that is skilled in a wide range of legal assistance services for overworked and deadline-meeting attorneys and lawyers. Alternatively, you can also hire a dedicated Legal Assistant from us who will work exclusively only for you.

Healthcare legal assistant

  • Files administrative appeals to health insurers
  • Drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts
  • Researches upon laws and regulations for various jurisdictions

Corporate legal assistant

  • Prepares legal briefs, court subpoenas, and other office-related letters
  • Researches and maintains legal references
  • Schedules client appointments

Real estate legal assistant

  • Prepares lease and rental agreements and contracts
  • Reviews title reports
  • Prepares documents for eviction proceedings

Family law legal assistant

  • Assists the family law attorney prepare documents
  • Communicates with clients, court staff and opposing counsel
  • Performs clerical and secretarial duties

Bankruptcy legal assistant

  • Drafts motion for relief and trustee ledgers for payment discrepancies
  • Reviews client histories and expired notices of defaulting
  • Drafts declaration of default for client execution

Patent and Trademark legal assistant

  • Assists in clearance and prosecution of trademarks
  • Performs preliminary trademark searches and handles trademark applications
  • Tracks the status of patent applications

Probate legal assistant

  • Examines the client’s financial ranking and prepares wills, or related documents
  • Prepares probate forms and assesses creditors’ claims
  • Prepares estate tax returns

Litigation legal assistant

  • Performs administrative tasks
  • Schedules meetings and communication with clients
  • Assists with billing and invoicing

Immigration Laws legal assistant

  • Legal research on case law as related to immigration
  • Summarizing cases translation
  • Researching and obtaining of foreign documents including visas and passports

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Why You Gain with VE

  • Signatory of Data Protection Act (DPA), UK
  • Social Security Disability Services Covered
  • Expertise in Claims for Personal Injuries
  • Back-Ups Ready for Workflow Continuity
  • Real-Time Workflow Access & Control
  • ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified Company

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Here’s some heart-warming feedback from our clients

What attracted me to India was that Indians were able to communicate very effectively in English.

David Wynne Attorney-at-law & Owner, Wynne Law Center, Texas

Why Hire Legal Assistants From India?

India remains the preeminent destination for virtual legal assistant services. Paralegals and legal assistants in India are becoming increasingly vital for a vast array of organizations ranging from law firms to IT/ITES companies looking for offshore legal assistants. The reasons why India corners the majority of jobs for virtual legal assistants are:

  • Indian law is based on the British Common Law which is followed by the US and majority of the Commonwealth nations like Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Indian law shares the principal of stare decisis with US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel and ….other countries.
  • India has over 1000 law schools which add thousands of trained lawyers and legal experts into the Indian legal system every year.
  • India has the second largest English speaking population globally, second only to the United States. While hiring legal assistants, India eliminates the biggest challenge related to outsourcing for you – effective communication.
legal assistant

Tools Your VE Legal Process Experts Use

VE’s legal experts are familiar with the latest software and tools used by US, EU, Australian, Canadian & UK law firms

  • needles

    Trusted case management software on which Western law firms and lawyers work. It’s customizable and it’s a popular choice

  • pclaw

    Law practice management software that legal entities and legal experts use for docketing and other client-record related tasks

  • anaqua

    Law firms and legal specialists work on this highly secure tool for patent databases, intellectual assets and legal trade secrets

  • foundationip

    A tried-and-tested software used by legal experts for IP patent research. It’s used by 600+ of the world’s most innovative companies

  • memotech

    It’s a popular, globally-used patent database solution for companies, designed to securely manage the entire life cycle of IP

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