Top Reasons to Hire an Engineer & Architect Online

Focus on your core competencies, while we do the grunt work

VE provides a wide range of architectural & engineering services, including 2D and 3D renderings, retail space planning, BIM drawings, electronic equipment design, panel layout, etc. Hire architects online and expect the same level of professionalism that you would from an in-house team. In fact, when you outsource architectural engineering services to us, you get to save big on money that is better utilized for the growth of your business. Rest assured, with us, you only hire engineers and architects in India with a minimum of 5 years of experience, and those who know their way around technology and the tools of the trade.

Here’s why it makes perfect business sense to opt for our offshore architectural services:
  • Hire architects who keep themselves abreast of the international standards and always err on the side of caution; no complaints from regulatory bodies, ever.
  • Over the years, clients have hired an offshore architect from us for residential buildings, parking garages, industrial complexes, and a host of other requirements. So, we’ve had a decent exposure, when it comes to architectural design services.
  • When you hire an architect online, you get to choose one who fits the bill, and is best suited for the task at hand – from designing, drafting, and modeling to plumbing and even layering.

And the fact that 98.2% of our clients do come back to hire engineers in India does speak volumes about why you can outsource architectural services to us without a shred of doubt.

360° Engineering & Architectural Design Services

Hire engineers and architects online for distinct business needs


Hire architects who know their way around the latest software and hardware and can deliver quality solutions within a quick turnaround time. The best part is that we cater to AutoCAD drawing projects of all sizes.

Mechanical Engineering

From CAD conversion to solid modeling if you hire a mechanical engineer online, s/he should cater to all your requirements. With us, that’s a given. And we also assure easy collaboration for better results.

MEP Engineering

Get experienced mechanical electrical plumbing engineers to work on plant room layout design, fire protection systems, electrical diagrams, etc. Make the most of your HVAC system, plumbing, and electricity.

Civil Engineering

VE’s online architecture design services are rendered by qualified civil engineers, with a proven track record of handling drafting and drawing projects with utmost efficiency.

Electronic Engineering

When you hire engineers from VE, you get custom solutions. Whether you need a global position system (GPS) or a broadcast equipment, we have you covered.

Electrical Engineering

Our architectural & engineering services also give you access to experienced resources who are good at executing electrical wiring diagrams, electrical designs, etc.

Construction Drawing

From architectural drawings to millwork drawings for architectural woodwork and cabinet & casework construction, outsource construction drawing services to VE without second guessing.

Architectural Drafting

Outsource architectural drafting to India for all your CAD conversion and documentation requirements. We also undertake MicroStation drafting for geospatial references & metadata.

Architectural Visualization

Our 3D architectural visualization services are the perfect fit for exteriors, interiors, virtual tours, and walkthrough animations. The scope of our 3d architectural rendering services also includes photorealistic rendering.

Outsource Engineering & Architectural Services to India

Gain the upper hand with online engineering and architectural services in India

Massive cost savings

Offshore architectural services can help you save big in terms of money. Outsource to increase your ROI.

Abundant technical talent pool

The country’s 2000+ architecture and engineering colleges give you yet another reason to turn to India.

Time zone advantage

Outsourcing architectural services to India ensures 24/7 operations and a quick turnaround time.

Hire Engineers & Architects From VE

A leading provider of engineering and architectural services, and with good reason

Free Trial

Looking forward to assessing the quality before you hire an architect online? With VE, you get to make an informed choice.

Dedicated Employees

Hire architects who are on VE’s payroll as full-time employees. Monitor their work and feel free to share your feedback.

Value for Money

You can hire an architect online but hiring a team can cost you dearly. Not with VE. Pay for 1 architect, leverage the expertise of 350+ experts.

Data Security

You may find an architect online and hire a freelancer in fact, but your data is at risk. VE has strict NDAs in place and ensures your data is in safe hands

Zero Overheads

Office rent, software & hardware cost, etc. may distract you. With VE’s offshore architectural services, you focus on your business.

Diverse Experience

We let you hire Junior, Mid and Manager level expert architects from India, depending upon your requirement.

Engineering & Architecture Process

  • Analysis

    We start off by analyzing your data and input files to assess which of our online architecture services are best suited for your requirements.

  • Scope & Planning

    After you hire architects online, this is the phase where we earmark their roles & responsibilities, come up with schedules, and draw up a concrete plan.

  • Design & Drafting

    What makes us a one-stop destination for engineering architectural services in India is that we get a senior architect to supervise the process.

  • Assessment

    The work done by an offshore architect shouldn’t have to be reviewed by an in-house resource. We take full responsibility and revisit the designs, if need be.

  • Delivery

    As a leading provider of offshore architectural services, we have a stringent quality control system. The designs are only handed over after thorough checking.

Uncomplicating Recruitment for You

Numerous challenges, only one proven solution

Pick Your Engagement Model

Custom hiring models for hiring engineers and architects with proven expertise

Dedicated Model

You can hire an architect online, an exclusive one. Feel free to speak to them or monitor their work.

Team Model

Hire a team for architectural & engineering services by paying for the equivalent of only one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on the work, hire for 4/8 hours/day or on ad-hoc basis.

Hire Engineers and Architects Online In 4 Easy Steps

  • Brief Us

    Why are you looking forward to outsourcing engineering and architectural services?

  • Handpick The Best Resources

    Check out the CVs of triple-vetted candidates. Hire engineers and architects who stand out from the crowd.

  • Choose Your Team

    Interview the selected candidates via phone or video conference. And before you opt for our services, you can also assign tests to the resources.

  • Get Going

    Satisfied with the results? Great. Hire an engineer or architect online right away and s/he will get down to working on your project.

Highly Recommended Engineering & Architectural Services

Clients trust us to hire engineers and architects and keep coming back for more

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing engineering and architectural services can be tricky. Choose wisely.

Who opts for your architectural rendering services?

Our architectural services are highly sought after among architects, designers, real estate agents, building service contractors, consultant engineers, land developers, etc.

What all tools do you use and are good with?

Right from AutoCAD and Building Design Suite (BDS) to Autodesk Vectorworks, we have all the latest tools at our disposal. Hire engineers & architects who continue to learn and experiment with newer technologies.

What’s the scope of your architectural design services?

We offer all-inclusive architectural & engineering services including floor framing plans, inverted ceiling drawings, door & window schedules, roof layouts, elevations, sanitation & piping plans, etc.

If my architect or engineer takes leaves, can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately, no. However, it is advisable to opt for the team model, so that the other architects & engineers can fill in, carrying on with the work of the unavailable resource.

Is it possible to have a trial before I hire engineers or architects?

Yes. Get a 4-hour FREE trial before you hire engineers & architects online. Asses their skills and make an informed choice. A longer trial period can be arranged for, but it will be a paid one.

What is your pricing structure?

Hire architects online in India on a prepaid basis. You need to pay for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee, along with a copy of the signed contract before we start rendering online architectural services.

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