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We offer comprehensive IT solutions ranging from website creation to custom software development

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Get custom applications for all the operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows. Our developers come with years of experience in games and apps creation

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Our Google Adword Certified digital marketing professionals have a proven track record in increasing your ROI

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Our team of highly qualified and experienced writers can write engaging content in all genres

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From eye-catching logos to innovative web designs, our graphics designers are well versed with the latest technologies

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AutoCAD design, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Embedded solutions, and more

Data Entry

Our team of Data Entry experts takes this time-consuming work out of your hands and helps you make sense of huge amounts of data.

Multimedia and Animation

Our seasoned multimedia and animation experts use their imaginative skills to give you amazing 2D, 3D animations

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I have learned to trust Gaurav more than I trust myself

– VP, Scerls Inc.

India – the world’s favorite outsourcing destination

For over two decades, business outsourcing to India has continued unabated, and despite competition from emerging outsourcing destinations, the world continues to outsource to India. Almost 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have been offshore outsourcing to India, especially software development, as it is unrivalled in both, manpower and talent.

Here are the key attributes that makes India dominate the outsourcing services industry:

  • India has the world’s largest, educated, employable population – in the age group of 25-35.
  • India’s 700 universities annually produce more than 5 million graduates in domains ranging from IT and software, law, medicine, engineering, finance, to creative arts, architecture, and much else.
  • It has the world’s second largest English-speaking population.
  • The time zone advantage, thus ensuring a fast turnaround time and a 24-hour work environment.

Outsource to India with Virtual Employee and stand to gain even more. VirtualEmployee.com is an ISO 9001, ISO 27001 Certified company that has been helping over 2021 SMEs across 27 countries to hire dedicated virtual employees in any domain or profession, both IT and non-IT functions.

Why Virtual Employees?

Why Virtual Employee

  • VEs can work your business hours

  • 6 Global Offices (US & UK incl.), American owned, 1500+ staff
  • Since 2007, 2021 companies have hired VEs in more than 63 domains
  • Accreditations

    We are ISO 9001:2008 and
    ISO 27001:2013 Certified

  • Get Talent Instantly

    No more recruitment delay or cost

  • VEs are your in-house team, giving you agility an outsourced solution doesn’t
  • Get Immense Scalability

    Terminate our service with just a 5-day notice

  • Zero Liability

    No more labor laws, taxes, overheads, HR, insurance etc.

Outsourcing to India:

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Why VE ?

  • Free Trial
  • An ISO 27001 and CMMiL3 Company
  • Robust Data Security
  • Complete Intellectual Property Ownership
  • Can Work Your Business Hours

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