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All of your business solutions met with just one outsourcing company in India

IT Outsourcing

Build high-quality websites, blog sites and e-commerce stores with highly experienced IT expert

Mobile Apps Development

Our Mobile app experts turn your dream app into a reality across Native and Hybrid platforms

Digital Marketing

From SEO and PPC to SMM and Affiliate Marketing, get all the digital marketing skills in one ace team

Content Writing

Superior copywriting and ace persuasion skills give you a massive jump in conversions and revenue

Graphics & Web Designing

Logo design, Web design, Photo retouching and more – give your online presence a visual boost

Engineering & Architecture

Leverage the expertise of our engineers and architects who have successfully delivered complex projects

Data Entry

Our Six Sigma certified Data Entry specialists are here to free up your precious time and resources

Multimedia & Animation

Introduce multimedia and animation aspects in your websites and see conversions skyrocket

IT Technical Support

Never face a downtime again as you enjoy a 24×7 support in Server Architecture, Web Hosting and Troubleshooting

Virtual Assistant

Feel like the CEO of your business as you delegate the daily distractions to your expert Virtual Assistants

Finance and Accounts

Streamline the backbone of your business operations by hiring VE’s Finance and Accounts specialists

Legal Processes

Reach out for legal research, paralegal services, legal drafting and more with VE’s legal processes experts

Medical Processes

Manage the entire lifecycle of your healthcare and medical processes with VE’s medical processes experts


Reduce high costs, free up your resources and increase efficiency with our Business Process Outsourcing experts

HR & Recruitment

Solve your time-consuming but crucial Human Resources and Recruitment needs with a single click

MS Office

Stay ahead of the competition with your professionally certified and experienced MS Office specialists

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Dreaming of the 4-Hour Workweek?

Make It Happen by Outsourcing to India

Working too much in your business and not on it? Are holidays and family get togethers a distant dream? Finding affordable talent, office facility and rent, tedious government regulations – trying to run a successful business on a tight budget can be overwhelming. But, all that can change in an instant, when you decide to outsource work to India.

India – the world’s #1 outsourcing destination

For over 20 years, India has remained the go-to destination for countries around the world seeking to outsource work to India. Almost 85 percent of all software development companies prefer Indian IT outsourcing companies over other emerging destinations and with good reason.

Here is why employee outsourcing in India is so good for your bottom line:
  • Spoilt for choice – Has the world’s largest, employable population in the age group of 25-35.
  • Educated workforce – India’s 700 universities annually produce more than 5 million graduates in domains ranging from IT and software, law, medicine, engineering, finance, to creative arts, architecture, and more.
  • Proven Innovators – More than 1500 Patents have been filed for out-of-the-box solutions for global clients.
  • Time zone advantage – Fast turnaround time and a 24-hour work environment.
  • Complete spectrum of outsourcing – From BPO to KPO, LPO, Software, Engineering, R & D and Product development.

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Outsource to India with Confidence

To build the business and income of your dreams

The leader in outsourcing for over 12 years, Virtual Employee has helped clients around the world successfully hire the very best of Indian talent, at a mere fraction of their local cost. Now, you can too. Become the entrepreneur you set out to be.

  • Est. 2007
  • American & British Owned
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 7 Global Offices (incl. the UK & USA)
  • 1500+ Skilled Employees in 150+ Domains
  • 500+ Client Video Testimonials

The VE Advantage Goes Beyond Huge Cost Savings

Give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams

Business Expansion

Open your own ‘offshore office’ in India at zero investment cost

Zero Collateral Damage

Easily scale up or down your work and employee strength

Freedom from all Liability

We take care of all overheads, HR, admin and accounts

Outsource to India & Save 70%

Choose From Our 3 Flexible Hiring Models

Switch seamlessly between the options as per your requirement

Ad Hoc

(Hours/ Mo.)


(Hours/ Mo.)

  • 4 hours per day,
    5 days a week
  • Hire Now


(Hours/ Mo.)

  • 8 hours per day,
    5 days a week
  • Hire Now

Hiring Outsourced Staff Was Never This Easy!

Among all the outsourcing companies in India, Virtual Employee enables the fastest way to hire remote staff, offering free bespoke recruitment to every client.

  • Brief Us

    What kind of work are you looking to outsource?

  • Hand-pick the Best Resources

    Start receiving researched and scanned resumes from our HR team for Free

  • Choose Your Team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

  • Get Going

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

Outsourcing to India:

Overall client rating is 4.8 out of 5.0 by 9 clients across the world

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India’s ‘Invisible Innovation’

Indian innovators have been “behind-the-scenes” brains for several path-breaking innovations around the world

  • India’s Global R&D Centres

    Indians head most of the R&D and innovation labs of Silicon Valley. 750 multinational corporations have R&D centres in India.

  • Frugal Indian Innovation

    India’s successful Mars mission was on a modest budget of $73 million.

  • Outsourcing Innovation to India

    Indian innovators successfully developed two of the mission critical systems for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

  • Management Innovation

    The Global Delivery Model, the cornerstone of all other ‘invisible innovations’, is India’s innovative contribution to the world.

And, Virtual Employee is where Talent and Innovation come together

Co-Inventors of US Patents

VE’s talented Embedded Engineering team has being helping its clients in the US and Netherlands, respectively, develop and patent path-breaking technologies that have earned them name, fame and recognition in their industry. These engineers have been included as Co-Inventors of US Patents filed & owned by our clients.


He is just amazingly, incredibly talented. I may not be clear about a task but the next day he’ll come back with exactly what I want.

Jonathan Torkelson

(President of Embeddetech Inc., USA)

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Global CEOs Share How Outsourcing to India
Made All the Difference

The main advantage for us has been that we have been able to get good talent rapidly.

Larry Spencer

(Senior VP, Sceris, USA)

India (VE) had the skillsets, and they had skillsets available in abundance.

Malcolm Paice

(COO, Keystone Group, UK)

India is the quality play.

Blake Morgan

(President, Optimize Overseas, USA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Outsourcing to India good for my business?

Outsourcing work to India can be the best business decision to get the skillsets you want that either aren’t available locally or are too high-priced. India offers you professionals at just 1/4th your local cost.

What services or jobs can I outsource to India?

Anything that can be done on a computer and over the internet can be outsourced to India, from high-end jobs like software development and mobile apps development to data entry and transcription.

How can I outsource work to India?

You may choose to outsource work to either large project outsourcing companies or to companies like VirtualEmployee which specialize in offshore outsourcing where you can hire dedicated remote employees in any field or domain.

Is outsourcing to India safe?

Absolutely safe. Indian outsourcing companies have been ranked safer than even those in Europe. Stringent Indian Cyber Laws and pro-outsourcing government policies make India a very safe and stable outsourcing destination.

Will my remote employee be proficient in English?

Yes, of course! With approximately 450 million English speakers, India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world. English is taught in schools from a very early age, right up to the University level.

How do I communicate with my employee?

Communication with your remote employee is very easy. You can communicate via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype.

Outsource to India with us and join 3072 clients that have
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Outsource to India & Save 70%