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360o Kubernetes Development Services

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Container Configuration

Hire Kubernetes developers who can deliver customized container configuration solutions, counting storage orchestration, utilizing the storage option of your preference such as Gluster, iSCI, Flocker, Cinder, GCP, AWS, etc.

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Load Balancing Services

VE’s certified Kubernetes developers can help set up and handle distinct IP address configurations so that apps can function without changes. They can assign single DNS to clusters and pods for apt load balancing of app resources.

Batch Processing

CI/CD Batch Execution

Our dedicated Kubernetes developers in India will assist in automatizing your batch, CI and CD tasks together with the replacement or duplication of failed containers and every single admin oversight your team requires.

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Rollout Management

Hire Kubernetes experts from India who offer custom deployment support and monitor application health along with rolling out numerous container instances without jeopardizing the whole network or application.

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Bin Packing Automation

Your offshore Kubernetes developer will automate container resource management whilst tuning limits. Bin packing automation helps you save resources when mixing critical tasks to boost container utilization.

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Autoscaling Solutions

VE’s remote Kubernetes developers can assist in creating basic commands for horizontal apps to scale-down or scale-up across a modest user interface. They can execute it as per CPU usage or manually at a specified timestamp.

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Automate Patches/Fixes

Hire Kubernetes programmers to reboot botched containers that are present in a silo. Our Kubernetes experts can automate the withdrawal of containers that might not respond applicably to the vital health analysis.

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Extensibility Consulting

The certified Kubernetes application developers at VE can provide critical assistance for maintaining upstream source code together with the addition of new features to your Kubernetes applications and cluster.

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Kick-start your project straightaway with our popular No-Obligation, No-Payment up to 1 Week Free Trial. Continue with the same resource if satisfied.

Free Recruitment

Our free, quick, bespoke hiring process helps you save on not just expensive local recruitment fees but also lengthy waiting periods to hire just one resource.

Zero Overheads

Get your own 'remote workplace in India’, do away with pesky issues such as HR, Admin, Payroll, etc. and only pay your offshore Kubernetes developer’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

Future-Proof Your Application Deployment

Our 5-Step Kubernetes Development Process

Concept Understanding

Your offshore Kubernetes developer understands your project’s background details, target personas, stakeholder insights, vision and values.

Research & Discovery
Strategy Planning
Creative Development
Integration & Delivery
VE Step Kubernetes Development Process
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  • Ideal for low volume work

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Virtual Employee’s tight-knit development team is central to the smooth running of our business operations.

Emma Robinson
Marketing Director, Air4Casts, UK
Ryan McCarthy, CEO, Global Media, US

Our VE has not only become an employee that we depend on but is also indispensable for our entire operations.

Ryan McCarthy
CEO, Green Global Media,
Branden Cherchio Director of Sales, Ace Merchant Services, US

My hired resource handles the bulk of our back-end operations together with managing other VE employees.

Branden Cherchio
Director of Sales, Ace Merchant Services, US

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Let Our Experts Answer Your

Kubernetes Development Questions

Which platforms are best for Kubernetes?
You can opt for the following platforms to get the best out of Kubernetes:
  • Canonical Kubernetes (Ubuntu)
  • Platform9
  • Mirantis Docker Enterprise
  • Red Hat
  • Portainer
Why should you opt for Kubernetes consulting services?
What are the aspects to examine before outsourcing Kubernetes development?
What are the key benefits of using Kubernetes?
Do you provide Kubernetes development services for my industry?
Does your Kubernetes development team comprise certified developers?

Hire Kubernetes Experts from India – Manage Multiple Containers

Businesses have become far more cost-effective, agile and reliable than ever with the emergence of containers. Do you know how? Containerized apps can be deployed rapidly on any supporting platform and then scaled up or down automatically. With the help of containers, you can easily cut down costs and enable the automation of a great portion of your app development lifecycle. Once you begin your journey with container apps, it is probably going to start with modest, solo container deployments using a platform like Docker. Docker makes the development and roll-out of modern apps relatively easy to either a cluster or a single Docker host.

Why Should We Choose Kubernetes for Container Deployments?

Have you ever considered what would happen when such deployments begin getting increasingly complicated? This is the time when you require a container orchestrator to handle the deployments effectively and the single most prevalent choice is Kubernetes.

Kubernetes or K8s is an open-source system commonly employed for container deployment orchestration. With the help of this outstanding tool, you can easily automate the management, deployment and scaling of every single container app and associated services.

Kubernetes, however, is far more competent than just that. Using this impressive system or application, you can:

  • Employ resource bounds to avoid deployments from taking up surplus resources
  • Automate and manage load balancing across several infrastructures
  • Handle resource consumption
  • Execute canary deployments and rollbacks
  • Transfer pods or containers from one host to another

Kubernetes is a system that can help businesses become far more agile, deploy to any cloud host, save money and keep their business apps buzzing.

However, Kubernetes is challenging. As soon as you move beyond the fundamentals of cluster deployment and a simple service or application, the learning curve can be quite steep. To add fuel to the flames, the Kubernetes documentation seldom retains the newest version releases. The reason why your IT staff could come across broken documentation frequently.

Technical Skills of VE’s Certified Kubernetes Developers

One of the top skills of VE’s Kubernetes experts from India is the capability to troubleshoot as things can go wrong at times. When anything breaks down, the encountered problem might not be properly documented, which signifies your developer has to be creative enough to discover a solution for the issue at hand.

Developers essentially don’t require being highly experienced with Kubernetes, but they undeniably should be very well versed with DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) adoption. The certified Kubernetes application developers at VE can easily collaborate apart from the developer division and hence, can interact with operations quite effectively.

One more vital skill of VE’s Kubernetes development team is the sound knowledge of the platform on which the container is going to run. Every single containerized service or app will be attributed to an image, which is Linux based most consistently. As a result, most of our Kubernetes developers are pretty familiar with Linux.

Furthermore, a majority of Kubernetes clusters are frequently hosted by third-party cloud services and deployed on Linux servers. Thus, our dedicated Kubernetes developers in India are extensively experienced in the cloud hosting domain as well. However, it might vary as per your host preference. But becoming familiar with a cloud provider is pretty straightforward, which is good news for all our clients.

Moreover, to achieve serious levels of automation, your Kubernetes developers at VE are experienced in CI/CE and tools such as Draft, Helm, CircleCI, Jenkins X, GitLab, Travis and Weave Cloud.

There are even some less tangible skills acquired by VE’s remote Kubernetes developers from India like:

  • Recognizing how resource management influences the outcome
  • Employing incident response tools
  • Making deployments observable
  • Establish and handle feedback loops

How Efficient are VE’s Kubernetes Programmers?

As we’ve mentioned previously, VE’s offshore Kubernetes developers from India understand Linux. Also, they are familiar with working with the Linux command line to effortlessly manage the images on which the containers are going to be based.

One more crucial skill of VE’s Kubernetes specialists is YAML. Container manifests are commonly written in the YAML format, which implies that your developers should devote special attention to indention. A single erroneously indented line can inhibit any container from deploying.

Your professional Kubernetes developers from India are well-versed in the container engine that you’ll be utilizing for deployments, which may be Podman, Docker or Crio-O. Additionally, VE’s remote Kubernetes app developers from India recognize how to employ the command-line tools from Kubernetes like Minikube and Kubectl.

Thinking about programming languages, it’s always better to hire app developers who are familiar with Python and Node.js. Together with these languages, VE’s virtual Kubernetes developers from India also have a solid knowledge of applying the Git version control system. A majority of your Kubernetes deployment automation is going to revolve around Git and so it has ultimately become an absolute necessity.

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