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Successful Projects

Successful Projects

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Mobile Apps & Prototypes

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Smart Technologies

Design Best-Fit Technology Solutions

360o Software Development Services

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Ruby on Rails Development

Our remote software developers use Ruby on Rails for building applications and websites. With this framework, the developers can not only develop the most complex websites but also make them manageable.

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With rich expertise in both, front-end and backend technologies, our full stack developers are also well-versed in all the three layers of a web development process – The Presentation layer, Business Logic layer and Database layer.

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Got a great business idea? Make it a reality with our professional eCommerce developers who can help clients create their online stores on major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, etc.

Cloud Computing

DevOps & Cloud Solutions

Your remote software programmers have high DevOps and Cloud competency. They can help you combine IT operations with software development to abridge the SDLC and ensure continuous delivery with superior quality.

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For clients looking to develop single-page applications, our offshore software coders can help by using React. The developers can handle view layer of mobile and web apps, create reusable UI components, etc. using React.

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Your expert software developers can maintain a robust and secure database for smooth access to apps and IT services. Our developers offer enterprise database administration, configuration, installation, etc.

Migration/ Porting

Software Migration Services

VE’s offshore software development team are also adept at executing complex software migration processes where an entire software system is shifted to alternate platforms, technologies, languages and architectures.

Discover the Virtual Employee Advantage

With These 4 Valuable Add-Ons

Free Trial Provided

Unsure whether we are the right fit? Try us before you hire. Assess the calibre of your dedicated software developers in India with a no-obligation up to 3-day free trial.

Bespoke Recruitment

VE’s free, bespoke recruitment support helps you do away with long waiting periods and expensive local recruitment fees for just one hire.

Project Stability

Get your own ‘offshore office in India’, side-step pesky issues like employee benefits, etc. and pay only your remote software developer’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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From Concept to Successful Launch

VE's 5-Step Software Development Process


Your remote software developer from India understands the project requirement, target audience, business goals & expectations.

VE’s dedicated software development team analyzes & evaluates the project and its technical requirements to put a project plan in place.

The offshore software developers at VE create a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan.

After the prototype is approved, development is carried out by our software programmers in India to give shape to your final product.

In the closing phase, rigorous software testing is conducted to ensure an optimized and bug-free product before launch.

Ve's step process
Our Diverse Technology Competency

Driven by a Formidable Software Development Stack

Flexible Engagement Options to Suit Every Requirement

VE’s Custom Hiring Models

Recommended by 3500+ Businesses Like Yours

Tim Butterworth MD, EEC Software, UK

Despite writing code myself for over 20 years, the code that VE’s developers have produced is actually better than if I had done it myself.

Tim Butterworth
MD, EEC Software, UK
Ryan Hunidi CIO, PracticeLink, USA

VE’s team did great work, helped me migrate about eight different association websites from a Windows platform over to a Linux platform.

Ryan Hunidi
CIO, PracticeLink, USA
Ryan McCarthy, CEO, Global Media, US

My VE is vastly experienced and my right hand when it comes to integration of our customer relationship management portal and software.

Ryan McCarthy
CEO, Green Global Media, USA

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Senior technical architect's assistance.

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Software Development FAQs

Completely safe! At VE, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you so that your project’s concept/idea/product ownership and patents are exclusively yours.
VE’s 500+ software developers come with high recommendations from their global clients – as many as 500+ client video testimonials (the most in the offshoring industry) from clients who can’t stop raving about their ace developers.
VE’s remote software developers in India have impressive global certifications from recognized giants like Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle. In addition, the teams keep upgrading their skills through self-learning and training.
With VE, you work very closely with your resources. You can track the progress of your project by using project management tools, ask for daily or weekly reports, and have regular audio or video calls to see a working version of the product with fixes and/or improvements.
Since you are now working with an employee and not a freelancer or a project outsourcing company, feel free to change/ modify the specs of your project. You enjoy total flexibility so that you can create the software you want.
Scaling up and down is really easy at VE. You solely need to send an email to VE’s HR department to quickly downsize or ramp up your remote software development team.

Create Your Digital Legacy - Hire VE’s Dedicated Software Developers

Hiring a remote software developer from the world’s favorite outsourcing destination is one business decision that promises rich dividends. The Indian IT industry is expected to touch USD350 billion in revenue by 2025. With the fastest-growing database of software developers in the world, India continues to be the global leader in offshore software development. Even though India may well be the destination of choice, partnering with the right offshore partner is equally important for success. has been dominating the software development landscape since 2007, providing cost-effective and high-quality software development solutions to clients in 33 countries around the world....

Hire Software Developers to Start Your Dream Project

From discovery to development to post-launch enhancement, our remote software developers bring their varied expertise to the table. Development speed and applied creativity remain critical priorities for any software development project as it ensures rapid time to market. VE’s offshore software developers tick all these boxes for you.

Tap into our 14 years of rich experience in helping our global clients build world-class software that is changing lives and businesses. Whether you are a startup, an enterprise-level business, a consultant or a technology specialist, you can find what you are looking for with us.

Partner with the best to be the best:

  • Access to Fortune 500 developers
  • No lengthy locked-in contracts
  • Free 1-week trial available
  • Agile project management
  • Complete ownership of code
  • 100% money back guarantee

Why Our Remote Software Developers Are Deemed the Best?

Our dedicated software developers in India provide Node.js and Electron services for developing desktop GUI and various applications as per the client’s requirement, such as browser-based games, streaming of audio and video files, and providing chat room components for games.

For clients looking to develop single-page applications, our offshore software developers can help by using React. Using this open-source JavaScript library the developers can handle the view layer of mobile and web apps, create reusable UI components and, finally, create simple, fast and scalable large web applications.

Maintaining a reliable database for quick and easy access to applications and IT services, whilst always ensuring tight security, is critical and our software developers excel at it. Storage assessment, installation and set-up, architecture, database administration, configuration, etc. – get it all here.

Hire VE’s Dedicated Software Programmers from India

VE’s  dedicated software programmers are also adept at the complex processes involved in software migration where entire software systems are moved to alternative platforms, technologies, architectures and programming languages. They are skilled at system upgrades and other crucial software modernization services through an entire IT transition.

Every remote software developer is your dedicated resource. No sharing with other clients. Just you, your developer and your work. VE’s software coders easily understand the finer details of your product requirement and develop bespoke software for you. As a CMMiL3 assessed company, data security is one of VE’s strongest features. We can implement any security protocols that you want, even the exact same IT protocols you are implementing locally (and, if necessary, even more).

Why VE is the Ideal Choice to Hire Software Developers in India

50 percent of Fortune 500 companies have software development centers in India. can headhunt this talent for you for free. Of our 500+ in-house software coders, 200 have a minimum of 5 years’ experience of working with US and UK companies. Also, you can easily scale down your remote team size with just an email to our HR. Alternatively, if you need to hire more software developers quickly, another email to our HR helps you go from 1 to 5, literally within days.

Even though India helps you stay ahead with its time zone advantage, your dedicated software developers at VE will willingly work your business hours. We believe communication is crucial in software development. When you partner with VE, you hire a dedicated resource. Hence, the software that is developed is your intellectual property. The source code will always be yours. We will never own it.

Hire VE’s Software Developers to Build Next Level Solutions

On an average, hiring software engineers in the US takes 35 days. In India, with VE, you can hire not one but several software developers in just 8 hours. The reason behind India’s dominance of software development is that almost 200,000 software graduates are employed by the IT industry every year.

With almost 125 million English-speaking people in the country, India is the world’s second-largest English-proficient country, second only to the United States. VE’s software developers can communicate fluently with their global clients in English, both written and spoken.

Enjoy huge savings on salaries, office overheads and operational costs when you hire software developers from India. Stay well within your budget and channelize those savings into growing your core business with

With businesses globally recognizing the need for speed, India’s time zone advantage means a faster turnaround time and a decrease in the time to market – both of which can be used to leverage massive competitive advantage.

3500+ Clients in 48 Countries Have Accelerated Their Business Growth with VE’s Developers. You Could Be Next!