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Software Development

Build from scratch or bolster your project team midway. Execute plans by leveraging the updated expertise in front-end and back-end technologies like PHP, Java, .Net, CSS, and HTML. Hire developers with proven communication and collaboration skills who can adapt to different team models and deliver every time.

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Use agile methodologies to work efficiently and deliver scalable, secure, and intuitive mobile apps before deadlines. Our developers always write code with the intent of increasing responsiveness and reducing loading times to deliver a seamless user experience on mobile.

Front End Icon

Frontend Development

A user-centric approach that delivers responsive websites reduces bounce rates and increases engagement. Leverage time-tested expertise in HTML, CSS and UI/UX design to enhance frontend performance and visual appeal. Ensure adherence to frontend accessibility guidelines and prevent vulnerabilities.

Graphics & Web Designing

Backend Development

Build robust, secure, and scalable server-side solutions that deliver seamless performance across platforms. Hire VE developers with a firm grasp of technologies like JavaScript, Go, Python, and Ruby. Leverage result-oriented mindsets that swear by the power of collaboration and communication.

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Accelerate products’ time to market by leveraging concepts such as CI/CD, IaC, containerization and virtualization. VE’s developers help you incorporate DevOps methodology to improve communication & collaboration and bring in automation to expedite results.

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Get better insights with optimized code written by AI stalwarts. Unleash the expertise of result-oriented developers with a penchant for programming in R, Python and popular AI programming languages. Our developers are proficient in processes like data extraction, data analysis, and data visualization along with libraries such as Pandas and NumPy.

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Set up an online store or customize existing solutions by using the hands-on expertise of VE’s eCommerce experts. Manage prominent platforms such as Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce with ease. Stand out from the competition by building out-of-the-box and well-tested websites, payment processing systems, storefronts and much more.

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Embedded Development

Utilize our developers’ deep know-how of writing code that ensures the stability of even the most complex systems. Our embedded developers have a deep understanding of low-level programming languages like C, MATLAB and Assembly along with a firm grasp of IoT, PCBs, and firmware.

data science

Data Science

Solve the EXACT problem you want by generating relevant insights. Utilize the skills of VE’s data science experts who know how to combine technical knowledge with real-world expertise. Access unmatched proficiency in programming languages like R and Python, data visualization tools like Matplotlib and Tableau and Big Data technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

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Database Management

Manage database scalability and security under the guidance of VE’s database experts with a proven track record of solving exigent database challenges. Access expertise in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle for structured data. Use technologies such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis for unstructured data.

Testing Icon

Software Testing Solutions

Never miss a bug even when testing in an unstable testing environment. With VE’s software testing experts by your side, you can maximize the potency of tools such as Selenium, Cypress, Postman, and LoadRunner. Perform tasks like unit testing, integration testing, and system testing with complete confidence.

cloud remote

Cloud Consulting Services

Whether you want to move your on-premise applications/infra to the cloud, create a cloud strategy, or optimize spending on cloud solutions, VE’s cloud experts can provide you with the best advice. Choose judiciously between Azure, AWS and GCP. Evaluate the latest innovations in cloud technology to make the best decision.



Choosing blockchain technology based on lower gas fees and better security can turn into a chore that stops you from launching your NFTs and dApps on time. Leverage the deep understanding of our blockchain consultants to choose the best tech from amongst Ethereum, BSC, Tezos and Cardano.

Cloud Solutions Icon

IT Support

Whether your business is moving to a cloud or you are updating an outdated tech platform, you can smoothen the transition with expert help. Access VE’s 4 levels of support based on your unique needs. Our support personnel have expertise in software, hardware, network, security, voice, cloud, virtualization, email and Office 365.

Machine Learning Technology

Machine Learning Solutions

Are underfitting and overfitting ML models stopping you from unleashing the full potential of your data? Hire proven ML experts from VE and use their know-how for flawless machine learning model development, model evaluation and validation, and real-time predictions. Utilize next-level expertise in model deployment and Big Data technologies.

ms office

MS Office 365 Services

Are technical MS Office issues like installation problems, sign-in difficulties, synchronizing errors, and access issues to mail and calendars reducing the efficiency of your workspace? VE’s MS Office 365 services help you nip the problem in the bud and improve collaboration, communication, and productivity across different business verticals.

Neural Network Modeling Icon


Access a high-performing and secure network that delivers better collaboration, zero downtime and improved efficiency by hiring VE’s network installation experts. With their keen understanding of firewall configuration, VPN setup, VoIP, remote access and network optimization principles, our battle-hardened professionals can come to your rescue at the time of your need.

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Kick-start your project straightaway with our popular No-Obligation, No-Payment up to 3-day Free Trial. Continue with the same resource if satisfied.

Free Recruitment

Our free, quick, bespoke hiring process helps you save on not just expensive local recruitment fees but also lengthy waiting periods to hire just one resource.

Zero Overheads

Get your own 'remote workplace in India’, do away with pesky issues such as HR, Admin, Payroll, etc. and only pay your dedicated professional’s salary.

Data Security

As an ISO27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality at all times.

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A Look at Our IT Outsourcing Expertise

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Innovative Approach

VE’s dedicated professionals have not just delivered what the client wanted but have also created remarkable innovative solutions when their existing local teams failed.

It’s common to find our clients working with the same resource for more than 5 years, all leading to their projects being on track.

More than 100 clients from around the world have visited the VE offices, have had intense brainstorming sessions with their teams, started new projects and hired more resources.

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Appreciation from Across 48 Countries

ian stamp

VE's experienced developers gave us great progress, efficiency and cost-savings.

Ian Stamp
Managing Director, SENJ Limited, UK
Sarah Robinson

The skillful developers at VE single-handedly transformed all my websites.

Sarah Robinson
Commercial Director, Air4Casts Limited, UK
Humberto Oliveira

VE's professional developers helped us quickly build future-ready applications.

Humberto Oliveira
CTO, The Vintage Bar, Denmark

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Find Answers To

All Your IT Outsourcing FAQs

Outsourcing to VE comes with unique benefits that are not realized by most other outsourcing companies. Besides ubiquitous advantages like cost-savings and access to specific skills, VE offers several tangible and intangible benefits that give an added edge to companies/solopreneurs outsourcing to VE:

  • You find the EXACT talent you have in mind: With VE, you get the option to choose from over 750 certified IT professionals with proven expertise in project work. You have the option to drill down and find the exact match in terms of talent and then interview the prospective candidates. For instance, if you want an embedded system developer with expertise in C and certain years of experience, you can find that EXACT developer instead of making do with someone who has less expertise than you want.
  • Setting the right expectations and delivering on them: VE’s IT outsourcing services have a track record of setting the right expectations for the clients and delivering on them. You will be given ballpark figures in terms of duration of the project, research time on new technologies and cost estimates. After that, the project will be delivered as close as possible to the previously set ballpark estimate.
  • Unmatched transparency: The IT talent you recruit works for you during the allotted shift timings and works while keeping you in the loop of every new project development. The level of transparency on every project builds your confidence in project delivery. It even allows you to intervene when you feel things can be done better in a certain way.
  • On-the-fly scalability: You can scale as and when you want, and do that at just about any time. You can start with one resource and based on increased coding needs add another virtual employee to your team. Similarly, you can start with multiple resources and trim the team when you feel the work requirements are low.

Yes, we can certainly collaborate well with your in-house team.

Excellent collaboration is a major USP of VE’s IT outsourcing services. Our IT experts have top-notch communication skills and long-term experience collaborating with IT teams from different companies. They understand the problems associated with silos and therefore always keep every stakeholder in the loop (proactively) of what’s going on in the project.

Our developers have a deep understanding of platforms like Git that support work collaboration and coordination among programmers. By leveraging Git expertise, our developers help you perform:

  • Version Control and Collaboration
  • Easy Code Review
  • Distributed Development
  • Efficient Code Deployment
  • Code Backup and Recovery

Apart from Git, our developers have deep know-how of utilizing well-known communication tools such as Slack, Trello and Basecamp. Therefore, they find it easier to communicate with in-house team and work according to the plan.

VE’s developers always follow the best coding practices and adhere to established coding standards and style guides. Every code change goes through a thorough peer review process before it is merged with the primary codebase. VE uses Git for version control, which facilitates better code tracking and collaboration. If any issue is found in the code, it becomes easier to track the issue and roll back unwanted changes to the code.

In addition, to ensure that our clients get the best code every time, VE’s outsourced IT developers perform:

  • Unit testing to validate the functionality of individual code units
  • Continuous Integration to ensure that the codebase remains in a deployable state at all times
  • Document code in a manner that makes it easier to understand for everyone working on the project
  • Error handling to identify issues and provide valuable insights for debugging

Yes, we have proper measures in place to maintain the quality of our IT services. We have a skilled and experienced team that has already set benchmarks for quality. Working under the guidance of team leaders who expect nothing less than perfection, our veteran IT developers always deliver quality services.

Below are a few practices that enable us to meet agreed-upon deadlines while delivering work as per clients’ expectations:

  • Comprehensive project planning while keeping every small detail in mind: Before starting any project, we go through a compulsory project planning phase where we clearly define the project scope, requirements, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Agile development methodology: By implementing the Agile development approach, we break down each project into smaller iterations, a.k.a. sprints. It helps us provide regular updates, receive feedback, and make necessary adjustments whenever needed. Sticking to an agile development methodology is one of the biggest reasons why we meet deadlines every time.
  • Scrupulous code review and quality assurance: Every piece of code written by our developers goes through a rigorous code review process. At no time do we skip this process, which ensures the highest level of code delivery consistently.
  • We seek client feedback consistently: One of the biggest reasons for the success of our developers is their proclivity to take client feedback on the progress they are making. Therefore, the client can intervene at important junctures (when the work is not done as per expectations). So, even the smallest possibility of the project going off track is eliminated.

Beat the Competition – Hire Dedicated IT Experts from India

IT outsourcing is a prevalent trend that has already solved countless problems for a vast number of companies across the globe. Most IT tasks are skill-based and require a lot of talent, experience, perseverance and commitment. Therefore, there is always a doubt in the mind of an entrepreneur or C-Suite executives (especially those who are outsourcing for the first time) when it comes to outsourcing IT services. But if you know what you are looking for and can find an exact match, then there is no stopping you from maximizing outsourcing benefits....


How to Discover Exactly What You Are Looking for Through IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing provides an excellent way to complement your in-house work, maximize cost savings and find the best talent for the tasks at hand. However, one of the biggest dilemmas in front of those looking for IT talent is not knowing “where to look” and “how to look”.

For instance, let’s say you are a healthcare company looking for a developer who can build a telemedicine application that allows patients to connect with doctors remotely for consultations. Therefore, the app needs to have an option for video calling. Now, although you know you need a mobile app developer, you are unsure whether they will have the expertise to add real-time video capabilities to the application. So, you are likely to check multiple websites, post your requirements on different freelance platforms, and connect with different outsourcing companies to let them know about your exact requirement, and then wait for their response.

Does it seem too much of a hassle?

What if, there is a better way to find the talent you are looking for? At VE, you can simply post your requirements and connect directly with an expert who will deep dive into VE’s vast talent pool and discover the person that is most suited to your particular requirement. You can even learn more about them through video call interviews and test their skills in the free trial (available in some cases) before finally bringing them on board to work for your organization.


What IT Outsourcing Offers You in the Short and Long Run?


Short-term Benefits of IT Outsourcing:

  • Access to the right talent immediately: By outsourcing IT work to VE’s talented employees, you can start working immediately. There is no long onboarding process. Moreover, the experience of VE’s experts in adapting to new requirements quickly ensures that they can produce as per your expectations faster than other employees.
  • Take your product to market quickly: IT outsourcing to VE allows you to streamline processes and deliver projects quickly. You can expedite product development and launch before your competitors and gain an upper hand immediately.
  • Your Premium In-House Talent can Focus on Primary Activities: Is your software architect busy with activities that even entry-level coders can do? By outsourcing and finding horses for courses, you no longer have to delegate menial tasks to top-level talent.
  • No Need to Train on Technology: Outsourcing work to seasoned veterans comes with the advantage of no waste of time on training new employees. While you still to have impart your vision and convey your ideas, there is no need to worry about the technical expertise, provide you partner with a company that has resources with rich experience.


Long-term Benefits of IT Outsourcing:

  • Ability to Scale Business When You Want: One of the biggest reasons why IT outsourcing is so invaluable is that it allows businesses to scale up and down as per their requirement. The ability to scale immediately is a godsend for smaller companies that simply cannot afford employees on their payroll when they hit a lean patch. After overcoming the slump, they can hire again
  • Access to Global Talent that Unleashes Your Creativity: With long-term outsourcing relationships, you access talent that might not be available locally. Diversity of talent unlocks creativity that might not be imaginable before you outsource. For instance, you learn about tackling problems with a different mindset after seeing your outsourced talent in action.
  • Staying Abreast of Technological Advancements Becomes a Norm: Top IT outsourcing providers invest in staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends because they solely focus on their core skills. You might not do the same as you have other obligations. But when you partner with an outsourcing company, you are kept abreast of the latest innovations by speaking to outsourced employees who work for you.
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance are Always Prioritized: Reputable IT outsourcing companies prioritize security and compliance as any vulnerability in this regard can be critical to their own business. Long-term partnerships ensure that your outsourced employees are familiar with your process and know the sensitivity of each and everything that you are doing. Therefore, the probability of flouting compliances is lowered and your chances of running a foolproof process improve considerably.
  • Business Results Improve in Long-Term IT Outsourcing Partnerships: Once familiar with a business, IT employee can show their true skills and creativity. For instance, it is easier to write a program when you know exactly what it means in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, long-term outsourcing improves the quality of work and generates better results.


Not so long ago, when IT outsourcing was a new trend, it was hard to gauge which company was the best contender for handling your IT work. But nowadays, the problem is reduced due to the presence of many IT outsourcing companies, albeit there are still certain things that can land you in trouble. For instance, you might be hoodwinked by prices that are too good to be true. Therefore, it is important to partner with companies with a proven track record and clientele that swears by them. At VE, you get specialized talent for specific tasks, which ensures you are always dealing with experts who have all the knowledge in the world to help you achieve what you are striving for. Moreover, VE allows you to interview each resource

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