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Recruit Dedicated Resources for Legal Research and Writing Services

Is legal research continually sapping your precious time and energy? Are you not able to afford an online legal research databases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw? We can help you out of this situation by providing you with a viable and more efficient alternative to in-house legal research – a remotely working dedicated legal researcher. With Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. you can hire remote dedicated professionals for legal research and legal writing services. And they are among the best and the brightest legal resources sourced from India’s large talent pool. The legal researchers that you hire from us will help you understand theories that could have an impact on litigation.

So, if you’re convinced that you should be hiring dedicated legal researchers from India we can make your journey easier for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

  • You have the freedom of hiring as many Legal Researchers as you need with the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down your team of dedicated researchers or hire just one dedicated Legal Researcher if you wish.
  • It only takes US $1195 – $1895 to hire a dedicated Legal Researcher; the cost depends on the experience and skill of the legal professional.
  • VirtualEmployee.com not only gives you access to the versatile Indian talent pool, but also allows you to pick and choose the most suitable resources.

Our dedicated legal researchers carry out a wide variety of tasks:

When you outsource legal research services to India, you not only get the best qualified professionals but also unparalleled service. You can choose from dozens of professionals available at VE. So what are you waiting for? Hire legal researchers who will carry out a variety of tasks, whether you have your own legal practice or a corporate legal department.

  • They prepare legal documents such as judgment and trial memos.
  • They are adept at presenting litigation strategies to gain the best results.
  • They draft appellate briefs, review the appellate record, and draft the documents for effective appeal. Therefore, the skills of our remote legal researchers can be harnessed by an attorney representing an appellant or an appellee.
  • Our law professionals perform legal research and writing in an effective and efficient manner.
  • They make sure that the documents drafted by them are 95 percent file ready; the document could easily be reviewed by the client (here, the attorney who hires a dedicated legal researcher) and filed after slight revisions.

Your remote legal researchers have expertise in:

VE is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company in India, that provides legal research services. India has a huge talent pool of legal professionals who help you grow your business while keeping your employee costs low. VE is a legal research company that has worked for over 2000 clients and helped them save up to 70% on employee costs.

  • Discovering primary sources of law in cases, statutes, and regulations
  • Consulting secondary sources, such as legal treatises and encyclopedias, to get background information on a legal topic
  • Consulting non-legal sources to get supportive or investigative information

What are our unique selling propositions?

  • You retain total project management authority as well as full control over your remote resource.
  • You work, collaborate and communicate with the same ease with your remote legal resource as you would with a local in-house resource
  • Our client-centric recruitment process ensures that you handpick experienced and dedicated workers for your legal research and writing services.
  • Safety of your precious data is safe is our primary concern.. We have a committed IT team to ensure that your confidential information is completely safe and secure.
  • We take care of your employee so that you don’t have to.

Your dedicated legal researcher in India works from our state-of-the-art office under supervision at all times.

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It has been a pleasure working with Manoj. He seemed to work hard creating the document I needed based on the requirements and directives I set out for him. I was pleased that when he was unclear about something he would call me rather than assume.

RE/MAX Garden City, Canada

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