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Why Outsourcing Legal Research & Writing
is a Smart Choice

Save time & money with legal research outsourcing

Quality research is the cornerstone of a well-crafted case and is often the difference between winning and losing. Every lawyer or law firm needs legal research services to not only save time but to also get facts and figures right, and that can prove to be invaluable to their case. Our outsourced legal research professionals apply the best legal analytic practices to breakdown complex information into coherent and useful points for legal usage.

Legal research outsourcing to India makes perfect business sense. Our online legal researchers and writers are from some of the best law schools in India and possess a wealth of knowledge that makes them a valuable addition to your case. Simplify technical points into fact-based and easy to present information that can help you present the case more easily.

Get access to previous precedents, point of law in disputed cases, and a host of long-lost statutes, codes, and regulations with legal research outsourcing from India. Our long-standing association with renowned lawyers and law firms gives us the edge that might be missing from other outsourced legal research services.

Hire legal researchers from VE to get the best of outsourced legal services, who are available for you 24×7 throughout the year, offering their expertise and experience.

Top reasons why outsourcing legal research services to India is a win-win situation:
  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Data confidentiality

  • 24*7 availability of resources

  • Custom legal research solutions

  • Litigation & research experts

  • Experts in legal research tools

Comprehensive Online Legal Research Services

For 360° offshore litigation & legal research services in India

Trial Briefs

Online legal researchers at VE are well-versed in federal and state statutory laws enabling them to draft high-impact trial briefs. These briefs are written using long-lost statutes, precedents, and court-rulings to give you the extra edge in your case.

Case Discovery

Our legal research services in India actively assist you in discovery motions, deposition summaries, motions to compel discovery, and interrogatories, among other legal aspects with vetted research analyzed against case’s facts.

Legal Documentation & Review

Every word matters when it comes to legal writing. Our legal research services bring crisp, professional, and to-the-point documents that are easy to read, interpret, and represent.

Motions & Pleadings

Hire a legal researcher from VE who’s adept at drafting state and federal courts pleads. He/she can draft 95% file-ready motion to strike/compel, complaints, and notice of removal, etc.

Contract Management

From employee agreements to corporate takeovers, our online legal researchers go through the documents with a detective’s lens to find and address any loopholes.

Paralegal Assistance

Hire legal research experts from VE and benefit from a team of experienced paralegal assistants to reduce your workload, substantially. From legal data entry to e-discovery, we’ve got you covered all the way.

Benefits of Outsourcing Legal Research Services

Focus on case with considerably lesser workload

Data Security

Your data is secure with us. It’s not a mere phrase but a ‘legally bound’ commitment. VE’s IT security ensures that your data is 100% secure at all times.

Save Time & Money

Let our remote legal researchers in India take off your workload at the bottom dollar. Hire a legal researcher from VE and get top-notch results in the quickest time without costing you a bomb.

Multi-domain Expertise

From criminal and civil to corporate law, our offshore legal researchers in India bring a wealth of experience across multiple domains to help you in any case that comes your way.

Around-the-Clock Operations

Justice doesn’t wait for anything, not even time, and neither do our legal research experts. VE’s legal research services offer 24×7 support with real-time assistance, without fail.

Legal Tech Software Experts

Your dedicated legal research analyst knows legal research software in and out including RAVEL, fastcase, Casemaker, etc., thus giving you quick results coupled with extensive research.

Triple-vetted Legal Research

VE’s online legal research services are backed by triple-vetted legal researchers and quality assurance. Not a syllable is approved before being vetted, QC’ed, and validated.

Hire Remote Legal Researchers You Can Count On

Top flight counsel. Bottom line results

At VE, we know the value of your time and know how time-sensitive legal cases are. This is why, we provide you only the best and the brightest remote legal researchers that India has to offer. We pick from a vast talent pool of legal research professionals and employ a stringent triple vetting process for quality assurance. come join the 3,000+ ‘Client Club’ who’ve saved up to 70% on offshore legal research hiring.

Our legal researchers in India are experts at:

Deep-diving and discovering obscure statutes, regulations, and legal precedents.

Extensive research using secondary information sources, i.e. encyclopedias & legal treaties.

Conducting investigative research from non-legal sources to obtain supportive and case-useful information.

Hire a Legal Research Analyst within 8 Hours

Because ‘time’ is of the essence

Custom Offshore Legal Researcher Hiring Models

Hire legal research analyst to suit your case

Dedicated Model

VE provides you with a remote legal researcher who works just like your in-house staff would. We pay the resources but you have the complete authority.

Team Model

The best at your disposal. Get the expertise of an entire team of legal wizards, working round the clock, exclusively on your case.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Hire VE’s legal research experts based on the amount of work you need. No need to hire a resource for a month when you need it only for a few hours. The choice is always yours.

Hiring was Never
This Easy

Our simple 3-step offshore legal research analyst hiring process gets you going in a flash, with savings up to $40,000 or more.

  • Talk to Us

    Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll make it happen.

  • Pick your legal research analyst

    Handpick Legal Research Analyst

  • Get Started

    Satisfied? Hire offshore legal research experts within 8 hours.

Our Clients do Great Things

We get the assist.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

How can I easily hire a dedicated legal research analyst?

Tell us who you need and what for. We send a carefully picked portfolio of CVs. Make your choice and start within 8 hours.

Do you offer customized legal research outsourcing services?

Yes, we provide custom services only. Pick the legal researcher for the task you need and for the time you want him for, and get started.

Does VE hire third-party legal services for my requirements?

At VE, all the legal research & writing services provided to you are entirely in-house and the resources are on our payroll. We do not hire freelancers or third-party services.

Can I handpick resources for my needs?

Browse through CVs of triple-vetted legal research resources that we send, pick the right one, and we’ll align a video/audio interview session for you to make an informed decision.

For how long can I hire a legal research analyst?

There’s no limit to the duration that you can hire an offshore legal research analyst. Depending on your requirements, hire resource or a team for days, weeks, months, and even years.

What is the cost of offshore legal research services?

You can hire a legal research expert or a team from Virtual Employee starting from just US$1195 to US$ 1895. You stand to save as much as $40,000 on overheads and resource costs.

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