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The embedded software engineers at VE have a deep understanding of firmware maintenance and practical experience in using several branching tools such as GIT SVN. Thus, they can perform system integration and regressive product testing with ease.

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Our 5-Step Embedded Architecture Process


Your dedicated embedded architects brainstorm the technical feasibility, project plan, cost and architectural design. VE’s embedded architecture experts then analyze and decide trade-offs within the system’s hardware and software, collaborating with counterparts in other domains to drive decisions on the intersection of hardware and software.

VE’s remote embedded programmers will plan the schematics, PCB layout design, FPGA design, firmware, BSP, protocol stacks, application software, user interface, and enclosure design.

Our embedded specialists then perform component procurement, PCB fabrication & assembly, board bring-up & functional tests, system integration, design verification tests and system tests.

The embedded system engineers at VE carry out pre-compliance tests for EMI/ EMC, safety and work on the certification of embedded systems, assessment of certification and relevance to IEC/ISO/EMI/EMC and safety.

As one of the leading embedded system architecture companies in India, VE offers end-to-end product/project/concept delivery. We adhere to a philosophy that eliminates as many middle layers or steps as possible, which helps optimize the performance, efficiency and delivery of the project/product.

Step Embedded Architecture Process
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James Oliver CEO, Oliver Technologies, USA

They met all my expectations and far beyond. The work they performed in the amount of time is far reaching.

James Oliver
CEO, Oliver Technologies, USA
VE's Client Testimonial - Jonathan Torkelson - Embeddetech Inc.,President, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Our team in India complements all of our engineers and resources that we have here in every aspect.

Jonathan Torkelson
President, Embeddetech, USA
Nick Ray Director, Priva BV, Netherlands

We got a highly competent hardware designer who could carry out projects from cradle to grave.

Nick Ray
Director, Priva BV, Netherlands

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FAQs on Our Embedded Architecture Services

Your dedicated embedded architect at VE plays the following vital roles:
  • Architecture as per your product design requirement.
  • Detailed flow charts, ICD or block diagrams.
  • More than 70~80% of our innovative (first attempted/prototypes) board gets absorbed in the final products directly without any modification.
  • With 40 years of experience in almost all the technologies mentioned above, we make sure your project gets to the final demonstration in the least possible time and cost.
Virtual Employee helps you hire the most suitable skill sets in any domain. Focus only on working directly with your remote embedded architects to get the desired results and enjoy significant savings. We happily do all the heavy lifting like payroll, hardware and infrastructure, employee insurance, IT support, etc.
Totally safe. Your idea/product/project concept ownership and patents are solely yours and completely safe as we sign the following agreements with you:
  • Non-Disclosure
  • Non-Circumvention
  • Non-Competition Agreements
VE’s embedded system engineers from India are qualified to work across multiple domains. If you are satisfied with the experience and skills of our dedicated embedded architects, you may plan to sign an employment agreement with us. We never commit to a project without discussing it with you first.

Engineer Smart Machines – Hire Offshore Embedded Architects from India

An embedded architect/manager is a highly experienced and versatile resource who can skillfully handle the end-to-end aspects of embedded architecture design and development, right from R&D and documentation to concept implementation and final delivery. Apart from managing your team of embedded developers, the embedded software architect is also closely involved in all aspects of development, be it the choice of microcontroller, IDE, protocol or R&D...

Your offshore embedded system architect plays these key roles:

  • Capture, discuss and understand your requirement.
  • Write initial, provisional and final:
    • Design specification document (DSD)
    • Hardware specification document (HSD)
    • Software specification document (SSD)
  • Be a part of all technical discussions to finalize the document.
  • Lead the hardware and software engineering teams to implement the concept.
  • Manage, work and verify the team’s work and maintain daily/weekly/module-wise progress reports.
  • Work alongside the team for hardware and software integration.
  • Carry out project post-production test and verification.
  • Do the project documentation.
  • Be responsible for project demonstration and delivery.


All this results in your embedded project being:

  • EMI/EMC covered design
  • Code-size efficient (especially for systems on a chip)
  • Run-time efficient
  • Energy-efficient covered design
  • Weight-efficient
  • Cost-efficient


A glance at our dedicated embedded architect’s technical competence:

  • Low level driver development for 8/16/32 bit MCU.
  • Task dispatcher-based application development for MCU.
  • Free RTOS based firmware application development.
  • Eclipse + CDT + GNU embedded toolchains-based environment setup for LPC1768.
  • Eclipse + MSYS2 setup for ESP32 Wi-Fi/BT module.
  • Worked on PSOC creator IDE for Cyprus controllers.
  • Worked and complied codes for Eval board hardware like Beagle Bone/Board, Raspberry Pi, LPCMbed/Express, Microchip Curiosity, Pic32Mz


Why Should You Hire Embedded Architects from India?

India’s engineering talent pool has given some of the brightest brains to the world over the decades. It is also the favorite hiring ground for 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies. India has become an increasingly favored destination for embedded system architecture services for several reasons:

  • Embedded system architecture services across industries: From medical and automation to robotics and research, established embedded software architecture companies like Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. can deliver sophisticated embedded design services across industries.
  • In sync with the latest trends in digital embedded system design: Indian embedded architecture design professionals offer deep expertise in hardware and embedded software engineering, as well as digital electronics and system design skills.
  • Leverage turn-key solutions:  Top-rated Indian service providers bring experienced embedded hardware and software professionals and process-driven development expertise to the table.
  • Competitive cost:  The significantly lower salaries, coupled with zero infrastructure and recruitment expenses, can translate into meaningful savings for businesses outsourcing embedded system architecture to India.


What are the Skills Required to be an Embedded Systems Architect?

The methodologies and primary skills needed to become an embedded architect are:

  • Programming: The embedded architects should be skilled in scripting or programming language like C++ and C. The knowledge of coding is important for embedded software architects to integrate database modifications, debug codes, and automate and deploy processes. For the position of an embedded systems expert, assembly language is the most frequent requirement. LabView functions with the National Instruments data recording units. Relying on the work and team, and the role you are interviewing for, it will be beneficial to be versed in other languages like Rust, ADA, Python, Lua, VHDL and Verilog.
  • Microprocessor Ecosystems: Being an embedded system architect, you should be experienced in Atmel AVR, Arduino, ESP8266 NodeMcu, Raspberry Pi and PIC10Fxx.
  • Memory Management: A solid base of the distinct memory types, counting ROM, RAM and Flash along with building software in cases where memory is a prime necessity.
  • Circuit Design: Being acquainted with PCBs, signal analysis, debugging, assembly, and testing of ICs and their constituents is crucial. You should be well-versed in PCB designing and analysis design software like Sigrity and Allegro.
  • CAD Design: Make sure you have the fundamental knowledge of hardware design using CAD software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • Measurement Tools: You must be skilled in utilizing tools such as DAQs, digital multimeters, and oscilloscopes to analyze and troubleshoot systems.
  • Internet of Things: Understanding of IoT frameworks and devices like Google Cloud Platform, Azure, IBM Watson, and AWS is an advantage.
  • Data Processing & Analysis: The capability to analyze and handle data through Python, Excel and MATLAB is also important.
  • Technical Writing: An embedded systems architect from India spends plenty of time writing technical documentation. Also, if you can also write research grants, it will be a plus.
  • Networking & Security: You should also have a functional knowledge of networking theories to establish the production environment’s security at every single stage of the product cycle.


How can VE’s Embedded System Architecture Team Turn Your Dreams into Reality?

The embedded system architects at Virtual Employee boast a vast and rich experience in all the latest embedded technologies. They have handled an impressive portfolio of international clients and have helped these clients apply for patents for the designs that have taken birth and shape right here in our well-maintained offices.

VE’s embedded system architects in India have:

  • 10+ years of extensive experience with electronics, electronic design, and communication protocols for embedded systems.
  • 10+ years of experience in conceiving, designing, and architecting to implement an entire embedded system device.
  • 20+ years of experience in writing device drivers for embedded devices and microcontrollers.

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