Hire Mechanical Design Engineers

Recruit Mechanical Engineers for CAD, Solid Modeling, and Sheet Metal Designing

Hire dedicated Mechanical Engineers with us. Our professionals have ample experience in CAD conversion, machine design and drafting, 3D CAD and solid modeling etc.

Apart from the general mechanical engineering work, our dedicated remote resources handle computer aided engineering (CAE) analysis such as static analysis, fatigue analysis, and thermal analysis. Our dedicated Mechanical Design Engineers are also adept in precise HVAC, sheet metal design and steel detailing solutions.

Mechanical engineers hired with VirtualEmployee.com are bespoke professionals who work in close coordination with you just like your in-house employees. We expedite the whole service delivery by assuming the role of your local representative.

It makes great sense to outsource mechanical engineering services to dedicated mechanical engineers from VE. We have a huge talent pool of engineers from India who not only deliver the best solutions for your needs, but also help you save substantial costs. VE is an ISO 9001:2008 as well as CMMI Level 3 certified mechanical design company in India.

  • Hire dedicated Mechanical Engineers from US $1495 – $2595 per month. This cost varies depending on the expertise and experience of the Mechanical design engineers.
  • You can either hire one Mechanical Engineer or a team, depending on your requirements.
  • You handpick your Mechanical Engineers through our unique recruitment process.

Technologies you can hire

Whether you require HVAC drawings, sheet metal design, or steel detailing solutions, we have the best experts who will work for you dedicatedly and professionally. Mechanical design engineers in India are professionally qualified and experienced to work for you. VE has a huge database of mechanical design engineers from which you can choose the best. Outsourcing to India has cost benefits as well as quality benefits.

  • Piping Softwares: CAEPIPE,
  • 3D Mechanical Design Software:
    Autodesk Inventor
  • Digital Prototyping: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical,
    Autodesk 3ds Max Design
  • CAD Software: AutoCAD, SmartDraw,
    Alibre Design Xpress, Unigraphics
  • CAM Software: EdgeCAM, TubeCad, AlphaCAM
  • and many more…

Top 8 Reasons to Hire Mechanical Engineers From VE

  • Detail Engineering Designs
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Element Modelling Experts
  • Concept to Prototype CAD
  • End-to-End Capabilities
  • Full Product Lifecycle Management
  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Higher Cost Efficiencies

4 Simple Steps to Hire Mechanical Design Engineer

Brief Us

Send us your requirement NOW!

Pick the Best Resumes

We send you resumes of screened, shortlisted candidates

Choose Your Team

Test and/ or interview shortlisted candidates

Kick Start

If you like any one, you can hire them straightaway

Mechanical Engineering Q & A

  1. We give you easy access to the world-renowned Indian engineering talent
  2. We find, help you hire and manage the best Mechanical Engineers
  3. You have total project management authority
  4. We merely facilitate the smooth work functioning between you and your remote engineer(s)

  1. You set deadlines and targets
  2. Easy and frequent interaction through our latest communication devices
  3. Track the progress of your project through videoconferencing
  4. Stay in touch with your dedicated engineers with Skype and VOI

  1. Since you retain all control, the work technically never leaves your office
  2. Our world class office premises becomes your own offshore office
  3. Your dedicated Mechanical Engineers work exclusively for you
  4. We take care of all HR requirements of your dedicated engineers
  5. Our in house IT promptly sorts out all the IT issues of your dedicated engineers
  6. You make zero investment on hardware, software and infrastructure

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