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Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Engineering companies in India pour huge investments into design and drafting. This is because design and drafting plays a crucial role in the success of each MEP engineering project. Apart from the costly software and hardware, high expenses are involved to hire MEP engineers. All these factors make MEP designing and drafting a rather cost-prohibitive process. To help companies and entrepreneurs deal with this challenge, VirtualEmployee.com has the perfect solution – dedicated MEP Designers. These proficient and experienced resources have a proven track record of delivering made-to-order MEP Designing Services and MEP Drafting Services to clients worldwide.

Outsource to VirtualEmployee.com, your perfect partner for outstanding MEP design services experts. We not only help you to hire the most suitable skill sets, but also give your dedicated MEP engineers a highly collaborative and communication-rich work environment. You can supervise and manage your remotely working MEP engineers from the comfort of your office.

With us, you hire MEP engineers from India who work exclusively for you from our office. To hire MEP professionals, you simply have to give us your requirements and we do the rest for you. Whether it is finding the right resource, conducting reference check of candidates or arranging their face-to-face interviews with you, we take care of everything. Once you hire a mechanical electrical plumbing engineer from India, this resource works dedicatedly for you from our office. We act as your local representative and expedite delivery of service by providing your dedicated resource with software, hardware, office space and employee benefits. In such a work environment, you get quality service whether it is plumbing piping drafting or plumbing drawing.

  • VirtualEmployee.com uses its client-centric, dual-screening recruitment process to help you hire ‘customized’ MEP engineers from India’s dynamic engineering talent pool.
  • Hire dedicated MEP engineers from US $1495 – $2595 per month, the cost varying according to the skill levels and years of experience.
  • You can either hire one MEP engineer or a team, whatever suits your requirements.

Hired dedicated resources who can deliver a broad range of MEP outsourcing services comprising:

MEP design & drafting services
  • Plumbing estimation
  • Effluent treatment plant design
  • Wastewater treatment plant design
  • Storm water design services
  • Fire protection systems design services
  • MEP services, Drainage system design services
  • Water supply and sewerage network services

In addition to these services, remote dedicated MEP engineers can give you customized design solutions for any mechanical electrical plumbing work.

India has become the go-to destination for MEP outsourcing services for clients looking for talent, expertise, and timely delivery. You can outsource mechanical engineering to offshore mechanical design outsourcing companies like Virtual Employee who have over a decade of experience in this domain. Remote dedicated MEP engineers specialize in every aspect of mechanical engineering, right from conceptualization to detail design and analysis. India’s MEP engineers offer extraordinary and high-quality electrical designs. They deliver slick services by way of customized design solutions for any mechanical electrical plumbing work.

Technologies you can hire

Digital Prototyping

AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk 3ds Max Design

3D Mechanical Design Software

Autodesk Inventor

Piping Softwares


CAD Software

AutoCAD, SmartDraw, Alibre Design Xpress, Unigraphics

CAM Software

EdgeCAM, TubeCad, AlphaCAM

4 easy ways to Hire MEP engineer

  • Brief Us

    Send us your job requirement

  • Pick the Best Resumes

    We send you resumes of screened and shortlisted candidates

  • Choose Your Resource

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want

  • Kick Start

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working

Clients Reviews

We chose VE primarily for two reasons. One, because the business model worked well for us. I think it is good to have the benefits of outsourcing without losing the effectiveness as we see in many outsourcing activities. The other reason why we chose VE is that the way they have always approached us is that out business is their first concern.

SEED Engineering, Australia

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Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Q & A

  1. Just send us your MEP requirements and leave the rest to us
  2. We find and help you hire the best MEP engineers
  3. Your dedicated MEP engineers work from our office in India
  4. Our office becomes your own offshore office
  5. We provide you with cutting edge technology to collaborate online with your remote resources

  1. Easy collaboration with your dedicated MEP engineers to get the desired results
  2. Use video conference, Skype webcam, PC sharing, etc. to overcome barriers of time and distance
  3. Say goodbye to HR hassles and IT issues; we take care of them for you
  4. Zero investment on hardware, software or office space; we provide everything
  5. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility; you choose the size of your offshore team

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