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Why Outsource MEP Design and Drafting Services to India ?

Get sturdy residential, office, and commercial buildings that survive for decades

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work are the essential arteries of a building that make the structure function. With a defective MEP work, an edifice—no matter how attractive from the outside—can only evoke pity and frustration from those inside. Thus, it is extremely important to get a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing work done by qualified professionals so that it functions like clockwork not just when it is newly built but for as long as it is intended to be in use.

Virtual Employee, one of the top MEP engineering firms, provide exceptional MEP engineers in India who are professionally qualified and have years of experience under their belt to perform their tasks flawlessly. VE looks for its MEP design engineers with a keen eye and puts potential hires through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that only the best make it to its payroll.

All our MEP engineers in India are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals with extensive LEED and commissioning experience. They come with hands-on experience with BIM and 3D Modelling as well as software tools like Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, Revit MEP, among others which enables them to perform their tasks with perfection.

Outsourcing MEP services to VE helps you hire engineers who provide solutions that reduce electricity consumption, conserve water and keep a firm’s carbon footprint in check. The list of tasks accomplished by our MEP engineering team include drainage system designs, effluent treatment plant designs, storm water designs, wastewater treatment plant designs, fire protection systems, water supply and sewage network services among a whole host of other sustainable solutions.

Here are top reasons why companies outsource MEP design and drafting services to Virtual Employee in India
  • Handpick the MEP engineers you want
  • Triple-vetted MEP specialists for hire
  • Assess your chosen resources for free
  • Share your requirements and start within 8 hours
  • Hire one MEP engineer or a team, whatever suits you
  • Your resources work from ‘your’ offshore remote office

Some of the industries that can leverage the expertise and experience of VE’s MEP professionals include construction managers, civil contractors, government agencies, healthcare organizations, commercial firms, property developers, educational institutions, architects, engineers, and private individuals.

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360° MEP Engineering Services

Excellence and innovation built into every design

Drainage Systems Design

Remember the feeling of an overflowing sink outlet or when the shower outlet no longer lets the water out? It really spoils the mood. With competent MEP engineers taking care of the drainage system of your establishment, you can say goodbye to such problems.

Effluent Treatment Plant Design

For water treatment and filtration plants that employ systems for reusing and recycling water, MEP engineers from India design effective solutions that help firms save time and cost. Each expedited process translates into cost savings and bigger profits for your firm.

Storm Water Design

In the areas where storms are frequent and rains are a constant and pose a risk to health and property, VE’s mechanical electrical and plumbing engineers in India make designs to protect dangers arising from storm water and possibly collecting such water if needed.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment involves treating human or industrial wastewater to neutralize its harmful effects on humans and other living beings. VE’s MEP engineers in India are well-equipped with the technical know-how to design effective wastewater treatment plants.

Fire Protection Systems Design

For any building, fire is a constant and lurking danger that should be averted at all costs. VE’s MEP engineering consultants are professionally qualified to design systems that utilize fire suppression, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and other fire protection equipment.

Water Supply and Sewerage Network Services

Water supply and sewerage systems are the life blood of a building. To design effective water inlets and outlets requires extensive design and planning. VE’s MEP engineers in India are well-versed with such design challenges and have the wherewithal to overcome them.

Top Benefits of Hiring MEP Engineers from VE

No hidden terms and conditions anywhere

Free Trial

You get a 1-week free trial with Virtual Employee’s MEP engineers. Test the abilities of your chosen engineers and hire only when you are satisfied.

Full-time Employees

Virtual Employee doesn’t work with freelancers; all our MEP engineers in India are on our payroll and they work exclusively for you.

Qualified Experts

VE has a stringent selection criteria for its hires. All our resources are triple-vetted for quality to ensure only the finest MEP engineers are onboarded.

Value for Money

By outsourcing mechanical electrical plumbing services to VE, you also save 100% on hiring and overhead costs apart from the direct cost savings.

Zero Overheads

MEP engineering work involves working on expensive software and powerful hardware. We take care of all such needs so you don’t have to.

Diverse Experience

Virtual Employee, being a renowned MEP company in India, has a diverse pool of MEP engineers with different specializations and varied experiences.

Outsourcing MEP Services to India Made Easy

Hire directly from the world’s largest technical talent pool

Largest Talent Pool

6,000+ engineering colleges in India produce 1.5 million engineers every year. It’s an unmatched talent pool anywhere.

Dedicated 24*7 Staff

VE’s mechanical electrical plumbing engineers are our full-time employees and not freelancers. Your resources work according to your schedules.

Massive Cost Savings

Hiring MEP engineers is an expensive proposition, but compared to your local market, with each hire in India you stand to save over 70% costs.

Hire MEP Engineers within 8 Hours

Speed is essential to successful project execution

Tools & Technologies that MEP Engineers Use

  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD 3ds Max
  • Sketch Up
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • TinkerCAD
  • Creo
  • Fusion 360
  • MicroStation
  • PDS
  • SmartDraw
  • Alibre Design
  • Revit
  • SAP 2000
  • EdgeCAM
  • Tube CAD
  • AlphaCAM
  • SolidWorks CAM

Choose from Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Switch seamlessly between the models when you want

Dedicated Model

You hire one MEP engineer exclusively, which gives you complete control over your project and resource.

Team Model

You can hire a team of individuals with different skills while paying for the equivalent of one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

You can hire MEP engineers on 8-hours or 4-hours shift or even on ad-hoc basis, depending on your needs.

Hiring Was Never This Easy

Traditional approach to hiring MEP engineers has its share of challenges. However, our innovative business model is aimed at addressing the same. With us, you never have to settle for less. Hire only the top-rated engineers with VE.

  • Talk to us

    Tell us your requirements to help us figure out the best MEP engineers suited for your task.

  • Handpick only the Best

    We share resumes based on your requirement so that you can handpick talent of your choice.

  • Build Your Team

    You can test or interview your chosen resources and start building your remote team.

  • Get Going

    Once you have selected your resources, your remote staff can start within 8 hours.

3,072 Clients Have Said Yes to VE

Earning plaudits from 33 countries

MEP Engineers FAQs

All your queries and questions answered

Is it possible to have a free trial before hiring?

Virtual Employee offers 1-week free trial with its MEP engineers. You can work with your handpicked resource for a week without making any payment. You can cancel anytime during the course of the trial if the resource doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Will the MEP engineer work according to my schedule?

The MEP engineers you hire will work the hours you want them to. They can follow your work schedule or can even work according to Indian shift hours. You can continually monitor and interact with them daily just like you would do with your local resources.

Can I interview and take evaluation tests before hiring?

Virtual Employer is stringent in its selection criteria. We put all our hires through several rounds of extensive testing and interviews in a bid to select only the best resources. However, if you wish to conduct your own tests and interviews to gauge a resource’s suitability for your task, we will facilitate it.

How easy it is to scale up or down with VE?

With Virtual Employee you can scale up or down with just an email. If you are happy with your resource and want to add more remote workers to your team, you can talk to your client account manager (CAM) and we will arrange the resources you need. Similarly, you can let go off a staffer with just an email.

I have very sensitive legal data, can I trust its safety?

At VE we are sticklers for data security. Our security system works in accordance with the EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our employees sign a mandatory non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are also an ISO 27001-2013-certified and CMMiL3-assessed firm.

What happens if my MEP engineer from VE takes leave?

Unfortunately, other MEP engineers cannot take over from your hired resource(s). However, if you are working with our team model, we always keep staff on standby to fill in for any absent resource—in case of any emergency—to ensure that your work never stops.

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