Hire CRO Experts in IndiaTo Understand Your Customers Better

Conversion is the lifeline of an online business as website traffic has no worth without a conversion. Our CRO experts in India combine data, creativity, and experience to fetch conversions from your visitors and take your business to the next level.
India is a land of technical wizards and offers you an opportunity to choose resources from a vast talent pool. Huge cost savings, time zone advantage, innovation and fresh talent makes India the best choice for outsourcing.
Hire CRO experts with VE, one of the best conversion rate optimization companies in India to enjoy benefits like never before. Onboard highly experienced CRO professionals to convert your traffic into revenue and enjoy the perks of outsourcing to India as well.

From anything to everything related to conversions, traffic, heatmaps, CTRs and more, VE’s conversion optimization experts have the expertise to optimize your website and pages to bring the best out of your PPC campaigns and strategies.
VE’s conversion rate specialists have helped companies from various industries to double, triple and even quadruple their website conversion rates. Before you spend another penny on advertising to get more website traffic, maximize your website’s ability to convert visitors into leads and sales with VE’s CRO expert team.

6 reasons why companies outsource CRO services to Virtual Employee:

  • CXL certified conversion rate optimization experts.
  • Continuous training to the team.
  • Quick win tactics that drive revenue.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research for smarter A/B tests.
  • Professional support by certified copywriters and designers.
  • Google Analytics setup to gather valuable insights.
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Implement Data-Based Solutions toStop Losing Customers to Competitors

Stop Losing Customers to Competitors

Turn Your Site Visitors into CustomersComprehensive CRO Services

Conversion rate optimization helps you to understand why or why not the visitors are buying from your site. Our CRO team helps you to increase your traffic without actually increasing your budget. Outsource CRO services to VE to make informed and data-backed decisions.

User Analysis
User Analysis

Our conversion rate optimization experts perform detailed analysis to gather useful insights about user behavior, preferences and demographics. They also research keywords and track common activities to understand the requirement of every visitor.

Conversion Funnel Analysis
Conversion Funnel Analysis

Our CRO team conducts an in-depth conversion funnel analysis which includes factors such as website copy, design aesthetics, website usability, current conversion rate, and more. The motive is to find out the loopholes and weaknesses of the site to enhance it.

Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization

Virtual Employee’s conversion rate optimization professionals from India make sure that your landing pages have engaging content with eye-catching appeal, clear messaging and minimum visual distractions so that it triggers conversion.

A/B Testing
A/B Testing

A/B testing is crucial to find out what works and what not. Our team of CRO professionals helps to figure out challenges such as bounce rate and cart abandonments. They also do multivariate testing to confirm that your website excels in UI/UX design.

Heatmap and Click-Tracking
Heatmap and Click-Tracking

Conversion rate optimization experts at VE make sure that the customers are clicking at the right places and the CTAs are making the right impact. Our CRO team also assist you in understanding the user journey and path analysis to uncover conversion challenges.

Conversion Focused Redesign
Conversion Focused Redesign

Design not only adds grace to your site but also helps to increase conversion rate. Even the smallest elements such as radio buttons and CTAs impact your site conversion. Our expert CRO team help you optimize your website’s design to make it more engaging and user friendly.

Data, Processes and Tactics that willImprove Your Conversions in Record Time

User Recordings
User Recordings

Find out what people actually do on your website.

Attention Ratio

Eliminate distractions and bring user attention to one CTA only.

Form Optimization
Form Optimization

Test form length, multi-step forms, button text variations and more.

Smart Pop-ups
Smart Pop-ups

Reduce bounce rates with the help of activity-based smart pop-ups.

Credibility Signals
Credibility Signals

Social proofing techniques such as adding testimonials and awards improves credibility.


Observe where people click, move or scroll on your site with heatmap recordings.

The 5-Step Custom ProcessVE’s CRO Experts Follow

  • Research

    Our conversion rate optimization experts collect company, website and customer data to analyze every touch point.

  • Hypotheses

    Next, our CRO specialists outline what needs to be tested and prepare a strategy to find out what, where and how to be tested.

  • Planning

    Our CRO experts will figure out what to attack first according to the PIE (Potential for improvement, Importance, and Ease) framework.

  • Testing

    This is the testing phase. Our experts utilize the best and latest tools to perform game-changing tests for your landing pages and website.

  • Analysis

    VE’s CRO experts will then deploy the winning hypotheses and gather information for future tests and planning.


Hire CRO Expert

Hiring CRO ExpertWas Never This Easy

VE’s advanced hiring model lets you hire resources in a jiffy. Save time and money and onboard top-notch talent quickly. Eliminate all the hassles of traditional hiring and hire easily in just 4 steps.

Hire a CRO Expert
  • Brief us

    Talk to us

    Brief us about the offshore CRO services and results you are looking for.

  • Handpick your expert

    Take your Pick

    Choose from pre-screened CVs of candidates.

  • Build your team

    Build your team

    Test and interview the selected CRO experts.

  • Get going

    Get going

    If happy with the results, hire them straight away.

No Wonder98.2% Come Back Every Time

Track Every Click, Call and Lead withLatest CRO Tools & Technologies

  • Optimizely


    A multivariate A/B testing tool to unlock your full digital potential.

  • Unbounce


    Boost conversion rates & drive business with stunning landing pages.

  • Usability Hub

    Usability Hub

    To make informed design decisions.

  • AB Tasty

    AB Tasty

    Enjoy AI-powered experimentation & personalization, feature management and product optimization.

  • Google Optimize

    Google Optimize

    Increase visitor conversion rates and user satisfaction with regular testing.

  • VWO


    Create A/B tests and geo-behavioral targeting campaigns effortlessly.

  • Rebrandly


    To track URLs with the industry-leading link management platform.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and measure your ROI with Google Analytics.

  • Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg

    Get one tool for server side testing, session recording, heatmap, survey and more.

CRO Services FAQs

Virtual Employee offers up to 3-day free trial with your CRO consultant. Hire only if you are satisfied with the performance of the selected resource.

Virtual Employee has made the process of scaling up or down very easy. You just need to drop an email to hire a new resource.

We will introduce you formally with your resource. After the onboarding, you can easily connect with your resource via email, MS Team or Skype.

CRO’s primary goal is to increase conversion rates and affects visitors after they arrive on your website whereas SEO affects your visitors in the actual search engine results pages.

Why not. We put our CRO experts through stringent assessment processes. If you wish to interview and test them further, we readily facilitate the process.

Unfortunately, a replacement will not be possible. However, if you opt for a team model, then other CRO experts can surely fill in to continue the services.

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