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Your remote R expert at VE understands your project requirements, business expectations and goals to deliver a future-ready data analytics solution.

The certified R developers at VE will develop a prototype whilst keeping the project requirements in mind and send it across for the client’s approval.

Upon prototype approval, your virtual R programmers begin the development process and integrate the software with your existing system.

VE’s testing team thoroughly evaluates the system and informs the R development team about the issues and bugs that need to be fixed.

Once your R software developer fixes the bugs and issues in the system, the updated R programming solution is deployed into your active system.

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Let Our Experts Answer Your

R Programming Questions

R programming provides a variety of benefits right out of the box, some of which are:
  • Comprehensive Package Support
  • Supreme Compatibility
  • Ultimate Platform Flexibility
  • Facilitates Big Data Analytics
Here are the top skills that your certified R Developers needs to have:
  • Vast knowledge of R and other data languages
  • Knowledge of every industry-level data operation
  • Familiarity with standard R frameworks and libraries
  • Robust automation skills and experience
  • Understanding of complex mathematics
R and Python are both recognized as tools to implement machine learning. A little while ago, Python wasn’t able to deal with large-scale data analysis and ML. But it has been rapidly catching up to R. So, choose our Python development services if you want to use a language that is relatively easy and offers basic machine-learning functionality. The ones who prefer a more sophisticated and traditional language can opt to use R.
R isn’t a programming language for the front end since statistics would not usually be counted as user-facing content. R is seldom used in combination with other programming languages to create a full stack. Data is just a piece of information and it doesn’t necessarily work with a back-end or front-end.
Yes, it does! VE values expertise and knowledge. The reason why we hire only highly skilled and experienced R developers with top certifications.

Harness Business Intelligence – Hire R Programmers from India

There’s a global shortage of skilled R developers and finding one for your project could be quite draining. India has the 2nd largest number of R programmers in the world. With 6000+ R developers and benefits like significant cost savings, superior talent and quality results, India is your best bet to set up your ace R team. So, outsource R development to India now for optimized costs, swift business processes and added innovation....

Is Outsourcing R Programming to India – The Right Decision?

Sitting on a goldmine of data and unable to make the most of it? To arrange data in a readable manner, you require one-off programming for statistical reporting and measurements. This is where R chips in with its development environment for graphic imaging and statistical computing of your data. Virtual Employee, one of the top R development companies in India, can help you hire an R Developer 60% faster than the industry average and at a fraction of the local cost. Your certified R programmer at VE can help build expert data analysis solutions to understand customer behavior and enhance operational efficiency. VE’s remote R expert from India helps you make sense of massive datasets compiled and stored from time to time. Here are the top skills of your dedicated R developer:

  • Adept Implementation of R Packages
  • Steadfast Knowledge of Data Munging
  • Conversant with Version Control Systems
  • Lexical & Dynamic Scoping Expertise
  • Advanced Data Visualization Skills

1000+ companies use the R programming language to tackle various business challenges. So, is it the right time to quit MS Excel for data management? Here are the tech giants who’ve done it and scaled new heights:

  • Google for advertising effectiveness
  • Ford for improving vehicle designs
  • Twitter to monitor user experience
  • Facebook for behavior analysis
  • Uber for statistical analysis
  • ANZ for credit risk modeling

Why Hire Certified R Programmers from Virtual Employee?

Every R project has unique requirements. And finding the right fit can prove to be the difference between failure and success. At VE, we help you hire an R developer that best suits your project’s needs. Hire a certified R developer from VE who works exclusively for you. Get complete control over your R programming project. Also, you can hire a team of virtual R programmers from us and get one senior team lead completely free. Lastly, you can go for our hourly hiring model. Purchase bulk hours and enjoy our pay-as-you-consume model, depending upon the workload.

The R developers are basically computer programmers who are categorized as mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists and any other professional who works on data and statistics. Owing to this reason, R programmers are generally not just developers. They might operate in a primary profession that’s not openly linked to computer science and utilize the R programming language to complement their work.

Either way, R programmers are intensely conversant with the organization of data and they have the brains to recognize how to manage data as well. The professionals are well-versed in R and generate meaningful content when provided with a set of data. Such skills provide R developers the leverage to work at large businesses and tech giants that depend heavily on productive research.

How Do You Benefit from Hiring Virtual R Experts from India?

Data is an essential element of every project. R programming language intends to make data more accessible and functional. However, you require R developers to employ R adequately enough to attain the final goal. Although a simple spreadsheet is a convenient tool for spontaneous sales, the growth of your business will advantage from truly scalable software, and the experts required to handle it.

R programming language can help you in several ways. For an instance, Rmarkdown is a framework employed for reporting that can assist in creating presentations, blogs, websites, etc. You can also go for the Shiny framework that can be utilized for planning responsive web apps. If you are curious about knowing what R programming language can do for the growth of your business, consider consulting with VE’s expert R developer!

Why Should You Outsource R Development to Virtual Employee?

The R programmers at VE are pre-vetted, interviewed, and then prepared further to turn into proper software specialists, skilled in adjusting to situations that fall within or even outside of the range of their primary expertise. At Virtual Employee, we hold our programmers to a superior standard. Similar to how prime special forces units enroll solely the best from primary divisions of the military, we employ developers who either display remarkable potential or exhibit extraordinary skills. VE then takes their abilities and refines them even more.

One more advantage of hiring VE’s certified R developer is that you aren’t going to suffer any hiring costs, which would amount to nearly 30% of an experience developer’s salary on the whole, along with overhead costs linked to full-time employment. Partnering with Virtual Employee, you can hire an extensively skilled full-time developer at cents on the dollar, together with additional project management support.

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