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Hire Embedded
Testing and Verification Engineers

Reduce your development time by up to 50%

We are an ISO-9001:2008 Certified company

A competent Embedded Verification Engineer can reduce your development time by up to 50%

Though a majority of errors in an embedded system crop up in the original specification, these cannot be detected until the test phase. An Embedded Testing and Verification Engineer can use the verification tools throughout the development process to find design errors well in advance.

We have an in house team of experienced Testing and Verification Engineers that you can hire as your dedicated employees. They have expertise in developing test scripts, delivering system and performing test automation. Our verification engineers are well versed with the latest tools including NI-ELVIS-II, Logic Analyzers, Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generators and Data Logger. Although we do not have these tools, we can work with them if the client provides these tools. You can make huge cost savings by leveraging their hands on experience in model-based testing and loop simulation for control modules.

Our Embedded Test and Verification Engineers can also test and verify the embedded hardware that they have created or any client specific hardware.

VE’s Embedded Testing and Verification expertise:

Some of the Verification and Testing tools used by our engineers:


Logic Analyzers

Digital Oscilloscope

Function Generators

Data Logger

Although we don’t have these tools, we have a rich experience in using them

VE’s Skilled Embedded Testers ensure an error-free
embedded system

The success of an embedded system hinges on its accuracy in performing the functions it has been developed for. To make sure that your embedded devices work flawlessly, make sure you hire best available Embedded Testing and Verification Engineers. They should have an in-depth understanding of the verification techniques and the ability to deliver the expected results consistently. The verification and testing engineers of VE have all these attributes to make your embedded system perform flawlessly.

Some projects handled by VE's Embedded team: