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Top Reasons to Hire Microsoft Excel Experts

Mundane data-related tasks are better outsourced to India

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a sole proprietor, if you’re looking for Excel experts for hire, your search ends here. Our Excel data entry services are designed to help you take full advantage of this Microsoft program. Rest assured, with VE, the leading Excel company in India, you no longer need to worry about:

  • Filtering large sets of data

    You can hire Microsoft Excel experts who know how to break down large sets of data into business-specific file templates for you to use.

  • Applying formulas to data

    A Microsoft Excel specialist should be able to generate averages, sums, maximums, etc. With us, that’s a given.

  • Sorting business data

    Excel data entry plays an important role in decision making. Our experts ensure that you have easy-to-understand data at disposal.

  • Building graphs & charts

    Outsourcing Excel work to VE gives you access to data-driven graphs & charts, which in turn help you keep tabs on the latest trends.

  • Creating business reports

    Hire Microsoft Office Excel expert to keep track of your own performance. Get them to create monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports for you.

  • Applying conditional formatting

    A Microsoft Office Excel expert can help you identify important cells faster, using predefined criteria.

Every Microsoft Excel specialist on our payroll is well-versed with the nuances of this program and knows how to build and execute macros, put VBA programming to use, and leverage SUMPRODUCT, INDIRECT, INDEX, MATCH and OFFSET, if need be. So, if you’re looking for an Excel company in India, we fit the bill perfectly.

Outsource Excel work to take a tedious and time-consuming task off your plate. As a leading Excel company in India, we serve a global clientele in 33 countries, helping businesses focus on core and important tasks. With access to our Microsoft Excel experts, you can expect to take full advantage of the data at your disposal and can derive some useful insights for your business.

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Comprehensive Excel Data Entry Services

Handpick experts for your business-specific requirements

Excel VBA

Hire Excel VBA expert to facilitate the automation of continuous chains of tasks as per the “logic tree” and of course your individual requirements. Get the expert to make Excel talk to any of your data sources.

Dashboard, Charts, and Graphs

A Microsoft Excel specialist can help you view business-critical data in a visually impactful format. Hire one to ensure all your key information is in one place and can be compared against set criteria, if need be.

Excel Macros

Hiring an Excel macro expert to automate your processes makes pure business sense. Once you outsource Excel work to VE, you’d no longer have to spend countless hours, struggling with manual processes

Data Services

Right from Excel data entry services to preparing databases from scratch, we do it all. With us, you get to hire an MS Excel professional for one-time, non-repeated tasks as well as the repetitive ones.

Web Integration & eCommerce

The scope of services goes beyond Excel data entry and extends to a fast & easy data transfer between the Office and the Web. From WordPress to Magento, we can help you leverage Excel for any of the popular CMSs.

Forms & Questionnaires

Whether you need forms for ordering, marketing, managing contact lists, creating contracts or could use a questionnaire or two, our Excel programmers for hire can easily create one for you.


Our MS Excel professionals can help you handle large volumes of data, connect the Excel database to other data sources such as Access and Oracle, and get the most out of pivot tables, queries, and responsive dashboards.

Consulting Services

We have been offering Excel outsourcing services for long enough to have gained unmatched expertise in this domain. Do reach out if you are not sure how to take full advantage of Microsoft Excel


With VE, you need not make decisions based on hunches. Your dedicated MS Excel professional can collect, clean, and present data from multiple sources into one location, helping you analyze your real performance.

Why Outsource Excel Work to India

Looking for Excel experts for hire? India won’t let you down

Massive cost savings

Hire Microsoft Excel experts from India for a two-fold advantage: save big on money (and time).

Largest Talent Pool

From an entry level MS Excel professional to a Microsoft Excel certified expert, we have the largest talent pool.

Time zone advantage

A round-the-clock work culture ensures a rather quick TAT and an even quicker automation of your processes.

Why Choose VE For Microsoft Excel Services

No self-proclaimed Excel guru for hire.

Free Trial

Get to assess our quality before you choose us for Excel data entry services and other tasks. The only Excel company in India with such a level of confidence.

Dedicated Employees

Every Microsoft Excel expert working for us is a full-time employee. You get to monitor their work, unlike a freelancing MS Excel professional.

Value for Money

If you hire Microsoft Excel experts, especially a team, you spend a lot. With VE, you pay for 1 MS Excel expert, but leverage the expertise of a team.

360° Services

Every Excel spreadsheet expert works in close cohesion with a VBA expert and vice versa. No silos mentality, no inter-departmental roadblocks.

Zero overheads

Office rent, software & hardware cost, etc. become the least of your worries, after you outsource Excel to us. Heave a sigh of relief with VE.

Diverse Experience

From entry level tasks such as data entry in Excel worksheet to creating pivot tables, hire junior, mid, and senior experts for your requirements.

Hire Microsoft Excel Experts

Our Excel Outsourcing Services Process

A comprehensive 5-step process that your Microsoft Excel experts follow


    When you hire Microsoft Excel experts from VE, rest assured, we’d start off with a thorough understanding of your business goals and then proceed.


    Hire Excel programmers who analyze and evaluate every project and its technical requirements before coming up with a project plan.


    Our Microsoft Excel services are in tandem with the project plan. From pivot table creation to modifying macros, everything is taken care of in this phase.


    Whether you hire a Microsoft Excel professional for accounts, auditing, debt sheets, or managing employee records, your exact requirements are met.


    Stringent testing is carried out by your Microsoft Excel certified specialist, thereby ensuring an optimized and bug-free outcome.

Ace the New Normal with Excel Experts

Choose from 3 Business Models

Hire Excel Experts the Way You Want To

Dedicated model

You can hire a dedicated MS Excel professional exclusively. Feel free to monitor their work and give your feedback.

Team model

You can hire a team of Excel programmers with mixed skill sets but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, part-time or ad hoc

Our Excel outsourcing services can be opted for in three variations: 8 or 4hours/day, or on an ad hoc basis.

Hire Microsoft Excel Experts in a Jiffy

Traditional outsourcing has its share of disadvantages, which our innovative business model is designed to address. With VE, you always hire the right people.

  • Brief Us

    What all Microsoft Excel services do you wish to outsource?

  • Hand-pick the Best Resources

    Scour through CVs of triple-vetted candidates.

  • Choose Your Team

    Online interviews possible via phone or video conference.

  • Get Going

    Hire an MS Excel expert straight away. No delays.

Why Clients Outsource Excel Work to Us

Our Microsoft Excel services come loaded with benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know before you outsource Excel work to VE

What are the skills of your Excel programmers for hire?

Our experts are familiar with all the features including Pivot Tables, Data Models, Formulas and Functions, etc. They know Macros inside out, and are equally good with ARRAY formulas and circular references.

Who all can benefit from your Microsoft Excel services?

Our services cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions, Non-profit Organizations, Individuals, etc. Anyone who needs expert data entry services should outsource.

What is the scope of your Excel outsourcing services?

Apart from Microsoft Excel, our experts also know their way around Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI. So, whether you’re looking to hire a Microsoft Access expert or a spreadsheet professional, we make the cut.

Do you also undertake Macro/VBA debugging?

Yes. From rewriting the code to get rid of the errors to making the workbooks and databases more efficient, we do it all. We have a zero bug-tolerance policy. You find one in our solutions, we fix it for free.

Can I have a trial before hiring Microsoft Excel experts?

Yes. Excel experts for hire are available with a 4-hour FREE trial. Assess their skills before they start working on your project. If you’re looking for a longer trial period, you can opt in for a paid one.

What is your pricing structure?

Outsource Excel soft services to India on a prepaid basis. We need you to pay for the 1st month’s invoice, the 15-day notice period fee, along with a copy of the signed contract before your Microsoft Excel professional starts working.

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