Why Outsource Transcription Services to India

The world’s second-largest English-speaking nation offers a wide option in professional transcription services

Massive talent pool of English-speaking transcriptionists. Fast turnaround times, thanks to the time zone difference. Amazing cost saving benefits. These are just some of the advantages of outsourcing transcription services to India that any business or organization can enjoy. And if you hire a top-notch and reliable transcription company in India, well, your benefits just doubled!

Transcription, today, is one of the best ways to remain competitive and expand your business growth. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a transcription expert in India is that you extend the scope and reach of your content by targeting multiple target audiences without blowing your budget – people get to consume your content in different formats.

Outsourced transcription services in India are in huge demand globally. This means you go from searching to hiring within hours, especially if you partner with well-established and reliable transcription outsourcing companies in India like Virtual Employee. With its 7 global offices and 1500+ staff, Virtual Employee has become the go-to offshore transcription company for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to get quality transcription work done in India.

Here are 6 advantages of outsourcing transcription work to professionals in India:


  • Experts with an eye for detail and an ear for difficult words
  • Three-tier quality checks for 100% accuracy
  • Great understanding of jargon and technical language
  • Well-versed with all file formats and transcription software
  • Extensive experience in medical, business, software, legal and IT fields
  • Ability to follow complicated formatting guidelines and respect deadlines
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360° Transcription Services

From deciphering video, audio feed to transcribing sensitive legal content, VE Transcription experts do it all

Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription

Outsource medical transcription and get medical reports transcribed from audio files by doctors, physicians, nursing practitioners, and other healthcare providers.

Legal Transcription
Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is a necessity in the legal field. Court hearings, petitions, depositions and similar legal content support – get support for all kinds of outsourced legal transcription tasks.

Business Transcription
Business Transcription

Running a business and meetings often go hand in hand. Outsource the tedious transcription of minutes of the meetings, compilation of records of company meetings, and much else.

Video Transcription
Video Transcription

Outsource video transcription for multimedia-to-text formats of video footage, films, shows and similar files. Having a text back-up of a video is always a good idea.

Audio Transcription
Audio Transcription

Make use of technology to record interviews, chats, conversations and hire a professional transcriptionist to convert those podcasts and audio files into text documents.

Lectures & Speeches
Lectures & Speeches

Have a ready reference file of all your seminars, lectures and talks in text format for easy reference with our ace documentation and transcription services.

Academic Research Transcription
Academic Research Transcription

Hiring a transcriptionist to transcribe all kinds of academic research audio and video files into text format content for doctorates, lecturers and students can be such a life-saver.

Market Research Transcription

To be one up on your competition, avail the affordable services of an online transcriptionist who can help with extracting text resources from surveys, polls, research data, analyses.

Media Transcription
Media Transcription

Build up a formidable archives of video news footage, audio news clips made into text for future reference with the help of skilled remote transcriptionists from India.

Books & Journals
Books & Journals

Hire a transcriptionist to transcribe books and journals for compiling a text resource database from video and audio clips. This opens up more avenues for writing in different formats.

Subtitling Services
Subtitling Services

A video without text is often meaningless and confusing and actually defeats the purpose. Increase understanding, reach of video presentations through subtitles and expand your customer base.

Property & Insurance Transcription
Property & Insurance Transcription

Get an expert transcriptionist to transcribe inspection reports, real-estate deeds and land records as well as insurance files for claims adjusters, agents and other insurance professionals.

Verbatim Transcription
Verbatim Transcription

Record the spoken work for future reference. VE’s skilled transcriptionists have enviable typing speeds and can rapidly transcribe spoken content into text in exactly the way it’s spoken.

Webcast Transcription
Webcast Transcription

Convert your webcasts into text files by getting a trained online transcriptionist to carry out accurate transcripts of webcasts in searchable and indexable text formats.

Audio Editing
Audio Editing

Don’t need the entire audio file? No worries. Hire our transcriptionists to transcribe only relevant voice sections by screening them and lifting chunks of audio content.

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Why Outsource Transcriptionists to India

Fastest delivery. Hassle-free communication. Top quality.

Massive Cost Savings
Massive Cost Savings

Hire dedicated transcriptionists from India to cut down on the exorbitant local costs involved.

Largest Talent Pool
Largest Talent Pool

With 4 million graduates entering the field annually, you have the luxury of your choice of transcriptionists.

Time Zone Advantage
Time-zone Advantage

A round-the-clock work culture helps you stay ahead of the curve and get faster results.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services to VE

From language proficiency to intelligently filling audio gaps

Free Trial
Free Trial

Unsure if we are the right fit? Try us before you hire to assess our caliber and expertise

Dedicated Employees
Dedicated Employees

With VE, say goodbye to freelancing woes as your remote transcriptionist works exclusively for you

No Long-Term Obligations
No Long-Term Obligations

No need to sign long-term contracts. Benefit from our play-pause-resume business model.

Zero Overheads
Zero Recruitment, Set-Up Costs

No need to recruit staff & pay for overheads and employee benefits. VE takes care of all that.

Data Security Transcription
Data Security & Confidentiality

Your data stays totally confidential at all times with us as VE’s systems are firewall protected.

100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee

Your investment of cost with us comes with a solid 100% money back guarantee. All risk gets dissolved.

Our 6-Step Transcription Process

From intelligent verbatim to providing time stamps, VE’s professional transcriptionists follow a comprehensive process
  • Send Your Files

    Share the source file of your audio or video that has to be transcribed.

  • Transcribing

    The transcriptionist then listens to the files and types out the text. The file is double-checked to ensure nothing is missed.

  • Proofreading

    Each audio/video file is transcribed into Microsoft Word and then edited and proofread minutely for spelling and grammar issues.

  • Formatting

    If formatting instructions are given, they are then added to the transcribed file (especially for legal transcripts).

  • Final Quality Check

    After formatting, the final file is again checked for accuracy, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Submission

    After a thorough check, the final transcribed file is sent to you.


Tools and Software used by VE’s Transcription Experts

VE provides its professional Transcriptionists with the latest software and top-end facilities

Noise-Canceling Headphones
  • For crystal clear audio quality
High-Speed Internet Connectivity
  • For quick delivery of assignments
Large-Screen Monitors
  • For playing multiple files simultaneously
Latest Software, like Express Scribe
  • For managing all kinds of files & needs
Popular Word Document Formats
  • For delivering in any format demanded
Ergonomic Set-Up, Chair & Desk
  • For comfortable work environment

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Our innovative business model enables you to win over the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

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Got a Question on Transcription Services?

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We follow industry norms and the turnaround time to transcribe one hour of audio can be up to four hours. It may take a little longer if the quality of the audio file is poor and if there are multiple speakers.

We follow a three-tier process of quality checks. Proof reading is inbuilt within the Transcription service. After transcribing, the transcript is double-checked to make sure nothing is missed. If there is content that’s hard to hear or understand, this is marked as inaudible in the transcript.

Your virtual employee can work: a) your shift hours, b) overlapping shift hours, c) Indian shift hours. It all depends on what suits you.

The transcripts produced by VE’s transcriptionists in India are 99% accurate. Our standard transcription style is intelligent verbatim; this means filler words like ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘er’ and false starts are not included in the finished transcript, unless requested.

Yes, we can provide timestamps if required. We are also happy to provide custom transcription services for customers who require transcriptions with a personalised style. Our high copy-typing speed allows us to have a fast turnaround time, without compromising on accuracy.

Yes, you may have up to 3-day Free Trial with an employee. If you want to exceed this time limit, then that will be a paid one.

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