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As an ISO 27001:2013 certified and CMMiL3 assessed company, VE always assures its clients of breach-proof data security and confidentiality.

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ashley viveiros

My real estate VA has been instrumental in the growth of our business.

Ashley Viveiros
Team Lead, Colliers International, Western Canada

My VA has been very organized and handling all our back office administration.

Christine Lau
Broker Associate, Condowong Real Estate INC, Toronto
William Cole

VE's virtual assistant doubled our expected prospective

William Cole
President, Student Care,
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Bid Management

Tracking bids on a property can be challenging. Your company can only gain credibility if it manages bids appropriately. Your real estate virtual assistant can organize incoming bids, noting any information you think is relevant. This will provide you a detailed list and roadmap for the next steps when the bidding process ends.

Your real estate VA can upload professional photos and video assets for a 3D tour. When your properties are displayed with high-quality, current images, you can ensure every potential client can review them. The result is a smoother sales process, as customers can see the offers and know what to expect.

You will be on top of your game when implementing a digital media strategy for your real estate business. Your real estate VA will help you accomplish it by creating listing websites and populating them with whatever content is appropriate for your business. Our real estate assistants specialize in website creation, blogging, SEO, and content marketing.

Our real estate virtual assistants will assist you in maintaining a strong Google business profile with positive reviews that can enhance your online reputation and increase hits on your website, potentially resulting in more business for you.

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Have More Questions? This Might Help

FAQs on Real Estate VA Outsourcing

We know how challenging it is to hire great employees who can work smartly and efficiently without much supervision. With us, you will be partnered with tech-savvy real estate virtual assistants who can take care of the tasks you do not even enjoy. With your virtual assistant, you do not have to deal with a messy hiring process or costly costs.
Yes. All our real estate virtual agents at VE have a background in real estate and are well-versed in handling tasks related to your property business. You do not have to spend any extra time on their training.
You get professionals who are experts in their field. They know how to chase leads and close deals. If you still wish to test them first, try our popular no-obligation, no-payment up to 3-day free trial.
Your real estate virtual assistant can handle all tasks you assign. Their duties include researching real estate, listing properties, and managing tasks, such as email management, scheduling appointments, customer interaction, document management, data entry, market research, lead generation, and more.

Outsource Real Estate VA to India to Unlock Your Operational Excellence

Do you recall the last time you slept well at night or went on vacation without feeling the need to quickly skim emails or worry about getting more work done? Well, chances are you may not have had the time to do so if you are still curious about the answers. Hire real estate virtual assistant to operate remotely on your behalf to revolutionize your working day and relieve you of your onerous daily workload. You can delegate all the time-consuming responsibilities to a virtual assistant for real estate investors so that you can spend more time with your family or working on growing your business. ...

A virtual real estate assistant from India is a lifesaver who helps you reclaim your valuable time so you can focus on closing transactions, which is your area of expertise, or spend time with your family and friends. They provide remote administrative, marketing, and operational assistance to real estate professionals such as real estate agents, brokers, investors, or property managers. The virtual assistants assist their clients remotely with a variety of communication and software tools.

Different Types of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

There are 4 categories of real estate virtual assistants. They are:

  • Administrative Real Estate VAs – Administrative virtual assistants are experts in office management, scheduling, data entry, phone calls, and back-office tasks such as expense reporting and bookkeeping. Anything that falls under the purview of an office’s management and can be monitored remotely falls within their purview.
  • Sales Real Estate VAs – With the help of a sales virtual assistant, you can build an effective and efficient sales process by reaching out to new consumers via phone and email, nurturing prospects, and closing more sales.
  • Customer Service Real Estate VAs – Customer service virtual assistants handle phone calls and e-mails to provide your clients with a pleasant experience. Among their responsibilities, they assist customers with sales processes, process refund requests, manage CRM, and gather feedback to improve your organization’s current systems.
  • Marketing Real Estate VAs – A marketing virtual assistant develops and implements your marketing plan across all channels, including search, social, and email. They generate customized material for each channel and assist you in bringing your A1 game to the table.

What are the Tasks Performed by a Real Estate VA?

Real estate VAs can handle a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Administrative Support – Administrative tasks include managing emails, scheduling appointments, organizing documents, preparing reports, and handling general administrative tasks.
  • Marketing Support – The real estate VAs create and manage online listings, coordinating social media campaigns, designing marketing materials, and assisting with lead generation and follow-up.
  • Research and Analysis – This task includes conducting market research, gathering property data, analyzing market trends, and assisting with investment analysis.
  • Transaction Coordination – The real estate virtual assistants assist with contract preparation, managing paperwork, coordinating with clients and other parties involved in the transaction, and ensuring a smooth transaction process.
  • Customer Support – Handling client inquiries, providing property information, responding to emails or phone calls, and maintaining customer relationships falls under customer support.
  • Website and Technology Management – This task includes managing websites, updating property listings, optimizing search engine visibility, and utilizing real estate-specific software and tools.

By hiring a real estate VA, you can delegate your time-consuming tasks, streamline your operations, and focus on revenue-generating activities. Real estate VAs can bring efficiency and flexibility to your business while reducing the need for physical office space and in-house staff.

What are the Skills that a Real Estate VA Should Possess?

To be an effective real estate virtual assistant, there are several skills and competencies that are valuable in supporting real estate professionals. Here are some essential skills of a real estate VA:

  • Real Estate Knowledge – A good real estate VA should have a basic understanding of the real estate industry, including common terminology, property types, and the buying/selling process. This knowledge allows them to better assist clients and perform tasks specific to real estate.
  • Communication Skills – Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are crucial for a real estate VA. They need to be able to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, and other parties involved in real estate transactions. Clear and professional communication is essential in handling client inquiries, coordinating appointments, and managing client relationships.
  • Organization and Time Management – Real estate involves handling multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously. A real estate VA should possess excellent organizational and time management skills to prioritize tasks, manage calendars, and ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Attention to Detail – Real estate transactions often involve complex paperwork and legal documents. A real estate VA should have a keen eye for detail to review and manage these documents accurately. Attention to detail is also important in maintaining accurate records, managing listings, and handling financial aspects.
  • Technology Proficiency – Real estate Virtual Assistants should be proficient in using various software and online tools commonly used in the industry. This includes customer relationship management (CRM) systems, document management platforms, virtual meeting software, email clients, and social media platforms. Proficiency in real estate-specific software, such as MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platforms, can be particularly valuable.
  • Research and Analytical Skills – Real estate VAs may be responsible for conducting market research, gathering property data, and analyzing market trends. Strong research and analytical skills are essential to provide accurate and valuable information to clients and support decision-making processes.
  • Customer Service Skills – Providing excellent customer service is crucial for a real estate VA. They should be professional, friendly, and responsive in their interactions with clients. Strong customer service skills help build and maintain positive client relationships.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities – Real estate transactions can present challenges and unexpected situations. A real estate VA should have good problem-solving skills to handle issues that may arise during the course of their work. This includes finding creative solutions, making informed decisions, and effectively resolving conflicts.

These skills, combined with a strong work ethic, reliability, and adaptability, can make a real estate VA a valuable asset in supporting real estate professionals in their daily operations.

5 Benefits of Hiring Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants

  • Cost Effectiveness– Get your calls professionally answered for a small portion of what an on-site assistant would cost. As we will provide the Real Estate Virtual Assistant in India with all the infrastructure and technology required to complete the tasks, you no longer need to worry about bearing the infrastructure costs associated with hiring an in-house assistant. As a result, you receive outstanding service at a reasonable price.
  • Call Redirecting – When necessary, your Real Estate Virtual Assistant will direct the appropriate calls to you. Every call is not urgent and does not require your immediate attention, as our virtual assistants are aware of. In addition, they will take care of all unnecessary calls while ensuring that the ones that matter get your attention, thereby reducing your burden and increasing efficiency.
  • Accurate Note-Taking – Your virtual assistant will accurately record notes and messages and deliver them to the appropriate people. You no longer must be concerned about missing any crucial communications from your clients. Your virtual assistant will keep all meeting notes and facts in one place for easy access, and they will make sure that you and everyone else in your office have access to information when needed.
  • Handling Incoming Emails – In addition to taking calls, our team can respond to daily customer emails. It might be a laborious and time-consuming effort to manage the daily email inflow. You should pay more attention to other things in real estate than email. All email correspondence is handled by a virtual assistant with the utmost professionalism.
  • Customized and Flexible Service – Your team’s schedule and business hours govern how we operate. You only pay for the time we really put in. With the use of tracking software, you can monitor the tasks that your virtual assistant completes. When it comes to seasonal work, where it could be challenging to find an internal employee, our virtual assistants are ideal to hire. Your company’s operations are made more flexible by our best virtual assistants for real estate investors.

Why Should You Outsource Real Estate VA Services to Virtual Employee?

Your time-consuming tasks, such as monitoring emails, updating property lists, doing research, and taking calls, can be efficiently handled by a dedicated real estate assistant. When you hire real estate virtual assistants from Virtual Employee, one of India’s leading real estate virtual assistant companies, you can count on your offshore real estate virtual assistant in India to follow up, provide excellent customer service, and build client relationships. Your remote real estate virtual assistant from India will always be available to proactively follow up.

4 Reasons Why Companies Outsource their Real Estate VA Services to VE in India:

  • Virtual Assistants have excellent listening and writing skills.
  • Well-versed in researching, gathering, and presenting data.
  • Work according to your schedule and timing requirements.
  • Generate more qualified leads in a shorter period of time.

Grow Your Real Estate Business with the VE Advantage:

  • Business Benefits – Real estate VA outsourcing to VE can save you money and time as well as reduce your administrative and management headaches. You can choose to outsource some, or all your real estate-related back-office or front-office tasks.
  • English Proficiency – The resources we provide have strong English proficiency, neutral accents, and pleasant dispositions. Neutral accents enhance sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Long-term Stability – It is common to find our clients working with the same resource for more than 5 years, all leading to their projects being on track.
  • Onsite Visits – More than 100 clients from around the world have visited the VE offices, had intense brainstorming sessions with their teams, started new projects, and hired more resources.

Virtual Employee (VE), being one of the leading real estate service providers, is committed to advancing your pursuit of excellence. You can work less and enjoy the amazing business of real estate more by putting your trust in our knowledge to help you with all the things you just do not have time to handle. In addition, everyone knows that when you enjoy your work, you will definitely make more money. The ability of Virtual Employee to serve clients with the utmost excellence has been demonstrated in the past. We promise to provide our elite customers more time to concentrate on what is important to them, driving their firm to its highest level of production and growth.

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