Easy online collaboration, Video conferencing, state-of-the-art office

What really distinguishes VirtualEmployee.com from other outsourcing companies is that everything is geared to enhance the efficiency of your virtual employee, be it the ambience, the technology or the support staff. So, it is not surprising that the hardware and infrastructure provided to your virtual employee is maintained to international standards.

Hardware and Infrastructure

provided to your Virtual Employee

Our expert IT support team is equipped to cater to the specific requirements of our global partners. From dual screens to a particular software, VirtualEmployee.com’s technical team provides the client’s virtual employee with whatever is required to successfully handle the outsourced task.

Thus, to ensure that the client and their VE can work together closely and effectively our office is equipped with the following:

Internet connection

Multiple fast and stable leased line Internet connections. We provide two different bandwidths of 5Mbps and 2Mbps, as well as two separate broadband connections of 8Mbps each for those clients whose virtual employees need to download large volumes of data on a daily basis.


Multiple backup generators

Office infrastructure

  • Air conditioning
  • Comfortable and spacious office desks and seating
  • Telephone with a local number from your country


  • Windows XP and other commonly used office software.
  • Depending on what the client wants, we provide either a 32-bit or a 64-bit Windows machine. Moreover, the Windows Operating System is provided license free. However, we do charge the license fee for specific requirements of the client like Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Database Server and Dot Net Server. In short, all licensed software is chargeable but OS like Windows 7 or Windows XP is free.


  • Powerful PCs and laptops. All the hardware provided has a minimum configuration of 2GB ram. Our PCs and laptops are either Dell or HP and are powered by CoreI3 or Core2Duo. Dual-screen systems are also provided to those virtual employees whose clients need them to work with a large number of simultaneously open tabs.
  • TFT monitors
  • Fax machine, printer, and scanner
  • Skype Web cam
  • Headphones


is located in the prestigious Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The companies that set up their units within the Special Economic Zone are provided with built up space and developed plots. For starters, the new office will be of an absolute global standard, boasting central air-conditioning and central heating facilities in addition to many other facilities for the benefit of its employees. The SEZ complex also offers add-on essential services such as food courts, ATMs, banks, post office and fire services. Among the many features of the new office are world-class infrastructure, modern workstations, employee-friendly restrooms and relaxing lounges alongwith a canteen.

Virtual Workplace

VirtualEmployee.com makes provisions for employees to either work in a virtualised work environment where all client data gets stored onto VirtualEmployee.com’s virtual servers and not on the employee’s PC; or in which the employee’s PC and keyboard etc are directly connected to the client’s own system back in the UK or USA.

Video Conferencing facility

VirtualEmployee.com boasts a special Video Conferencing facility in which clients and their virtual employee(s) interact with each other in ‘real’ time from across a large screen. Through this unique service, clients can both see and hear their virtual employees. This facility is great for conducting interviews with candidates (and putting a face to the name), imparting training sessions, having a group meeting with your virtual team, and allowing for greater face-to-face interaction with your virtual employee/ team and your own in-house local team.

Video Recording Studio

VirtualEmployee.com offers a state-of-the-art video recording studio in which clients can ask their virtual employees to create and record videos for promoting their website and online business interests. We are aware of how expensive it is to hire a professional video recording studio to create videos in the UK and USA. However, with VirtualEmployee.com’s newest offering, a client can easily ask his virtual employee to create videos on any aspect of his business. This service is free of cost and a client can make as many videos as they want.

As is obvious, with our emphasis on superior hardware and infrastructure, it is easy to collaborate with your VE in India – something that is simply not possible with a freelancer. These are the factors that don’t just enhance the outsourcing experience but also create a favourable and encouraging climate for the client to invest more of their time and resources in the days to come. So, what could have started as a very basic outsourcing of a simple software application could well escalate into a very complex coding project, since all the necessary props for success are already in place.

Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly used software can generally be provided to your employee as can standard office equipment.

Providing your employee with additional hardware/software is dependent upon the nature of the additional hardware/software that is required. Please speak with one of our Client Account Managers to see if your additional requirements can be met free of extra charge.

The VirtualEmployee.com office is maintained to international standards and we provide the latest hardware and software to every employee.

Hardware includes:
  • Powerful PCs and laptops (Dell or HP)
  • Dual-screen (and sometimes even three-screen) systems for those Virtual Employees whose clients need them to work with copious amounts of data
  • TFT monitors
  • Fax machine, printer, and scanner
  • Skype Web cam
  • Headphones
Software includes:
  • Windows XP and other commonly used office software.
  • License-free Windows Operating System. However, we do charge the license fee for specific requirements of the client like Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Database Server and Dot Net Server. In short, all licensed software is chargeable but OS like Windows 7 or Windows XP is free.

We also have separate rooms for video conferencing and a state-of-the-art video recording studio.

VirtualEmployee.com has its headquarters and two branch offices at the prestigious Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) and two more offices in Noida as well. It also has its sales offices in the UK, US and Australia.

We are planning to expand into other cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai for greater talent acquisition as well as overseas.

Although we can quickly scale to several employees at a short notice, the rate at which we can scale depends on two factors: the nature of the skill set that needs to be hired as well as the years of experience that a client requires. Additionally, if you have opted for our Gold Recruitment service, the speed of scalability increases.


We have a very well organized set up here and have sufficient infrastructure to accommodate teams of all sizes. We also provide separate rooms for clients if the nature of their work is private and confidential. A client's entire team (irrespective of size) gets to sit together, making communication and interaction between team members and with the client very easy.

We have 5 offices across the National Capital Region (NCR) near New Delhi. We are in a high-profile IT Business Park (the Special Economic Zone) supported by the Government of India. We can increase our office space within the Business Park even on a short notice.