Why Hire Electrical Engineers from India

Experienced workforce. Faster solutions. 24*7 availability.

Virtual Employee’s electrical engineers offer state-of-advanced-art solutions to a wide variety of engineering challenges, including electrical 2D drafting, panel layout, wiring diagrams and designs among a whole host of other services.

Virtual Employee’s remote electrical engineers in India have expertise in designing and deploying layouts for lighting and occupancy sensors. They also make CAD designs for housing schematic drawings, electrical panel structure scheduling and electrical planning. Our remote electrical engineering experts are also adept at providing computer-assisted drafting and drawing of security systems, CATV and audio-video (AV) systems.

Virtual Employee’s electrical engineers in India help building designers in planning, designing and deploying integrated electrical systems, taking into account all aspects of construction and development plans for a holistic solution. VE’s dedicated electrical engineers ensure that the designs function as intended and work flawlessly for the duration that they are built.

Virtual Employee’s stringent selection criteria ensures that only the best qualified and experienced electrical engineers make it to our payroll. Each resource is put through a triple-vetting process that begins at finding the right talent from India’s top engineering institutions and then putting them through rigorous tests and in-person interviews to separate the qualified electrical engineers who can handle modern electrical engineering problems and provide elegant and efficient solutions to our clients.

VE is among the top electrical engineering companies in India and outsourcing electrical engineering services to us will ensure that you get the full value for your investment with the work done to your specifications and built to last a long time.

Here are 6 reasons why companies hire electrical engineers from Virtual Employee in India:
  • Handpick electrical design engineers of your choice
  • English language proficiency ensures zero communication hassles
  • Assess your chosen resources for a week for free
  • Monitor your resource live and connect anytime you wish
  • Hire one electrical engineer or a team, whatever suits you
  • Your resource works from ‘your’ offshore remote office

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360° Electrical Engineering Services

Myriad engineering problems. Effective solutions.

Electrical Systems 3D Modelling

All designs are first created using 3D software. At Virtual Employee, we integrate electrical designs into building plans to address any potential problems that might crop up at a later stage. It also helps in devising coherent and holistic electrical plans that work seamlessly with other building systems.

PCB Design and Layout Services

VE’s remote electrical engineers offer design and layout services for all your printed circuit board needs. Shematic capture, PCB design, PCB layout, component footprint and capture prototype procurement are some of the PCB design and layout services that electrical engineers at VE excel at. Hire engineers with multiple years of experience for all such tasks.

CAD Blueprint Designs

CAD blueprints are vital in displaying the 3D models of buildings. Virtual Employee’s electrical design engineers in India are trained to integrate electrical designs within the blueprint and ensure the electrical wirings cause no problems with other components and it remains easy to keep track of the wiring fixtures.

Schematic Creation

As constructions get complex, schematic creations help to keep track of the myriad design elements. For all such scenarios, schematics help during the deployment process and also guide the laying of wires and panels for the system’s seamless functioning, and also in addressing problems whenever they occur.

Electrical Load Simulations

No electrical solution is complete without testing it for the amount of load it can take. Through electrical load simulation, Virtual Employee’s electrical service engineers in India test the maximum load various units can take and devise solutions accordingly to build robust and safe electrical systems.

Full Power Distribution System

From the relatively low power supply that your sockets receive to the huge amount of electricity that surges into your building from the transformer grid, it is essential to test each unit’s load and do a complete analysis of the power distribution system. VE’s electrical engineers are experienced in the task.

Detailed Circuit Diagrams

Virtual Employee’s dedicated electrical engineers provide detailed circuit diagrams for all purposes, including industrial systems and basic products that require electricity for their functioning. VE’s circuit diagrams contain all the technical information that you would need to disassemble, reassemble or for other such purposes.

Power Distribution Services

Hire offshore electrical engineers from VE to design accurate power distribution systems that help you conserve electricity and make your systems run efficiently. VE’s electrical designers have been designing power distribution systems for the last 10 years and have the right experience for all such tasks.

Solar Panel Design Services

Clean energy is the future and increasingly also the present. With fuel costs spiraling and contributing to an already heating planet, green energy is the way forward. Hire electrical engineers to make solar panel designs for your company or domestic use and save massively on electricity bills while contributing to a greener planet.

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring Electrical Engineers from VE

No hidden terms and conditions anywhere

Free Trial

Virtual Employee offers a 1-week free trial with its electrical engineers, which means that you can work with your handpicked resource for a week and continue only if you are convinced.

Full-time Employees

All our remote electrical engineers are Virtual Employee’s full-time resources. It gives you full-control over their services and puts you in charge of their working hours.

Triple-vetted Experts

VE triple vets its electrical engineers for technical and industry expertise before hiring to ensure that you get to hire full-time qualified personnel only.

Value for Money

Outsourcing electrical engineering services to VE not only helps you not only save 70% costs on your resources, but all other overhead costs are borne by us as well.

Zero Overheads

From office rent, infrastructure to HR, accounts and admin, VE takes care of everything for you. You only pay for your handpicked resource – everything else is on us.

Diverse Experience

VE hires its electrical engineers from varied backgrounds and a range of experiences. It gives you a plethora of options to pick the best resources for your needs.

Outsourcing to India Makes Pure Business Sense

Handpick directly from the technical pool which contributes to 30% of the Silicon Valley workforce

Largest Talent Pool

India produces more than 3 million engineers every year, which gives you an unmatched talent pool to handpick from.

Dedicated staff

Virtual Employee’s electrical engineers are our full-time employees, meaning you get the assurance of a permanent full-time staffer.

Massive Cost Savings

Electrical engineers charge a significant fee for their services. With VE, you get your work done at a fraction of the local cost.

Choose from Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

Switch seamlessly between the different work models with an email/phone call.

Dedicated Model

You are assigned one exclusive resource. It gives you complete control over your engineer and project.

Team Model

Hire a team of electrical engineers with multiple skill sets, but pay for the equivalent of one resource only.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending upon your requirement, you can hire electrical engineers on a full-time, part-time or ad-hoc basis.

Hiring Was Never This Easy

Share your requirement with us and your dedicated remote electrical engineer will be ready to start before the day ends.

  • Talk to Us

    What are your electrical engineering needs?

  • Handpick Your Expert

    Scour through triple-vetted CVs and handpick.

  • Build Your Team

    Interview them directly and take tests as well.

  • Get Going

    Review the results. Take your pick and start.

Latest Tools & Technologies That Keep Us Ahead

Technical Expertise That Allows VE’s Electrical Engineers to Dominate

  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD 3ds Max
  • Sketch Up
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • TinkerCAD
  • Creo
  • Fusion 360
  • MicroStation
  • PDS
  • SmartDraw
  • Alibre Design
  • Revit
  • SAP 2000
  • EdgeCAM
  • Tube CAD
  • AlphaCAM
  • SolidWorks CAM

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

Will I get a free trial before hiring?

Virtual Employee offers a 1-week no-commitment free trial with its electrical engineers in India. The trial gives you sufficient time to test our engineers and make an informed decision.

How do I communicate with my virtual electrical engineer?

With VirtualEmployee.com, communication is very easy. You can directly interact via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype.

Do I get a replacement resource if I am not satisfied?

All our electrical engineering expert are triple-vetted for expertise and experience, minimizing the chances of client dissatisfaction. However, if you are unhappy with your resource, you may request a replacement and get another resource.

How easy it is to scale up or down with VE?

Virtual Employee has made the process of scaling up or down extremely easy. If you need more resources to add to your ongoing project, you can initiate the addition with an email. Conversely, when your work gets done, you can scale down with an email.

I have very sensitive data, can I trust its safety?

VE has a stringent data security system in place, which works in accordance with the latest security guidelines of the world’s leading regulatory bodies. We are compliant with EU’s GDPR, Canada’s PIPEDA and US’ ECPA. Additionally, all our resources sign an NDA with us.

What happens if my electrical engineer from VE takes leave?

Unfortunately, other electrical engineers cannot take over from your chosen resource in the event of an emergency. However, if you choose to go with the team model, there’s always staff on standby to take over from your resource to ensure your work never stops.

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