Understanding the Need to Hire AJAX Developers

AJAX website development can give you the upper hand, but only if executed well

Any business, whether big or small, can benefit from faster and more responsive websites & applications. And that’s exactly what our top AJAX developers help you achieve – speed and responsiveness. Hire AJAX developers if you do not want extraneous data to affect the performance of your site or app. The best AJAX developers know how to handle requests for updated information without letting the said data play spoilsport.

Here’s why it makes perfect business sense to hire AJAX programmers:

  • Using JS and XMLHttpRequest, the top AJAX developers can easily help you improve upon the user experience (UX) and the quality of presentation.
  • The Document Object Model (DOM) that AJAX makes use of is known to facilitate the creation of dynamic and appealing web pages.
  • Our experienced developers easily execute complex tasks such as building search forms and chat rooms, and implementing voting scripts.

So, if you’re looking for feature-rich apps and websites, hire AJAX developers right away.


360° AJAX Development Services

Hire dedicated AJAX developers to create powerful, elegant and interactive applications

Web Development

Hire dedicated AJAX developer for web apps that use JS for server interaction and can be updated without reloading.

eCommerce Development

Looking for eCommerce apps with interactive interfaces? Handpick the best AJAX developers to provide custom solutions.

PHP Development

The scope of our AJAX web development services also extends to the creation of fast & dynamic web pages, something that PHP is well known for.

Mobile App Development

Hire AJAX developers who know their way around the native languages, and build your desired app using the AJAX technique.

Custom Modules

VE is the only AJAX development company to have successfully created 350+ custom modules and plugins. Hire AJAX programmer for unique solutions.

CRM Solutions

Hire AJAX developer from India for a customized and powerful CRM. No run-of-the-mill solutions, ever.

AJAX Migration

AJAX migration is not easy to pull off and has its fair share of challenges, but not for VE, India’s leading AJAX development company.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Get to handpick the best AJAX developers for regular monitoring and debugging, and integration of the latest technologies.

Backbase AJAX Development

Get customized development solutions to suit your needs with the help of your dedicated AJAX developers.

Outsource AJAX Website Development to India

Hiring Indian talent for AJAX web development suggests strong business acumen

Massive Cost Savings

Offshore AJAX development can help you save big in terms of money. Outsource to increase your ROI.

Largest Talent Pool

VE hires the top AJAX developers carefully chosen from amongst the millions of engineers produced by India’s 2000+ engineering colleges.

Time Zone Advantage

The sun never sets on your business. Hire AJAX developers from India for 24*7 operations and quick turnaround time.

Why You Should Hire AJAX Developers from VE?

We’re the best AJAX development company for a reason (or six).

Free Trial

Looking forward to assessing the quality before you opt for offshore AJAX development? VE has you covered.

Dedicated Employees

Hire AJAX programmer who is on VE’s payroll as a full-time employee. Monitor their work and feel free to share your feedback.

Value for Money

Hiring the top AJAX developers, especially a team, can cost you a fortune. Not with VE. Pay for 1 AJAX developer, but leverage the expertise of 300+ AJAX programmers.

360° Development

Handpick the top AJAX developers to provide comprehensive development solutions

Zero Overheads

Office rent, software & hardware cost, etc. should be the least of your worries, after outsourcing AJAX website development. With VE, you get to focus on your business.

Diverse Experience

Choose the developer with the expertise and work experience of your choice. Hire junior, mid or senior-level AJAX experts from India.

Hire AJAX Programmer

Comprehensive AJAX Development Process

Our 5-step process makes us your one-stop destination for AJAX website development


    When you hire an AJAX programmer from VE, we try and understand your target audience and business goals to begin with, and then take it from there.


    Hire the top AJAX developers who make it a point to analyse and evaluate every project and its technical requirements, before the creation of a project plan.


    Your AJAX web developer creates a wireframe with design assets and mock-ups as per the project plan.


    Once the prototype has been approved, your handpicked AJAX developer gets down to giving shape to your product.


    Stringent testing sets VE apart from any other AJAX development company in India. We ensure an optimized and bug-free product prior to launch.

Hire AJAX Progreammer within 8 Hours

We search, shortlist, assess and triple-vet from over hundreds of candidates to find the best suited resource for you

Engagement Models for Offshore AJAX Development

Custom hiring models to ensure you get to handpick the top AJAX developers

Dedicated Model

You can hire a dedicated AJAX web developer exclusively. You’re at the liberty to speak to them or monitor their work.

Team Model

You can hire a team of the best AJAX developers with T-shaped skills by paying for the equivalent of only one resource.

Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

In tandem with the amount of work you wish to outsource, choose between 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc offshore AJAX development.

Hiring Top AJAX Developers is Easy Now

Share Your Requirement
  • Brief Us

    Why are you looking for an AJAX Development company? Share your requirements to get instant assistance.

  • Handpick the Best Resources

    Get to scour through the CVs of triple-vetted candidates. Hire dedicated AJAX developers who make the cut.

  • Choose Your Team

    Interview the selected candidates via phone or video conference. We are also the only AJAX development company in India that lets you assign tests to the resources, prior to hiring.

  • Get Going

    Satisfied with the results? Great. Hire AJAX programmers right away, and they’ll get down to working on your project.

AJAX Development Services Portfolio

Take a sneak peek into our work before you hire AJAX developers from us




Primority Ltd.




Hexis Plus

A Growing Clientele That Keeps Coming Back

Find out why as many as 98.2% of our clients come back for AJAX web development services

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire the top AJAX developers from VE without a shred of doubt

What technologies are your AJAX developers well-versed with?

With VE, you get to hire AJAX developers with in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript), DOM, DOMParser, PHP, XML, XSLT, XPath, XForms, etc.

Why do you need to hire AJAX programmers?

Hire AJAX web developer for automatic completion, on-demand loading, UI controlling and effects, mashups, single-page apps and a lot more.

Which all frameworks & toolkits are your AJAX developers familiar with?

Since we only have the top AJAX developers on our payroll, rest assured they have all had a fairly good exposure to JS.GUI, Prototype.js, ASP.NET AJAX (former ATLAS), R.A.D. AJAX, CPAINT, etc.

What all industries do you serve with AJAX development services?

Whether you’re looking to hire an AJAX programmer for travel & hospitality, aviation & transport, eCommerce & retail, content management system (CMS), custom CRM & ERP, or education & training, we’ve got your back.

Is it possible to have a trial before hiring AJAX developers?

Yes. Get a 4-hour FREE trial before you hire an AJAX programmer. A longer trial period can be arranged for, but it’ll be a paid one.

What is your pricing structure?

No credit card and no pre-payment needed to hire top AJAX developers in India with Virtual Employee with. VE’s pricing structure helps you save up to 70% costs for all AJAX development services.

Hire AJAX Developers with us & join 3072+ companies that have already saved 70%

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