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Your dedicated payroll expert will secure the employee’s EIN and establish the state or local tax IDs.

The payroll specialists at VE then collect the employee tax and financial information such as W4 forms and 1099 forms.

Our remote payroll management team assists you in choosing the right payroll schedule, setting up the agreed payment schedule and identifying tax payment dates for your business.

VE’s offshore payroll services help you document hourly employee schedules, calculate overtime pay, gross pay, and net pay after determining deductions and issue payment to employees via paper check, direct deposit, etc.

When payday is over, your professional payroll expert from India will start maintaining payroll records, cross-check potential miscalculations or errors and report new hires to the IRS.

Our 5-Step Payroll Management Process
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FAQs on Our Payroll Processing Services

Being a non-core activity for many companies, outsourcing payroll becomes an ideal solution. Numerous companies prefer outsourcing payroll processing services for mitigating time constraints, minimizing costs, and ensuring this critical process is performed without any delays. Comparing the risks and costs associated with hiring an in-house payroll team, regular payroll software fees, and the threat of penalties and errors linked to limited staffing — outsourcing payroll services has become the perfect solution for most organizations.
Before you choose a payroll outsourcing company, make sure it ticks the must-have parameters such as meeting deadlines; ease of communication; having a strong reputation in its niche; being capable of providing help when you need it; and finally, whether the provider has too many outages and how often it is down for maintenance.
Indian payroll professionals are proficient in the English language. The dedicated payroll experts hired from India deliver customized payroll solutions within the stipulated timeline owing to their familiarity with statutory compliance. Also, the payroll specialists in India are proficient with industry-leading software like QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Oracle, etc. required to deliver modern payroll solutions. Lastly, Indian professionals are renowned for showing commitment to the client’s work and the service-level agreement (SLA).
Yes. You hire the payroll specialist who meets all your hiring criteria and get them to work for your organization, following the rules and regulations you have in place for payroll processes. Our payroll specialists from India have worked for clients in the US, UK and Australia among other countries.
Absolutely safe. VE is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and has stringent data security measures in place. Our IT staff comprises 50+ Cisco, Linux, and Microsoft Certified Engineers for round-the-clock monitoring of sensitive data.

Eliminate Costly Tax Laws – Hire Payroll Specialists from India

Payroll processing, though a crucial function of any company, can be very time-consuming; it can be prepared weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, depending on how the employee salaries have been structured. To make this process effortless, many companies outsource payroll services to payroll specialists in India. Payroll processing companies in India manage multiple tasks such as tax obligations, direct deposits and salary report management. Small business payroll outsourcing greatly reduces the operating cost of the business....

Does the HR Department Help with Payroll?

Yes, indeed! Payroll is an operation that normally falls under the accounting and/or HR department. But a payroll accountant working for a client might not always require the HR department’s assistance. HR or Human Resources, assures that the employees of a business are hired, trained and upskilled to do their job efficiently. Primary HR services comprise talent acquisition, compliance, onboarding, performance management, benefits administration, new hire reporting, learning and development.

Also, HR can coincide with payroll, as HR handles salary increments, incentives and bonuses, and paid time off (PTO). Payroll is a business’s internal-facing operation, which generally would fit under HR support, but it would also fall into accounting operations. Accounting knowledge and functions are essential to execute payroll, like general ledger posting and reconciliations, which are known to be some functions of the accounting department. You need to strike the right balance of resources who are specialists in both HR and accounting.

To diminish the possibility of accounting errors and mismanaged financial data, you must keep non-accountants away from your accounting system. Employee details should not be managed by individuals who lack the expertise required for using HR tools it may give rise to severe privacy violations. There are various HR and accounting tools for payroll processing, but you first need to determine what requirements you want to meet.

Why Should You Outsource Payroll Processing Services to India?

Outsourcing payroll services to India has many advantages. Companies that send payroll services to India can reduce costs related to carrying out payroll activities in-house and free up payroll staff, or even reduce such staff, for a more streamlined payroll department.
Though it seems that offshore payroll services are only meant for large companies, the truth is that SMEs can also benefit greatly from it. The advantages like the accuracy of services, data security, and flexibility of options are too crucial to be ignored. Outsourcing payroll services allow organizations to focus on their products or services rather than investing time and resources in payroll preparation.

Clients can choose remote payroll services such as payroll processing, check generation and distribution (or direct deposit), payroll tax filing, and W-2 generation. They can also outsource additional payroll services, including 401(k) management, human resources management, and employee handbook development.

6 Reasons Why Companies Prefer Offshore Payroll Services in India:

  • Minimize risks
  • Increases efficiency
  • Avoid penalties
  • Facilitates direct deposit
  • Eliminate software hassles
  • Leverage the time zone advantage

So, outsourcing payroll operations to payroll outsourcing companies such as VirtualEmployee.Com can be a wise business decision for small and medium businesses and an attractive and valuable alternative to managing payroll internally. One of the most trusted and reputable payroll outsourcing companies in India, Virtual Employee boasts an impressive client base of 3500+ clients spread across 48 countries around the globe.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Payroll Specialists from VE?

Your business will enjoy the following benefits when you hire payroll specialists from Virtual Employee:

Meet your salary deadlines: VE’s payroll specialist from India ensure you meet your payment deadlines every time. They don’t mind stretching their hours to ensure all salaries are credited on time.

Error-free solutions, zero penalties: Your remote payroll specialist will ensure that there are no errors, and no fines consequently, while writing employee checks or doing other such computations.

Easy access to payroll solutions: Once you hire a dedicated payroll specialist, you can easily access payroll-related information through email, Skype, or phone, even if you are on the go.
Stringent data security: Your payroll expert will work on your remote desktops and all your data will be stored on your local servers. Our extra-vigilant IT team has stringent data safeguard measures in place to protect your data.

Focus on your core competencies: Having a remote payroll specialist from India will save you from tedious and time-consuming payroll tasks. As a result, you will be able to focus on your core competencies, and you will find enough time for the development and marketing of products.

Cost-effective payroll solutions: Payroll specialists with VE in India cost you a fraction of your local cost. You also save on local additional manpower to update the latest software as VE’s experts can easily do that for you.

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