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Why Outsource Payroll Processing Services to India

Take the stress out of payroll and related processes, avoid penalties and maximize cost savings

Payroll processing, though a crucial function of any company, can be very time consuming; it can be prepared weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, depending on how the employee salaries have been structured.

To make this process easy and effortless, many companies outsource payroll services to payroll experts in India. Payroll processing companies in India manage multiple tasks such as tax obligations, direct deposits and salary report management. Small business payroll outsourcing greatly reduces the operating cost of the business.

Outsourcing payroll services to India has many advantages. Companies that send payroll services to India can reduce costs related to carrying out payroll activities in-house and free up payroll staff, or even reduce such staff, for a more streamlined payroll department.

Though it seems that outsourcing of payroll services is only meant for large companies, the truth is that SMEs can also benefit greatly from it. The advantages like accuracy of services, data security, and flexibility of options are too crucial to be ignored.

Outsourcing payroll services allows organizations to focus on their products or services rather than investing time and resources on payroll preparation.

Clients can choose remote payroll services such as payroll processing, check generation and distribution (or direct deposit), payroll tax filing, and W-2 generation. They can also outsource additional payroll services, including 401(k) management, human resources management, and employee handbook development.

Here are six reasons why companies outsource their payroll services to India:

  • Minimize risks
  • Increases efficiency
  • Avoid penalties
  • Facilitates direct deposit
  • Eliminate software hassles
  • Leverage the time zone advantage

So, outsourcing payroll operations to payroll outsourcing companies such as VirtualEmployee can be a wise business decision for small and medium businesses and an attractive and valuable alternative to managing payroll internally. One of the most trusted and reputable payroll outsourcing companies in India, Virtual Employee boasts of an impressive client base of 3021 clients spread across 30 countries around the globe.

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360° Payroll Services

Virtual Employee’s Payroll services team brings a collective 50+ years of specialized experience to help you in all areas of the payroll domain

Payroll General Ledger Reporting

When you hire us for your Payroll General Ledger Reporting Services, you get all information necessary to create the payroll journal entry for your General Ledger. This covers computation of all information concerning employees’ payroll.

Payroll Tax Service

With us at your service, red tape is never going to be your problem. Payroll tax service experts at VE manage payroll taxes for you. Payroll tax service experts at VE manage payroll taxes for you, including payroll tax returns, payroll reports and employee insurance deductions.

Payroll Administration Services

Payroll administration covers all activities that are essential for the management of the payroll of employees, based on the hours they have worked for. We specialize in making life much easier for you with our Corporate Payroll Services for managing your payroll.

Job Costing Analysis

Job costing analysis is the cumulative computation of the costs of materials, labour, and operating cost for a certain job. We can help you save not just your present, but also your future costs on jobs. Your VE will ensure correct project estimating and timely financial reporting.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is the management of transactions from a variety of channels such as credit cards and debit cards for business acquiring banks. Our dedicated and highly-skilled team helps make payment processing seamless for you so that you can give your undivided attention to expand your business globally.

Time & Attendance Monitoring

Before processing monthly payroll, it is important to monitor the daily attendance and shift timings of various employees. This is a responsibility that can be easily passed on to a reliable virtual payroll services provider like us. Our payroll experts have the necessary technology and expertise to get the job done efficiently.

Direct Deposit Management

Direct deposit is an electronic payment method employed by most established organisations, where money is transferred directly from an employer’s account to an employee’s account. Managing direct deposit accounts and making changes whenever required are tasks your dedicated payroll expert can easily perform.

Payment Records Management

It is important for organizations to have accurate records of employees’ pay-out. We will ensure that you and your employees receive soft copies or have easy access to electronic payroll records whenever required.

Taxes & Deductions

As an employer, you should be able to ensure that payroll taxes and various deductions are calculated accurately during a financial year. Our payroll experts will make sure that the deductions are done on employees’ remuneration based on existing taxation laws of the state or country you are operating from.

6 Benefits of Online Payroll Services for Small Business With VE

Ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, every time

Meet your salary deadlines

VE’s payroll experts ensure you meet your payment deadlines every time. They don’t mind stretching their hours to ensure all salaries are credited on time.

Error-free solutions, zero penalties

You remote payroll experts will ensure that there are no errors, and no fine as a consequence, while writing employee checks or doing other such computations.

Easy access to payroll solutions

Once you hire a dedicated payroll expert, you can easily access payroll-related information through email, Skype, or phone, even if you are on the go.

Stringent data security

Your payroll expert will work on your remote desktops and all your data will be stored on your own local servers. Our extra-vigilant IT team has stringent data safeguard measures in place to protect your data.

Focus on your core competencies

Having a remote payroll expert will save you from the tedious and time-consuming payroll tasks. As a result, you will be able to focus on your core competencies, and you will find enough time for development and marketing of products.

Cost-effective payroll solutions

Payroll experts with VE in India cost you a fraction of your local cost. You also save on local additional manpower to update the latest software as VE’s experts can easily do that for you.

Our Payroll Management Process

Your VE Payroll expert follows a thorough 3-step Payroll processing system


Calculating Employee Pay

  • Getting the employee’s EIN number
  • Establishing the state or local tax IDs
  • Collecting employee tax and financial information
  • W-4 forms, 1099 forms
  • Choosing the right payroll schedule for your business
  • Setting up a payroll schedule
  • Identifying tax payment dates


Manually Processing Payroll

  • Documenting employee hourly schedules
  • Calculating overtime pay
  • Calculating gross pay
  • Determining deductions
  • Calculating net pay
  • Issue of payments to employees: paper check, direct deposit, etc.


Pay Day Is Over – Next Steps

  • Maintaining payroll records
  • Cross-checking any potential miscalculations and errors
  • Reporting new hires to the IRS

Payroll Experts instantly available to hire

Watch this 2-min video to see our quick recruitment process

Choose From Our 3 Easy Hiring Models

For Short-term, Recurring or Full-time Payroll Processing Work

Dedicated model

You are assigned an employee who works exclusively and dedicatedly only for you, giving you total control.

Team model

Now, you can hire a team of individuals with mixed skill sets, but pay for the equivalent of just one resource.

Full-time, part-time or ad hoc

Depending on the amount of work, the client may go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc employee.

Hiring Was Never This Easy

Our innovative business model enables you to win over the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with.

  • Brief Us

    What kind of payroll tasks are you looking for?

  • Hand-pick the best resources

    We offer you CVs of our shortlisted candidates.

  • Choose your team

    Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

  • Get Going

    If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

Client Appreciation For Our Number-Crunchers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we easily hire remotely working payroll employees?

It’s quite simple. You contact us with the requirements of your project, and we will supply you with dedicated payroll professionals whom you can interview. These remote payroll experts will provide tailor-made solutions to suit your individual needs.

What to look for in a Payroll service provider?

Before you choose a payroll outsourcing company, make sure it ticks the must-have parameters such as meeting deadlines; ease of communication; having a strong reputation in its niche; capable of providing help when you need it; and finally, whether the provider has too many outages and how often it is down for maintenance.

Are your payroll services customizable?

Yes. You hire the resource who meets all your hiring criteria and get them to work for your organization, following the rules and regulations you have in place for payroll processes. Our Payroll experts have worked for clients in the US, UK and Australia among other countries.

What are the qualities of payroll specialists from India?

Indian payroll professionals are proficient in the English language. The remote dedicated staff hired from India delivers customized payroll solutions within the stipulated timeline. Indian professionals are renowned for showing commitment to client’s work and the service-level agreement (SLA).

Is outsourcing to India safe?

Absolutely safe. A recent study has ranked Indian outsourcing companies safer than even those in Europe. Indian Cyber Laws are extremely stringent and pro-outsourcing government policies make India a very safe and stable destination for outsourcing.

What is your pricing structure?

Our services are pre-paid, which means you need to pay before you start the services. Once you hire an employee we would require payment for the 1st month’s invoice along with a copy of the signed contract before they start working for you.

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