VE is a boon for startup companies. Cost savings with VE have been significant.

Eb Eshun

Mobifalcon Inc

With VE, you can't go wrong, given that service delivery comes with huge cost savings.

Joel Contreras

Co-founder, Linguistic Services

We saved 50% with VE

Simon Bray

MD, Wireless1Marketing Group

VE gave us great scalability and cost savings

Chris Pfluger

CEO of Optimatic

I've saved close to $250,000! VE was a very good fit for me.

James Oliver

CEO, Oliver Technologies

Local hiring companies charge around €8,000 but with VE this cost is zero.

Olivier Cantt

CEO, Exxoss

We have succeeded because after 3 years I am still here and we're still growing.

Anders Jeppesen

Owner, Anjep Consulting

The only way that a middle class person like me with a great idea could have got this far was to hire engineers from India.

James Oliver

CEO, Oliver Technologies, US

We were on budget, the project was delivered on time, and we successfully took it to market.

Malcolm Paice

COO, Keystone Group

Absolutely gorgeous work has been done by the 3D medical animators.

Dr. Uday N. Reebye

MD, Triangle Implant Centre

He gave us the breathing space to grow with his talents and efforts

James Flynn

Primority Ltd.

They slept in the office 3 nights in a row and wouldn't take time off

Emma Robinson


We were stuck because of the hurricane but he's been terrific

Bryan May

Totale Ops Ltd.

We lost 3 key members in an accident and didn't know what to do

Alan Thiessen

Aqua Media Direct Inc.

We had somebody who understood our mission as equally as we do

Brian Martin

Versabit LLC

You need to communicate often so that the remote team is part of your local team

Olivier Cantt


I think you should just go for it

Nick Ray


Put your mind at rest - it removed the risk of going massively over-budget

Malcolm Paice

Keystone Recruitment Group

Developers should be accorded all the respect, whether they are here in the US or overseas

Larry Spencer

ScerIs Inc

You need to be available and prepared to do some work

Kevin Norton

Adelaide Fitness Solutions

The work that your employees have done is fantastic...I can't be grateful enough ...

Michael Abdalla

Sales Representative of Property Tax Consulting LLC

We can communicate with our staff on a daily basis.

Jass Singh

Chief Information Officer of Dooa Wholesale Limited

VE helps us keep the same Website Developer working with us.

Benoit Marchal

Owner of PineappleSoft OnLine

It was very good English, often better than the freelancers that we have been using in the UK.

Steve Sugden

Managing Partner of Pressies4princessesUK

We received very personal and dedicated service....I would recommend it to anyone.

Ikechukwu Amadi

President and CEO of LaunchPadPro Inc.