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You can hire a dedicated virtual employee in more than 150 different IT and non-IT domains with us – from software development, digital marketing, content writing, mobile apps development to web designing, multimedia animation, engineering and much else. Our close proximity to the National Capital Region (NCR) of India means we enjoy easy and quick access to a vast talent pool of educated, skilled English-proficient professionals and so can easily hire any expert in any domain for you.

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VE is Your Office in India

With VirtualEmployee.com, you won’t feel the difference between working with a local resource or a remote employee.
We help make that transition completely seamless, stress-free and extremely smooth

Your office in India

VirtualEmployee.com is not just about providing highly talented employees that work for you remotely. In reality, we enable you to set up your branch office in India at zero setup cost or time investment. Large multinationals have done this for decades, and now so can you, literally at the click of your mouse. All hardware, infrastructure, IT, Accounts, HR, legal issues, etc is taken care of by us, so you get the advantage of having an offshore office, but without any of the setup or management headache.

This has three main advantages :

  • it gives you, your company and your offshore team a real feel that your offshore team is actually a part of your company.
  • Leads to better rapport; and,
  • By having your remote team work from a supervised office you get a higher level of professionalism.

Our clients, who have hired entire teams with us, have their own private rooms and their company logos marking their own office. Compare the ’resulting experience’ you and your offshore team will get with VE to that of handling freelancers scattered around the globe, each working in a different time zone, making remote collaboration and communication nothing short of a nightmare. VE offers an overall customized outsourcing experience.

Using the virtual employee the workflow was smooth. We didn’t have all those daily problems that you have with managing employees.

David Wynn, Managing Attorney, Wynn Law Firm

Easy Online Collaboration & Communication

Working with a team of online resources is not uncommon now, but it can mean working with professionals based in multiple locations and, possibly, different time zones. Why? Because no one company enables you to hire staff in multiple domains all under one roof. Managing a scattered global team can be very challenging. So, if you want a team that is not spread across the world, then VirtualEmployee.com is the solution. Hire as many professionals from as many domains as you wish and have all these professionals work from the same room in the same office, and even the same time zones.

This makes :

  • Collaboration easier (sharing files, data management)
  • Team meetings easier
  • Getting accustomed to your culture easier
  • Building a team hierarchy easier as you can assign a Team Lead who will be your ‘voice’ within the team
  • Everything very convenient. Only one vendor to deal with, so just one invoice. Meeting your online resources is easier only one location, and so team building activities are more practical

We communicated through email, telecons, he would be calling through teleconferences and also Skype. So, it was simple;in fact sometimes we have more trouble communicating with clients than we did with Niladri.

Ray Peck, the CEO of VXP Pharma, USA

Bespoke Recruitment Free worth $600

We have over 1500+ highly skilled and talented professionals in a variety of different domains but we also spend hours recruiting the perfect employee for you, in accordance with your job description and your instructions. If an in-house skillset is unavailable, we can also recruit for you employees, from anywhere in India.

VirtualEmployee.com’s bespoke recruitment allows every client to access the vast Indian talent pool (400+ million English-educated professionals) and literally handpick their perfect employee. From scanning suitable resumes to arranging telephonic/ video interviews, our expert Recruitment team does it all.

You also have plenty of opportunity to test the candidates before making any decision to hire and we do all of this for zero recruitment fees!

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Alan Thiessen

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Glenn Innis

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Emma Robinson

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