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Why Not a Filipino VA?

Pitfalls That No One Tells You About

Complex Labor Laws, Delayed Start

Scaling up/down is a challenge. Endless paper trail leads to prolonged hiring cycles

13th & 14th Month Additional Pay

Compulsory payment has to be made annually for 2 months

More Holidays, More Money Spent

More payment has to be made for work during holidays

About Virtual Employee

Better VAs Better Results

Hiring Virtual Assistants in Philippines may or may not reduce your workload. However, hiring a “Virtual Employee” definitely would. Why take chances? Experience a workload reduction of up to 78%.

And unlike Virtual Assistant companies in the Philippines, we provide you with British Council-certified English-speaking VAs.

A dedicated virtual assistant in Philippines will only add to your misery and not resolve any of the issues at hand. So, if you are already struggling with missing paperwork, unanswered emails, clients constantly complaining of substandard customer service or leaving negative reviews all over the internet, imagine your plight. Virtual Employee, with a 560+ strong team of virtual assistants in India, canturn the tables for good.

Also, if you have been creating social media posts and publishing blogs, planning events and conferences or trips, or creating spreadsheets and documents all by yourself, you need a break. Unfortunately, a remote virtual assistant in Philippines, with an inherent need for constant to and fro, will not cut you some slack. A Virtual Employee (VE) would. Go, get some rest. Or better still, focus on your core tasks.

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Get Everything Done

Personal Assistance

Hiring VA in Philippines will not free you of your current responsibility of handling correspondence & phone calls, managing diaries etc

Travel Research

Hire Filipino virtual assistants only if you are okay with missing your flights and ending up without a hotel room. Hire a VE instead.

Customer Support

From responding to customers’ queries to returning phone calls, a remote virtual assistant in Philippines can do it all, but alas, in poor English.

Online Research

Hiring virtual assistants in Philippines is not that bad if you do not want them to scratch beneath the surface.

Administrative Assistance

A VA in Philippines will not give you the respite that you are looking for. A VE, however, can set up to-do list reminders for you, schedule meetings, and ensure timely payment to vendors.

Email Management

Lured by cheap virtual assistant in Philippines? Do ask them if they can set up alerts, rules, filters and unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists. And can they manage your auto responder as well?

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Hiring Virtual Assistants

Making life easy for busy people

With VE, you can shift your focus from “busyness” to “business” in no time. In fact, you can get started as early as today. What are you waiting for?

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Tell us why you need a virtual assistant & we’d find you a perfect fit

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Candidate Profiles

Ramesh Bhatnager

Ramesh Bhatnager

Senior Executive – VA

Nancy Chandra

Nancy Chandra

Executive – VA

Navin Singh

Navin Singh

Junior Executive – VA

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All Your Queries Answered

Can my virtual assistant work as per my business hours?

A virtual assistant in Philippines may or may not but our VAs in India definitely will. VE’s 24×7 work culture helps transcend the time zone differences. Just tell us your preferred timings and your virtual assistant will be at your service.

What will be the location of my virtual assistant?

Unlike virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, we do not allow our VAs to work from home or from an unsupervised location. They work out of our seven fully operational offices in India.

How can I communicate with my virtual assistant?

Communication issues after hiring virtual assistant in Philippines may set you back by thousands of dollars. Choose Indian VAs and communicate via skype, video call, or email. Call, text, chat whatever is comfortable for you.

Is hiring virtual assistants safe for my business-critical data?

Absolutely. Unlike virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, we have iron-clad NDAs. We also adopt the measures recommended by GDPR (EU), PIPEDA (Canada), CPNI and ECPA (US).

Do your virtual assistant services cover specialized tasks?

Even the top virtual assistant companies in the Philippines might trick you into believing that a VA can develop your website or work as graphic designer, but we come clean. Handpick exclusive resources for 149+ domains from VE.

How can I get the most out of virtual assistant services?

Unlike India VAs, Filipino virtual assistants fail to deliver because they do not communicate well. Our resources communicate in detail and encourage you to do the same. Outline your requirements and you should be good to go.

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