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Our 6-Step Firmware Development Process

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Our embedded firmware experts can buy your desired Embedded Eval board, or you can send your existing embedded board/Eval board to us.

Your embedded firmware engineer will start writing code for the device and will share the updated code with you on a daily basis.

You can keep a similar board at your place and monitor the progress/validate daily firmware/software development using the code/binary.

VE’s firmware development engineers then write low-level device drivers for old or new microcontrollers. Our firmware specialists write user/consumer applications in Embedded C and for/with IoTs.

Our embedded firmware programmers in India will port free/proprietary RTOS to any supported MCU architecture.

After completion/testing, your remote firmware developer sends all the boards, final software/firmware, technical documents, and everything related to the project back to you.

Our 6-Step Firmware Development Process
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VE's Client Testimonial - Jonathan Torkelson - Embeddetech Inc.,President, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Virtual Employee’s scalability is amazing and I highly recommend their services.

Jonathan Torkelson
President, Embeddetech, USA
Nick Ray Director, Priva BV, Netherlands

VE engineers’ work ethics and commitment are high and it felt they are a part of my team.

Nick Ray
Director, Priva BV, Netherlands
James Oliver CEO, Oliver Technologies, USA

The biggest advantage of hiring VE’s resources is the high level of comfort and trust.

James Oliver
CEO, Oliver Technologies, USA

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FAQs on Our Firmware Development Services

There are plenty of challenges that we can come across when developing firmware for a device. However, when you outsource embedded firmware development you can overcome challenges such as:
  • Hardware dependencies
  • Compatibility issues
  • Complexity
  • Limited resources
  • Security
Choosing a programming language for firmware development relies on the precise requirements, limitations of the project and the target device’s capabilities. Several programming languages may be utilized for embedded firmware development such as:
  • C
  • C++
  • Assembly
  • Python (for microcontrollers)
The embedded firmware development engineers from India commonly utilize the following tools and software during the firmware development process:
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Eclipse or Visual Studio
  • Compilers like GCC for C and C++ and LLVM for C and C++
  • Debuggers
  • Protocol Analyzers
  • Emulators
VE’s firmware development engineers from India are qualified to work across multiple domains. However, we never commit to a project without discussing it with you first.
Totally safe. Your idea/product/project ownership and patents are solely yours and completely safe as we sign Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention, and Non-Competition Agreements with you.

Create Sturdy Devices – Hire Embedded Firmware Engineers from India

Firmware development is a critical component of embedded systems and can majorly impact the user experience of the product as well as the brand. Embedded software development is a niche skill and calls for technically sound and expert embedded firmware developers. Finding such talent locally can be a challenge either due to skill shortages or due to the salaries since such high-end developers come at a steep cost. That is why it makes sound business sense to outsource firmware development services to renowned offshore destinations like India, which is also home to some seriously good technical talent....

Why Should You Outsource Embedded Firmware Development to India?

Indian firmware development companies are in demand for more than just the massive cost savings they offer. They are known for their dynamic approach and agile methodology in which embedded firmware development is created and optimized. When you hire remote firmware developers from well-established firmware development companies in India (VE), you are assured of the same, if not better, quality of services but at significantly lower costs.

In addition, renowned embedded firmware development services companies like Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. have entire teams of embedded engineers, hardware and software experts. Any firmware development team needs to work in collaboration with hardware experts. Our experienced embedded engineers have an intimate knowledge of embedded hardware and, therefore, along with the firmware developers, can put work on a project – from creating a solid firmware architecture or refurbishing one in alignment with the necessary hardware.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Firmware Development to VE?

For over 12 years now, our embedded software and firmware developers from India have been delivering custom development solutions for various processors and SoCs like RISC, CISC, DSP, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and x86.

In short, VE’s firmware engineers from India can handle the complete firmware and software for your embedded projects.

6 Strong Benefits of Hiring VE’s Dedicated Embedded Firmware Software Developers:

  • Can work on common embedded platforms like ARM.
  • Can work on Linux, small RTOS and free RTOS.
  • Meticulously develop high-performance, ISO-compliant software.
  • Write device low-level driver for any microcontroller.
  • Write application-level codes for the embedded hardware.
  • Write a PC application or interface for the embedded hardware.

Also, VE’s embedded firmware developers from India create custom firmware solutions. In short, VE’s firmware engineers can handle the complete firmware and software for your embedded projects such as:

Controllers, Consumer Electronics, Single-purpose Machines, Home Automation Devices, Industrial Equipment, Sensors, Scientific Instrumentation, Microcontroller programming, Digital signal processing, System-on-chip embedded software, Embedded Linux based solutions, Middleware development, Real-time data acquisition, Real-time data processing, Data collection and storage, Monitoring and control, and Board Support Package development (Windows, Linux).

What are the Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Firmware Engineer?

Before you outsource embedded firmware development to India, you need to make sure that your firmware engineer:

    • Has sound programming skills and knowledge of computer languages utilized for app development like Java, C, and C++
  • Is skilled in using Microsoft SQL Server
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the latest firmware development technologies

What is the Difference Between Firmware and Software Development?

Firmware and software development are quite similar in a variety of ways, as both require creating and adapting code to perform a definite function. Though, there are a few primary differences between firmware and software development, which are:

Firmware is a kind of software that is employed to regulate the device’s hardware. It is normally stored in flash memory or ROM and is accountable for controlling the numerous hardware constituents of the device, like the memory, processor, and input/output peripherals. On the other hand, the software is a program or a set of programs that function upon an operating system (OS) and is utilized to carry out a particular task or set of tasks.

When developing firmware, you need to write codes in a low-level programming language, like assembly or C and be closely involved with hardware engineers to design and execute the device’s firmware. Whereas software development usually includes writing the program in a high-level programming language, like Python or Java, and performing the implementation of several software apps.

Generally, firmware is specific to a precise platform or device and is usually tailored for that device or platform. On the contrary, the software is typically intended to be more universal and can be utilized on several different platforms and devices.

In general, software and firmware development are quite identical in numerous ways, but they have some primary differences and involve distinct kinds of tasks and programming languages.

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